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My Pledge for World Animal Day Pledged by
For many years I have helped by rescuing and finding homes to I could say hundreds of animals. We founded a humane society called ProPet Mascotas sin Hogar, A.C. in 2003, I had a clinic and animal shelter for more than 15 years. Now, fortunately many more people and groups have formed to help animals in my city Guadalajara, and in my country Mexico. I am always promoting respect, care and love for animals I am with different organizations and help by signing all petitions that have to do with protecting animals all over the world. I will continue to do whatever necessary to create awareness on all the horrible things that many people, so called humans, are doing to nature and all animal species. I sincerely believe that becoming vegetarian is one of the best things we can do to stop this. Yolanda Garcia Lorea, Mexico
I pledge to keep praying for relief and protection for our beloved fellow creatures, that the good people who care will prosper; I pledge to keep fighting man’s cruelty, arrogance and greed against animals; to make people aware of the untold animal suffering around the world – and to treat every living thing with reverence. Hilary Vivian, Devon, UK
My pledge is that all sentient beings: non-human and human, are PERSONS and must be treated like a person and not like a property. This target is my reason for living. Slavica Mazak Beslic, Serbia
As an activist organization, pledges to continue to fight for the freedom of farmed bears in Korea for as long as it takes, and to ensure that once freed these stoic animals can live their days out in peaceful sanctuaries which for ever will stand as community monuments to honor those bears who suffered atrocities at the hands of Korean bear farmers. Gina Moon, Korea
My pledge is simple, I love animals, why would I want to hurt them as some people do. Barry Eveling, UK
As an animal activist I pledge to defend animals at whatever cost. I also pledge to confront companies that deal illegally with animal products. I encourage people to be vegetarian to live a healthy life. I am a preacher and IT expert. George Caleb Oguta, Kenya
I pledge to be of service to animals and the planet because I believe they are one, in my personal life and my professional life by creating awareness through my work as an animal healer and a communicator/intuitive of animals – to promote their wellbeing through training others to be healers and communicators to help animals and the people they serve resolve their issues and bringing healing to them wherever possible – to continue to support the animal and planetary charities I am already committed to and do whatever I can to raise funds for animal welfare-To bring to the attention to as many people as possible that animals are true healers in themselves living a life of service to mankind for the betterment of us all – in return we must cherish and respect them always. Jacqui Meadows, UK
I pledge to speak out against any persecution of animals in any sphere.I pledge to speak out to prevent their violation and abuse.I pledge to join the ranks of those committed to stop the poaching of rhino horn and ivory. Jeremy James, UK
As an animal lover and a pet owner I would like to make more people aware by putting up posters around my classroom and compound . I will also be sharing the information I found out through your website with my community and service teacher. Dana Reslan, Dubai, UAE
I as a strong lover of animals and believe that they are very similar to us, like in the way that they too can suffer physically and psychologically in the result of animal cruelty. I wish to be a part of World Animal day and raise awareness about the cruelties that happen to animals everyday. Sarah Bassett, Tasmania, Australia
My pledge is to always be the best possible role model I can be, so I will always voice the fact that animal cruelty is wrong. Animals can’t tell you when their in pain or tell you when it hurts, that’s when we must intervene. We must all pledge to do right by all animals. It saddens me to see animals mistreated because like your children when you love something so much you want to protect them. I have recently joined the animal welfare league as a volunteer to look after the cats and dogs that are not fortunate enough to have loving owners. Belinda Lehmann, Adelaide, South Australia
I pledge that I will feed the street (stray) dogs and/or even cows (who sometimes come along the streets) with bones which we’d rather throw out and leftovers of vegetables like the skin and the part which we don’t consume and throw respectively. At least it is food to them! Amy Deuja –
I was trying to organize a speaker to come in for a lunch and learn at my office on World Animal Day but, unfortunately, this didn’t happen. However, I have lined them up for next year and they will be speaking about factory farming. I did place posters up around my office and in my cubicle notifying everyone that it was World Animal Day. I also gathered 77 signatures on the WSPA form to petition to the Government of Canada to protect animals from cruelty. When I have some time I plan on standing at our local grocery store (Loblaws Super Centre in Milton) to gather lots more signatures. It makes me cry with happiness that this day exists and is being recognized more and more each year. Helen Gourlay – Toronto, Canada
I pledge to be kind and considerate to all animals – big or small. I pledge to help animals in any way possible when I can. I pledge to continue supporting Animal Rights Groups. Herushia Maharaj, South Africa
I pledge that I will be kind to all animals and all creatures of God’s creation. I pledge to never hurt an animal. I love animals.
I pledge to teach people how to take good care of animals.
Mrs Phillips-Bosshart’s Animal Care Class! – Manchester, CT, USA
On World Animal Day each year, I buy a bag of toys for cats and dogs and take them to our local shelter. It gives me so much joy to see the animals playing and I am happy to be able to do this for them. I hope this inspires other people to help homeless animals in their towns. Elina Metsänen, Oulu, Finland
I pledge to support Mutt Love Rescue for all their selfless generosity and care for all animals in need. Fran Litrio, USA
I pledge to love Chai Chai and will stand by him forever. I will always be there to help out animals at all times. No cruelty to Animals. My promise to a better world for dogs and cats. Serene Che, Singapore
I pledge to visit the SPCA and pet the kitties, and give them some fresh catnip. I also pledge to clean up any litter I find, especially in any animal habitats. Thank you. Bright Blessings. Michael Duncan, BC, Canada
I pledge to teach my children about the importance of protecting our animals, make them aware of the cruelty that we as humans can show for helpless, voiceless animals. Every chance I get to donate I will make an effort to try and not walk by and hope someone else will do it. Cheryl Lenz, Cape Town, South Africa
I pledge to stop Fish eating and love fishes and made one small aquarium outside the room which are open to environment and surrounded by small trees which gives fresh oxygen to the Fishes. I have planned to feed my neighbor’s dog at every Saturday and do not kill any insects intentionally. I have also planned to take more vegetables in my daily food. I will spread awareness against the animal killing which disturb our Food Pyramid and it’s a part of global warming! Sneha Debnath, Rayong, Thailand – age 3 years!
I pledge to help out local shelters by buying supplies for them. I pledge to spread the word about World Animal Day and to continue enlightening others about ways they can help animals of every size and species. I pledge to forever love my dog, three cats, and two hamsters (Trapper, Cinnamon, Sharae, Toffee, Dulcie, and Jack) and do what is best for them no matter what. I pledge to always treat every animal I meet with the dignity and respect, not to mention love, they deserve and to make sure others do the same. I pledge to stand up for those who cannot speak on their own behalf. We would be nothing without animals on this planet and I pledge to make sure that is seen and understood. Jess Gordon – Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
I pledge to continue my work for animal welfare through my work on the k9 project ( educating young people in kindness and compassion and providing them with increased knowledge so they can make informed choices about what is important. I will also continue to support welfare organisations that help animals around the world and do all I can in a peaceful but proactive way to make the world a better place for animals as well as people !!Chris Kent
Project Director
Chris Kent, Cambridge, England
I pledge to continue my work for animal welfare with the association Pro Animals Finland ( I founded in September 200px5. Since then we have helped animals in Romania.Our goal is to help intensively one cooperation partner at a time to promote animal protection based on sustainable development, support the animal shelter if our cooperation partner has one, and to change people’s attitudes more favorable to taking responsibility for their pets, homeless animals and victims of animal cruelty. Kiia-Maria Vasko, Finland
I pledge to continue my advocacy for animal welfare for all animals around the world. I pledge to complete my journey of becoming a vegetarian by the end of 2011. I pledge to continue to love my cat and 2 dogs (Gracie, Molly and Lola) with all my heart and energy. I pledge to treat every animal I meet with dignity, respect and kindness. This world is a better and more bearable place because of animals. I would not want to be here without animals. Helen Gourley, Toronto, Canada
I Pledge to Help Animals through my music, my websites, and in my community. My wife & I support a feral Cat colony, as well as our own Cats. We will continue to support TNR in our community, as well as the No-Kill Movement, and the shelters who Practice It! Rich Russom, Musician, USA
Jamchen Buddhist Centre pledges to celebrate this day with all those kind and generous people who serve and protect our most loved creatures. We pledge to pray for those creatures who have passed away and pray they will be reborn into a kinder and more sustainable life. May all animals in the sky, earth and water live out their lives in protection, peace, health and contentment. Annie Whitlock, Australia
I pledge to stand with our fellow animals protection and fight for their equal Rights to live, Rights to Feed, Rights for shelter and Rights to get respect. I wish & pray a day to come where we see our entire humanity in consideration with WAD Credo & stand united. Sadiq Ahmed, India
I pledge that I will ensure every animal is treated with the respect and kindness they deserve. I pledge to try and find a caring home for every stray/street dog that I see around. Indu Muniram, Cisco Systems, India
I pledge to make the world a better place for animals to live and be treated with respect. I want to make sure the animals laws are changed to protect them. I also pledge that if we get our spay and neuter clinic that all of the strays will get looked after. Thank you. Heather Tremblay – Windsor, Ontario, Canada
I pledge to feed the urban birds every day in winter although I have a very impossible commute to new job location and no time to sleep.EYLA AND TWEETLES Helena Conway – Salem, MA, USA
In celebration of World Animal Day I am playing videos on that are about what animals go through, what’s their future and Celebrity support. I will be putting these on my Auto-Playlist when I am offline. Everyday should be World Animal Day. I pledge to always think of the animals first, spread awareness in my website and blogs and help recruit new Vegans and Vegetarians like me. Cat Starr – Reporter, Author, Writer, Humanitarian, Activist
I pledge to make the animal world better. I pledge to not support puppy mills or buy from pet stores until I have made sure the animals have not come from puppy mills. I will do my part to stop puppy mills and take care of my 2 cats Simon and Oscar, my Dad’s 3 neon tetras and
3 zebra danios, and my bunny, Goobert. I pledge to adopt from shelters and to never say an animal doesn’t need care. R.I.P Cookie.
Grace Hatesohl
I pledge to increase information awareness about raising pets, especially cats. There are many pet owners around the world, who are unaware of the health risks and dangers that our animals are exposed to, until it is too late. My 11 year old cat has FIV and today, on WAD, he is suffering the painful gingivitis in his mouth, hindering him from enjoying his favourite food. I love him dearly and I pledge to do all that it takes to lessen the pain and for him to enjoy his life for as long as it takes. Sharine M Sharif – Malaysia
Today on World Animal Day, I pledge to continue to do everything I can to bring an end to animal cruelty both on a personal level and by supporting the wonderful charities in the UK and worldwide in their work to create a better world for all animals great and small, wild and domestic. I pledge to continue registering online with as many animal charities as I can, and to sign up for their email updates so I always know what is going on and, when needed, can write letters or sign petitions, or anything else, that will help them in their work in giving a much-needed voice to animals. I pledge to continue to ‘spread the word’ to as many people as I can through social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. I pledge to support the no-kill shelters who strive to take care of the never-ending number of abandoned and abused animals and to encourage family, friends and work colleagues, when looking to acquire a family pet, to visit their nearest animal shelter and to give a home to one of the many, many animals there who are desperately waiting for their ‘forever home’ and a second chance to be someone’s special ‘animal companion’. Lastly, I pledge to always love and cherish my three rescue cats and to ensure their happiness and well-being for the rest of their lives. Callie – Kent, UK
Even though i’m just a thirteen year old boy, I had always loved animals…..even more than myself. So, here, I pledge to be kind to animals, never ever do cruelty to animals and will support whatever the campaign that is organised to save animals because I totally love animals so much. John Sweetman (age 13)
I pledge to keep fighting for animal rights and I try to stop Brookhaven for saying no to feeding strays – I don’t like the way Brookhaven is doing to animals rights. I am 13 and pledge to be their voice because they cant speak but I can speak and help them. Zachary Neuhaus – Yaphank, New York (age 13)
I am a make-up artist and I pledge to purchase only cruelty free products for my kit and to spread the word about cruelty free brands to my clients. I also pledge to mention and promote any quality cruelty free products on my blog.
I also pledge to help and care for animals for the rest of my life, as I always have done. I will do all I can to help animals in my home life: love my cat, educate my daughter in animal welfare issues and caring for animals and the environment, feed wild birds in winter, rescue snails from the path before they are trodden on, will not pollute the water system with harmful chemicals, visit animal sanctuaries and show support, and save up to go on more conservation and volunteering holidays at animal sanctuaries in the future!
Nikki Armstrong, Manchester, UK
I pledge to continue treating every animal I encounter in this world with respect, kindness, protection and love. I pledge to complete my journey to becoming a vegetarian by the end of 2010. I started the beginning and I’m 90% there. I pledge to spread the word to as many people as I can about the importance of animals in this world and the need to bring abusers to justice by changing the laws in all the countries in this world. I pledge to sign as many petitions as I can to change those laws or encourage the powers that be to change the laws. I pledge to educate people on the horrors of Factory Farming. I pledge to continue my support for The Animal Sanctuary, WSPA, UDAW, The Toronto Humane Society, Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Best Friends Animal Society, North Shore Animal League of America, PETA, Animal Rescue Front and the many other societies I get involved in. I pledge to love my children (Molly – Boston Terrier, Lola – Pug, Gracie – Cat and Hammy – Hamster) till the day they die. I pledge to keep fighting for the animals of this world!! Helen Gourlay, Toronto, Canada
I pledge to spread the word more about what we as humans can do to protect, assist, and care for the animals, not only in our community, but in the wild. To live harmoniously with all creatures, big or small, in what is and was their natural habitat. To know that we are not the masters of these beautiful creatures, but that we can all live in harmony together. To improve my knowledge about the animals surrounding us, and to know that I am already making a difference just by making more people aware of the impact we really have on the animal kingdom. I pledge to continue my search for knowledge on vegetarianism and to continue living my life in awe of every creature around me. Lize Meyer – Johannesburg, South Africa
I, Animal Lover Rachel, pledge to love turtles all my life. I definitely also pledge to take care of my pet terrapin, Summer, and make sure she is very healthy and happy. I would like to be a volunteer at an animal charity when I am old enough. I will never hurt, bully or kill any animal intentionally. I will try to spread the message ‘Be Kind to animals’ and ‘Save the animals’ to everyone. I will do what I can to encourage people to love animals (especially sea turtles) and protect/help them. I will also look after the turtles in the pond near my house whenever I can. I will continue to sign WWF protest animal letters. I promise to pray for the sea turtles that everyone of them would survive and lead a happy life. (and hopefully, not going extinct)
I wish at the bottom of my heart that all the animals are happy, healthy and safe.
Rachel, Turtle Lover, Singapore (aged 9)
I pledge to continue to be a voice for All animals. On World Animal Day I will celebrate with my beautiful dogs and let them know how much I love them as I do every day, and I will let the wildlife know how much I appreciate them and love them all and will say a prayer for Animals all over the World. I will write letters to our local paper and news stations to raise awareness of World Animal Day. I pledge to set up a table on October 3rd in my town for Stricter Laws against Animal abuse. Susan Reiss, Lehigh Valley, PA, USA
I pledge to bring awareness to the issues that are facing the animals today. I will bring awareness to factory farming and animal testing. I also pledge to continue doing my best to look after the environment so that the animals we save have a beautiful place to live. They did not destroy the land, but they are the ones that must live on it. We owe the animals we share this planet with a lot. I also pledge to continue my work teaching young children about these issues so that they can grow up to be the animal ambassadors we need. Angela Mcguigan, Wellington, New Zealand
My Pledge for the Moon Bears. Beautiful Bears do you know how to dream? Of trees and rivers, are these things you have seen? With prayers and love and all I can do A Life of these dreams My pledge to help you. Erica Curtis
I pledge to respect all creatures and treat animals with kindness. Just look into a creatures eyes, look closely, and there is beauty. Diana Oleskevich
I pledge to continue to make people aware of the terrible cruelty man inflicts on all our animal friends, I pledge to live and encourage others to live by the message: “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on or use for entertainment.” I pledge to continue to do all I can to help end the cruel and barbaric practice of Bear bile farming and make people aware of the disgusting practice of Bear baiting. Margaret O’Hare
I pledge to make others aware about cruelty to bears, to raise awareness of the problems they face and to do everything I can to help them!!!! Guanita Maniscalco, Ursa Freedom Project, Italy
I pledge to be involved in raising awareness among all people in the society and continue to do anything I can to bring an end to animal cruelty and to stop abuse of voiceless innocent animals. I love all the animals from all over the world. Mani Kumar Shrestha, Kathmandu, Nepal
I pledge to join the WWF Circle of Life, sponsoring work to preserve and sustain the most endangered ecosystems and species on the planet. As a vegan I refuse to support those industries who take advantage of the other living creatures we share this planet with. Adrienne Lee, Ontario, Canada
No matter how frustrated, angry and appalled I become with particular individual’s opinions and actions toward animals, to never lose faith that most humans have some basic sense of goodness inside them… that they do what they do out of ignorance, anger and/or apathy. It is the job of the rest of us to set good examples and help prevent others from walking that same dark path. Lesa Miller, Los Angeles, USA
I pledge to make others aware of World Animal Day, including individuals, community groups and schools, and the things they can do to help.I also pledge to donate to a local animal shelter or animal welfare organisation, by means of money, food/toys/blankets donations, or time helping physically.Best of Luck to everyone who has pledged towards World Animal Day. Samantha Watson, Australia
I pledge to do whatever I can to help free all bears kept in captivity (bear bile farms, circuses etc) and to help save bears from extinction. Rebecca Stache, World Animal Day Ambassador & Ursa Freedom Project Ambassador, Germany
I pledge to never give up, no not ever give up, in the pursuit of freedom, peace and love for bears all around the world. As a part of this pledge, I will raise global awareness about the conditions facing bears, with the intent to use my voice to change circumstances and end human practices of maiming, torturing, bludgeoning and murdering bears in the so-called name of sport, entertainment and human health. I will raise money to assist organizations that are working to protect and conserve bears, and I will raise money for organizations that rescue bears from horrific chambers of horror and give them a new lease on life in sanctuary. I pledge to publish an anthology in praise of bears on October 4, 2010 — World Animal Day — with the intent to use the anthology to open people’s hearts and minds to a new way of looking at bears, with a view toward compassion. Jeanette McDermott, Ursa Freedom Project
I pledge to spread the word about bear bile farming, bear baiting, trophy hunting, circuses, zoos and other places that keep wild animals in unsatisfactory conditions, to end canned hunting and all other “sports” that cause cruelty to animals, to stop animal experimentation. I pledge to sign petitions and write protest emails/letters until these practices have stopped for good. I pledge to raise money to support organisations that work towards ending cruelty to animals. I pledge to educate those around me, explain to them the importance of treating all life forms with respect, including the tiniest insects. Silke Dallmann, Scotland, UK
I pledge to do my very best to help end the torture and killing of bears, to end bear bile farming, bear dancing, bear baiting, trophy hunting, exploitation in circuses and inadequate zoos. I pledge to help stop the destruction of bear habitat through climate change, deforestation and the constantly expanding human habitat. I pledge to spread the word about the plight of all bears and to continue doing so until they are safe from humans. Maren Dallman, UK
I pledge to do AT LEAST ONE THING EVERYDAY that will help captive bear welfare or wild bear conservation. I work in the field so for me it’s my life’s work and passion. But I challenge others to do AT LEAST ONE THING EVERY WEEK to help either captive bear welfare or wild bear conservation. Who would like to take up that challenge? Else Poulson – Troy, Michigan, USA
We pledge to do everything we can always to help our animal friends on the planet to be free, happy, and wild forever as great spirit intended for all living beings….we work daily on The WORLD FREEDOM PROJECT to this end….in my position as World Music Manager for URSA FREEDOM PROJECT, I have been working with the founder of that organization, Jeanette McDermott, to do what I can through music production(s) to bring awareness and information to the world about specific dangers bears, in particular, face daily at the hands of cruel and greedy “men” who torture and exploit unprotected animals….an abomination and an outrage….We at The WORLD FREEDOM PROJECT will fight side by side with Jeanette and her allies to eradicate this behavior from the history books and to ensure safe havens and a clean protected environment where the right to life is sacred…. Jay, Ursa Freedom Project
I pledge to do whatever it takes to help animals: to stop whale suffering; To stop starvation; To help strays; and to help them all. The animals were on this earth before us so howcome we treat them so poorly? I may be a vegetarian but some of the animals in this world gives us food which we need to survive. If they help us shouldn’t we help them? I may be just one 13 year old girl but I belive that we can make a difference, step by step, to make this world happy for us and for the animals.
Join this group in a petion to stop animals in zoos being mistreated.
Lauren, Ontario, Canada (13 years old)
As the founder of Green Paw Trust In Nigeria, I pledge to use this organization in creating a better world for animals through developing a better environment for animals; minimizing the occurrence of rabies and other zoonotic diseases; sterilization of animals in order to reduce stray population; caring for animal that are accident victims; build awareness at national levels through educational programs and seminars; national advertising campaign on television and radio to educate the general public on how to take care of animals better. Everard Kasimanwuna, Founder, Green Paw Trust
Besides adding regularly new photographs of animals to my blog, this year I’ve created a Youtube account and uploaded some video-clips on animals, and contributed in creation of a taxonomic database these efforts are to express my concern for animals and I think ‘love and care for animals’ is an innate characteristic of all human beings who are nothing but just another species of the animal kingdom.
Surajit Koley, West Bengal, India
I pledge to be actively involved in raising awareness among students and teachers in my school that animals have a place on this earth we call our home, and to help stop animal abuse. Salimah Salim, Singapore
I pledge to love and care for my three rescue cats, and shower them with affection for the rest of their lives. I will continue to feed the strays who visit my garden, and try to find homes for them if possible. I will provide food and water for the wild creatures and birds which bring such joy, and make my garden a happier place. I will donate to as many animal charities as possible throughout the year, and write protest letters and sign petitions, to help bring an end to animal abuse both here in the UK and worldwide. Jackie Smith, UK
I pledge with all my heart to save any animal that is being mistreated here in Nigeria and shelter sick and lost animals. Steve Idowu Omoarukhe – World Animal Ambassador
Since I was born I have always loved animals, especially dogs! I adopted a dogs when I was a young child and I always wanted to help animals, especially stray and homeless dogs. In 200px7 I started a blog to advertise dogs that need new homes and became very involved with helping them. This was the beginning of my journey as a Dog Rescuer. I have become very involved with helping a lady who has a shelter for homeless dogs and cats and help here whenever I can. We feed them, take care of their health, make them feel loved and give them a home with many other friends! There are more than 300 homeless dogs of all sizes, colors and types. I’m so proud of what I do for them! The shelter is in a town next to our city and we visit the “Catinho dos Xulinhos” (shelter’s name) most weekends. Today is World Animal Day 200px9 and it’s a beautiful day. We went to celebrate with the dogs by giving them special food and lots of love! I hope the world will soon be a better place for the animals! I want to be a vet so I’ll be able to help them much more than I can right now. HAPPY WORLD ANIMAL DAY! Isabela (14 years old), Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
I am going to raise public awareness by writing articles for the website of Himalayan Nature and in newspapers. Prativa Kaspal, Conservation Officer, Himalayan Nature
I would like to express my love for animals in my blog – Surajit Koley, West Bengal, India
I pledge to continue to do everything I can to bring an end to animal cruelty both on a personal level and by supporting the wonderful charities in the UK and worldwide in their work to create a better world for all animals great and small, wild and domestic.I pledge to promote World Animal Day to all of my friends, including those on Twitter and Facebook, plus neighbours, work colleagues and anyone else I can think of. I have printed off a number of World Animal Day flyers and will display them prominently in as many places as I can.I pledge to continue registering on-line with as many animal charities as I can, and to sign up for their email updates so I always know what is going on and, when needed, can write letters or sign petitions, or anything else, that will help them in their work in giving a much-needed voice to animals.Lastly, I pledge to always love and cherish my three rescue cats and to ensure their happiness and well-being for the rest of their lives. Callie, Kent, UK
I am working in as senior scientist at the National Dairy Research Institute where every day we practice and educate the farm families regarding improvement and well-being of cattle, buffaloes and goats. I pledge to continue my work by raising awareness about World Animal Day initiatives by inviting attention of individuals, organizations and masses. Dr Dalip K Gosain, Senior Scientist, NDRI, Karnal India
I am going to help raise public awareness by writing to several newspapers about World Animal Day. Jean Cooper, UK
I pledge to continue volunteering at rescue sanctuaries and offering Reiki healing for free to all the animals that need it. I will try to help find homes for any animal that needs one and to continue dog walking at my local rescue centre when I can.
I will continue to raise money and awareness about critically endangered animals and their habitat by telling people about ‘Call of The Wild’ a song for charities helping wild animals. If you’d like to help please buy a CD or download at – ALL money raised goes to the animals. I will continue to be a vegetarian and spread the word about it – gently! I will continue to support animal charities as much as I can. On World Animal day I will be at Remus Horse Sanctuary in Essex for their open day doing Reflexology ‘taster sessions’ to raise money for them, then giving Reiki to whichever animal needs it most. For more information on how reiki can help animals please go to: I have got our local newspaper to write an article about World Animal Day! My life is animals and their welfare.
Brenda Oakley-Carter, Suffolk, UK
As the founder and host of The Pawz Cauze Show, I promise to keep being the voice for the voiceless and to make sure justice is served in animal abuse cases. I also vow never to stop working for the animals as long as I have breath in my body and my heart still beats. Hopefully we will get the TV series deal which will be a Global TV Series of The Pawz Cauze Show so we can help reach more people with our mottos “Refuse to abuse” and “Changing the world one animal at a time”. I am even training future generations in my family to take over once I am gone. No animal will EVER be left behind as long as I am alive. Pawz UP, Rev. Dr. Leigh Foster aka DJ Ice on
Our pets, cats and dogs, are always rescued animals. My wife donates by monthly direct debit to the RSPCA (UK). I am alongtime Vegatarian (since 1971) and a member of the Labour Party’s Animal Welfare Society: we urge voters who are concerned about animal rights to vote LABOUR at the next General Election to ensure the CONSERVATIVES (with considerable LIBERAL support) don’t fulfill their pledge to bring back Fox Hunting. J McCaig, United Kingdom
My wife Jan & I pledge to continue to work for Animals, and to take responsibility in our community, by working with no-kill shelters, and helping to raise funds and awareness for All Animals. Jan & I recently adopted 2 Amazing Kittens (Tisha & Zoe) who were fostered after being found starving. One in a drain pipe, and the other underneath a porch. They now have there forever home, and we are so lucky to have them! Also, we will continue to support the TNR program in our community, which provides spay/neuter, shots & chips for abandoned feral Cats. We still have 2 of our beloved ferals, Smoke & Patch, who live outside our home in Lake In The Hills, Illinois. Rich and Jan Russom, Illinois, USA
I pledge to find my dog Sasha her perfect rescue friend, and to keep hammering away (in a kind, sort of nudging way) at my non-vegan friends, to keep educating and enlightening them, in order for them to make a compassionate change. I also pledge to keep writing for the animals, telling their stories so that they have a voice through me. Bonnie Snider, Jacksonville, Florida, USA
I pledge to go that ‘extra mile’ to expose the inherent cruelty in greyhound racing and speak out before others, where I have previously suppressed my beliefs and opinions for fear of verbal and physical attack. Trudy Baker, North East England, UK
I pledge to continue speaking up for animals in song and helping rescuer’s world wide by highlighting their tremendous efforts to save neglected and unwanted animals. We can all make a difference if we are united by compassion. Maria Daines, Rock music artist, songwriter and animal advocate (see our Celebrity Support page)
“I pledge to always do my best to help all animals in any way I can. I will continue my monthly donations, adding a new animal charity every year and will continue to collect and take donations for local causes such as the Cats Protection League and Sunnyside Kennels. I am vegetarian, only use cruelty-free products and also boycott all companies who test on animals. I will continue to educate my friends and colleagues on these matters and will cherish them when they put up with my tears when an emotional news story is aired. I will do my best to find the homes of the poor babes who are killed on our roads and to move them to save their owners from finding them there. Most of all, I will never take my pets for granted, I will continue to make time for them every day and I will be patient when they want to play and meow the house down chasing up and down the stairs at 4am! I will also be collecting food, toys, bedding etc again this year from friends and colleagues at AREVA T&D at Stafford.” Cobby Johnson, Stafford, UK
NATURANIMALES in México continues promoting the vegan philosophy as we believe it’s the only way to show true respect for animals and the environment. We pledge for liberation, respect and equality for all. Susana Cruz Aguilar, Mexico
I reach the grand old age of 60 next April and, with the arrival of my State Pension and a work related retirement pension, I shall be setting aside an annual amount to be donated to my favourite animal charities during the year. Elizabeth, East Sussex, England
I pledge to continue to help animals the world over, from cruelty and suffering, in any shape or form, by doing whatever I can! ;) Samantha Jones
Liverpool, England.
Samantha Jones, Liverpool, England
I will help animals from all over the world, doing whatever I can! Elizabeth Jones, Liverpool, England
In Peru we are organising protests against bullfighting and have launched a letter writing campaign targetting against the companies selling tickets to the bullfights. Visit William Soberón Guevara, Peru
I pledge to step up my marathon training to raise money for the PDSA and to pamper my cat Rosie even more than usual!
I will also continue to support the IFAW, BDMLR and Hillside Farm in in whatever way I can for the year ahead.
Jo Pike, Essex, England
Hello, here in Mexico City all the animal organizations are planing to do a “walk” from downtown to another important avenue and give information to all the people about different types of animal cruelty and I am planing to wear a mask of an animal or something like that. Paulina, Mexico City, Mexico
I pledge to help animals and avoid their suffering as much as I can. Marta Barahona Sanchez, Spain
I pledge to continue doing everything I can to help and protect animals; to inform people about the cruelty of bullfighting; and to stop all kinds of animal cruelty. Paulina Alvarez, Mexico City, Mexico
I pledge to always love animals and not to hurt them, kill them, or bully them regardless of what animal they are. I also pledge
to encourage my friends and family members to love animals and protect them. I promise to try my best to help those animals in need. I wish that all the animals are happy and safe.
Rachel Tey Wan Teng, Age 8, Red Swastika School, Singapore
I pledge to continue my work as an activist by raising awareness on animal rights issues and the prevention of cruelty, as well as inviting individuals and organizations to be a part of the World Animal Day initiative. Ara Ferris, WAD Ambassador Mexico
I pledge to continue my labour in rescue, rehab, and adoptions for homeless animals and educate people in my city Hermosillo, Mexico about the rights of animals.Me comprometo a seguir mi labor de rescate, rehabilitación y adopción de animales sin hogar, así como educar a la gente en mi ciudad de Hermosillo, México acerca de los derechos de los Animales. Georgina Aguilar-Aguila, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
My pledge is to continue to help in the fight for a ban on declawing domestic cats in the USA and Canada by education, campaigning and petitioning. Barbara, England, UK
My pledge on World Animal Day will be to inform and educate people of animal suffering through out the world and also will spend extra time with my own pets! Irish Cornaire, Watertown, NY, USA
I will do a car boot sale and help out at our local and very caring rescue centre. They have saved 100′s of lives and receive no funding so are srtuggling to stay open.
I hope one day I can rescue so many of our furry friends.
Loraine, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK
I pledge to continue to support as many animal welfare charities as possible, even in these difficult economic times. I know just a few pence donated regularly can help to save the lives of so many creatures, and alleviate their suffering. I will cut back on the purchase of frivolous goods in order to keep this promise. Jackie Smith, Greater Manchester, UK
I pledge to volunteer for a long term at my local animal shelter. Sabrina Terrell, Illinois, USA
I am Vegan and am bringing my twin 3yr old girls up as Vegan. I make the pledge to bring up my children as two animal loving people and hope that they can inprove the state of Animal Welfare in the future. I also pledge to do as much as I consciously can to make this world a nicer place to live in for everyone. Helen Nicholas, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, UK
I pledge to continually teach my daughter to have empathy for animals and do all she can to help those who have no voice in our society. Here is the website I just got started for her — she is 7 and has been passionate about her special cause, Animal Helpers Canada, for a long time. I’m not sure if it’s innate or something I did to influence her, but already my child’s life is devoted to animal welfare. All I know for sure is I support it wholeheartedly and always will. Dana, Toronto, Canada
I took the responsibility to safeguard all the animals which are around me. Either they are from street or from anybodies home. People will have to understand this that no one have the right to hurt animals……………….. They are amazing and we all must respect them from the bottom of our hearts. I LOVE ANIMALS. Ekta Sharma, Ghaziabad, India
I pledge that I will support as many peaceful campaigns and petitions as I can to end all types of animal testing and cruelty. And also support the BUAV and Dr Hadwen trust etc. for the good work they do. I will also promote animal wellfare with people I meet in a non aggresive way. Clare Howell, Wiltshire, UK
I will send animal e-cards to my freinds and train my dog. I will also clean my rabbit out every 2 weeks. Beth, UK
I might do a sponsored dog walk and have people pay a little bit to walk their dog on our farm or in the woods. Maybe I might organise a dog wash afterwards. Beth, UK
We will donate to animal welfare this year. Nobert Plating Company, Illinois, USA
I will take my dog to the park district on Saturdays to enjoy the outdoors and other animals. Jamie, Illinois, USA
I will not yell at Betty for coughing, instead I will gently pet her behind her ears. Rob, Illinois, USA
I will visit Nino and greet him with a treat and toy. Jennifer, Illinois, USA
I will pet Nuhnuuk every morning at the office and give him a treat. Olivia, Illinois, USA
I will give some extra special treats to Frankie. Yolanda, Illinois, USA
I pledge to spend every spare moment on animal welfare. David Smailes, Northampton, UK
I pledge to start supporting the Dr Hadwen Trust who fund research without the use of animals. S Steiner-Goldberg, Northampton, UK
I have rescued several stray animals and if I had the money I would open a shelter. Natalie Lines, Northampton, UK
I will give some of my pocket money to help animals. Lis Baraite? Northampton, UK
I will continue to support Guide Dogs and Blue Cross. D Bradshaw, Northampton, UK
I will volunteer in animal shelters Susan Robinson, Northampton, UK
I will do my best to end the sick and mindless cruelty to all animals. C Welbeck? Northampton, UK
I will ensure my animals and others around me are well looked after and loved forever. James Ryan, Northampton, UK
I will always love and care for my animals properly. Sara Ingham, Northampton, UK
I will treat animals the way I would like to be treated. Jamie Neil, Northampton, UK
We pledge to always look after our dogs properly and keep them safe. Rosie Miley & Colin Close, Northampton, UK
To raise awareness of all the different ways animals are abused. Angela Atkins, Northampton, UK
I pledge to continue volunteering for animal charities wherever I can and continue to teach other people about looking after their pets properly. I also pledge to adopt a retired greyhound in the future as this is a very important cause. Happy World Animal Day! Caroline Riley, UK
I pledge to do my best to help saving stray animals in Taiwan. Clark J. C. Jwo, Professor and Dean, College of Sports and Recreation
I pledge to treat all animals as precious beings that deserve the same rights as I do! I pledge to be as vegan as I can be.
I pledge to continue promoting animal rights and welfare through my website and personal pages.
Rafa Delfin, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
I pledge to continue to do everything I can to bring an end to animal cruelty both on a personal level and by supporting the wonderful charities in the UK and worldwide in their work to create a better world for all animals great and small. I pledge to promote World Animal Day to friends, neighbours, work colleagues and anyone else I can think of – I have printed off a number of World Animal Day flyers (in glorious colour) and will encourage people to display them prominently. My flyer has pride of place in my front porch window where everyone walking past can see it. I pledge to register on-line with as many animal charities as I can, and to sign up for their email updates so I always know what is going on and, when needed, can write letters or sign petitions, or anything else, that will help them in their work. Thanks to the abundance of helpful information on the World Animal Day website, I have just joined The Pet Owners Parliament – which will give me the chance to join others in giving a much-needed voice to animals. Lastly, I pledge to always love and cherish my three rescue cats and to ensure their happiness and well-being for the rest of their lives. Callie, Kent, UK
I pledge to make a difference for the strays on streets and work towards giving them the love and care they deserve. Also, I would try to do as many things as possible to celebrate World Animal Day in the best possible manner on the 4th and forever. Sambhavna Suwalka, India
I pledge with all my heart that I will love all species of animals,no room for prejudice,I will do my part to help and protect all creatures of this planet be it by campaigns,boycotting and protesting the horrific abuse of animals,this is my pledge! Irish Cornaire, Watertown, NY, USA
I pledge to continue doing everything I can to make the world better for animals. I’m starting an online “holistic pet care university” to provide education about animal care and animal communication. It will also be a site for people to join in community and share resources, info, and stories & pix & videos. I’m building a database of animalcare practitioners and animal communicators for anyone to access when they need help with their animals. My goal is to spread the word to as many people as possible, to increase respect for animals and enhance the human-animal relationship. Liz Tufte
It will be my pledge this year to try to find more homes for the homeless animals on Guam. I will volunteer with Guam Animals In Need to educate more students on responsible pet care. Shirley Miller, Hagatna, Guam
I pledge to help local and world wide animal sanctuaries by donating money to them from the sales of all my animal artwork and to continue to educate people on the need to be good caretakers of all creatures. Also, to protect and save all animals from being abused and driven from their natural habitats. Karen King, Longwood, Florida, USA
I pledge to give the best love and care I can to my 3 dogs and to do my utmost to educate people on how animals enrich our lives and of the horrors of puppy mills and unethical breeding. I further pledge to continue donating the profits from my jewellery craft sales to local animal shelters as well as to bring awareness of WAD to people here in Singapore by creating an event, no matter how small, to benefit an animal shelter or welfare group. Angela, Singapore
I pledge to always do my best to help all animals in any way I can. I will continue my monthly donations, adding a new animal charity every year and will continue to collect and take donations for local causes such as the Cats Protection League and Sunnyside Kennels. I am vegetarian, only use cruelty-free products and also boycott all companies who test on animals. I will continue to educate my friends and colleagues on these matters and will cherish them when they put up with
my tears when an emotional news story is aired. I will do my best to find the homes of the poor babes who are killed on our roads and to move them to save their owners from finding them there. Most of all, I will never take my pets for granted, I will continue to make time for them every day and I will be patient when they want to play and meow the house down chasing up and down the stairs at 4am!
Cobby Johnson, Stafford, UK
I pledge to continue to be a vegetarian for the rest of my days. To always do something voluntary in regards to animals. At the moment it is the RSPB. To continue to give monthly to IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) and to always make animals a BIG part of my life whether it be pets, voluntary work in relation to animals and conservation or giving money. To follow in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi and his love of animals. Kim Rooney, Belfast, UK
I pledge to always care for animals on world animal day and before and after and to try to start a animal club with my friends. I will also try to donate some money to the RSPCA and other organizations. Zohra Iqbal, UK
I pledge to continue to sponsor one animal per month at Edgars Mission, Victoria, Australia, and to continue to donate a minimum of $100 per month to various animal organisations. For World Animal Day I will email my pledge and W.A.D website address to everyone in my data base to inspire them to make a pledge as well. Wendy Bryan, Victoria, Australia
I pledge to celebrate World Animal Day by giving people free World Animal Day stickers, sending Alan who has given me so many super-cute guinea pigs over the years an E-card, giving my current piggys a super big cuddle and buying a gravestone for my dear William who passed away ealier this summer and altogether celebrating the animal kingdom and particuarly the animals closest to me. Ros Amor, Suffolk, UK
I will be raising money for local animal charities who need money to continue the good work they do rescuing, re-homing abandoned animals and making them feel appreciated for their commitment and dedication to animal welfare. Dee Spencer, Shropshire, UK
I pledge to adopt another Orangutan and to purchase more rainforest to protect the wildlife in Borneo. I try to do something to help animals as much as I can, without them the world would be a very sad place. Angela Doxey, Derby, UK
My name is Lisbeth Mønsted Larsen. I founded Greyhound Action Denmark in 200px5 after finding out how racing greyhounds are/were treated. In 200px6 the racetrack in Barcelona Spain closed its gates for good incidently for tax evation. This left 600 predomenatly Irish imports homeless. The fates of these ex racing greyhounds touched me so deeply that I founded Greyhound Action Denmark that moment to try and make people aware of their plight. as it turns out my own beloved ex-racer is related to some of these greyhounds.His sire raced there briefly and was then sold to the remaining mobile tracks in Spain. Connor was born on October fourth 200px3 so I have pledged the rest of my life to alert people to the plight of racing greyhounds and to help any greyhound in need to the very best of my abillity. Yours sincerly Lisbeth Mønsted Larsen Greyhound Action Denmark. On the World animal Day I shall celebrate the birthday of my greyhound Connor he will be five years that day. He will get presents dinner and treats and we will alert others of the plight of racing greyhounds that day. Lisbeth Mønsted Larsen, Greyhound Action Denmark
My pledge is to spread veganism to a wide audience. Avril Sims, Mountain Ash, South Wales
I promise to use only cruelty-free cosmetics and cleaning products, continue my monthly donations to RSPCA and WSPA, and speak out about worldwide animal welfare issues where and whenever possible. I also promise to donate the boxes of food pouches that Cassie the very fussy cat screws her face up at to the local wildlife centre. I will try to make a difference to as many animals as I can – from feeding local wildlife to donating food and resources to rescue and re-homing centres. Rachael, UK
I Sunita Parulkar from London, UK, pledge to contribute towards the welfare/benefit of animals in whatever way possible – by fundraising, holding events, sponsoring etc.
Cruelty to animals needs to stop NOW! They have a right to live too.. I support animal welfare by being a Vegan myself!
Sunita Parulkar, London, UK
As a World Animal Day facilitator, I pledge to work hand in hand with all animal welfarists in Ghana and also do my best to educate and encourage people in my country to be kind to animals. Godson K Charnor, Ghana
World Animal Day (WAD) will achieve what most welfare or animal rights groups have failed to do so far: at last one global action that will bring compassionate people together, getting individuals to get involved in making this world a better place for the animals. My pledge is to go on working on raising awaireness of the cruelty behind each peace of meat, to inform about animal free diet, and on animal rights. Education is the key. Anouk de Winter, France
Littlehampton Community School Science Faculty pledge to re-home ex battery hens and care for them every day in our newly constructed Chicken sanctuary. We will continue to work with the British Hen Welfare Trust and help them with the re-education of pupils in the ways of ethical food production. Emma Bird, Littlehampton Community School
I pledge to do something, no matter how small, for animals each day. I feel I am a better more fulfilled person for the fact that I dedicate so much time and effort to help creatures who are abused. I campaign, and will continue to campaign, for animals in the vivisection laboratory, the factory farm, those used in entertainment, those killed for sport and individual animals who are subject to abuse. Whilst ever I have the strength and mental ability I will try my utmost to bring to an end animal cruelty. Sue May, Bradford, England
I pledge to continue to find a way to help the animals of Jamaica by bringing awareness to the problems there. I will continue to support Maureen Sheridan who runs The Animal House in Ocho Rios and find a way to get her story out in the public. I will collect as many signatures as possible to help end bear farming in Asia and help out as many animal organizations as I possibly can. Yvette, USA
I Irish Cornaire pledge to help in any way I can to help stop,educate and inform people the cruelty to animals,vivsection,experimentation etc,rabbits don’t wear makeup ,cats don’t brush their teeth with toothpaste and dog’s and other critters don’t use hair spray etc,we are their voices and they need to be heard NOW! Irish Cornaire, Watertown, NY, USA
I pledge to engage myself actively in promoting animal welfare concerns in all walks of life in my country through various forums that will be availed. Such forums include: observation of World Animal Day; World Animal Week; National Agricultural Shows; presentation of papers and talk on Animal Welfare to various audiences the scientific community; the academician; the press; and the general public. I will cooperate and urge animal welfare advocacy groups such as the Tanzania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (TSPCA) live up to their glory and raise the level of animal welfare consciousness, responsible care to animals and enlighten the public on the difference and merging points between the moderate (animal welfarists) and extremist (animal rightist). 200px7 World Animal Day and World Animal Week observations in Tanzania were just the start I pledge to make the coming events in 200px8 and beyond more coverage in the country, popular and recurring. I subscribe to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) sayings with regard to Animal Welfare that goes “A good deed done to an Animal is as meritorious as a good deed done to a human while an act of cruelty to an animal is as bad as an act of cruelty to a human being. Dr Mohammed M Bahari, Tanzania
I am a Healer Member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. I pledge to help any animal in need that I come across and to do what I can to improve their quality of life and their owner’s understanding if appropriate. This includes spiritual healing, advice on management and treatment ( Lynne Statham, East Sussex, UK
I pledge to donate to the Mountain Gorilla fund this year and every year hereafter – Also, I pledge to teach my three year old son all that I can about compassion for animals. Lynn, USA
I pledge to continue to teach the importance of spaying and neutering for dogs and cats. Preventing births is the best way to control the unwanted animal population and keep so many animals from ending up in shelters where they meet an horrible death. I operate a private rescue in VA. Our efforts are funded out of our own pockets. We take in neglected and unwanted animals and give them a safe haven. We find them new homes or they just simply live with us forever. We also offer a free animal placement service for those who need help finding their animal a new home. Learn more about what we offer at . Our listing services are good for all animals no matter the location or species. It is FREE to one and all. I also pledge to help more animal rescues to get online. This day and age everyone who has a cause needs to be on the net. The animal rescue field is no different. You can see what I offer at . All my proceeds of my web work goes back in to my animals here at the farm. Betty, Ararat, VA, USA
At my school we used the WAD website for Thought for the Month for October to think about animals. Thanks for all the activities and ideas which have been used by over a thousand secondary girls. Maggie Stableford, Senior Teacher, UK
Whilst I am sorry that I missed celebrating WAD 200px7, I would like to make a pledge for the rest of this year and the following years. I pledge to study animal companion services, vet and dog grooming certificate courses and aiding in caring for domestic animals/animals in general in animal shelters and caring for and being friends with animals in general. I like domestic animal companionship (particularly cats and dogs) and have found them to be far better friends than humans! I also pledge to stop deliberate animal cruelty if I come across any injured and/or uncared for animals who are not being looked after properly by humans! Astor M Cosma, Australia
I would like to congratulate WAD involving people very great and excited work towards the Animal Welfare awareness on this very great day. I pledge to be an active role play to ALL PEOPLE here in Nepal and everywhere, to activate their compassion for animals. Human beings are most responsible for Animal welfare matters in this situation. This nature and all living beings are ours and for ourselves.These are not my personal property.Give to live them serenely and live peacefully. Dr Shree Ram Adhikari, Secretary General, National SPCA, Nepal
I have only just found out about World Animal Day but next year my pledge as a yoga teacher is to hold a fund raising event, dedicated to practising all the yoga postures with animals’ names. This would be such a fun event and so easy to organise for yoga teachers! Susie, Derbyshire, UK
Today, on World Animal Day, I pledge to continue to do everything I can to bring an end to animal cruelty both on a personal level and by supporting the wonderful charities in the UK and worldwide in their work to create a better world for all animals great and small. I also pledge to support the no-kill shelters who strive to take care of the never-ending number of abandoned and abused animals. Lastly, I pledge to always love and cherish my three rescue cats (Milo, Spike and Nutmeg) and to encourage family, friends and work colleagues, when looking to acquire a family pet, to visit their nearest animal shelter and to give a home to an animal who is looking for a second chance to be someone’s special ‘animal companion’. Callie, Kent, UK
I pledge to promote Animal welfare Day to my Brownie Pack.
We will aslo donate tins of food to our local Dogs Trust Centre.
Jackie Spencer, Brown Owl, 3rd East Calder Brownies
I pledge to adopt/sponsor a donkey. Theresa Michaels, UK
I pledge to continue to love animals (in particular my four furry felines at home) and to give my support to the various animal charities that I contribute to. We must continue the work to free animals from abuse and mistreatment from human beings and reading the pledges that came before me really warms my heart. Michelle, Austrlia
I pledge to continue to care for the stray cats who live in our garden. I pledge to visit the cat sanctuary in Rome and donate to their cause. I pledge to spread information to all of my contacts about World Animal Day and BOS UK (Borneo Orangutan Survival Fund). I will do a special lesson for the Italian kids I teach about animals. I had an amazingly beautiful and intelligent white Persian with one blue and one orange eye when I was a kid. I moved to Frascati, Rome 4 years ago and my neighbours cat is a white Persian with one blue and one orange eye and he loves to come and sit with us in our apartment, bringing me daily pleasure and relaxation. Shara Brennan, Frascati, Rome, Italy
I pledge to support World Animal Day (Oct 4th) by informing customers at my work about this world event, to share information, spreading the good news to friends and family.
Dr. Mohammad Lotfizadeh, Iranian Veterinary Council, Islamic Republic of IRAN
Dr. Mohammad Lotfizadeh, Iranian Veterinary Council, Iran
I pledge to continue to be a volunteer to Worthing Cat Welfare and to Paws Sanctuary in Findon, West Sussex, and to continue supporting Bransby Home of Rest for Horses in Lincoln and Redwings Horse Sanctuary. I will also continue to care for my 2 guinea pigs and 2 cats until the end of their lives and care for the mares and foals I have been entrusted with until they return to their owner. Linda Healey, West Sussex, UK
I pledge to assist with the money collection from people I work with in support of World Animal Day. I also pledge to help any animal I believe to be in need of help. Please see the ‘Events Diary’ on this website to see what Internet Solutions has planned in celebration of World Animal Day. Sandi Sobahle, MS Product Manager, Internet Solutions, South Africa
I pledge to be an ACTIVE EXAMPLE to ALL PEOPLE here in Central California and everywhere, to activate their compassion for animals, whether it be adoption, donation, or fundraising. I applaude the ASPCA for letting me know of this site and that a definite day (OCT 4) has been set aside for the purpose of raising the awareness of Animal Protection and the continuation of life of Mother Nature’s siblings. I pledge to bring this site before the eyes and hearts of all Americans, with special focus on the media and schools. I invite all animal groups to join in on this World Animal Day to celebrate the sacred gound that our “friends” demonstrate “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE” for us to learn from, in our own lives with all living creatures. Thank you for this noble opportunity ! Roger Rankin – Fresno, California, USA
I pledge to continue loving and caring for my 2 retired ex-racing greyhounds, Scooby and Misty (thrown on the scrap heap when they were both just 3 years old for not being fast enough), and support the fight to have the so-called sport of greyhound racing banned forever. I also pledge the same love for my pet cockatiel, Georgie, now 11 years old and who we have had since she was a 4 month old chick. Debbie – High Wycombe, Bucks. UK
I pledge to support World Animal Day (Oct 4th) by informing customers at my work about this world event, to share info., spreading the good news to friends and family, to support local animal hospitals, shelters, humane societies and try to inform local news to annouce it on the news, and especially with my babies…cats: Babee, Honey, Sweetie, Missy, Muskee, Kisses….strays we care for as well: 2 mommies, and their babies: Lucky, Orio, Orion, Cuttels, Bobeau IV, Prettee, Shaydee, Knightey…and not forget their daddy. Midnight….I will take pictures of them and post the up on my wall at home….because they are family. As well to continue to support the ASPCA, the HSUS, and more…in the special day, that should be EVERYDAY!!! Uilana Falevai – Kahuku, Honolulu
I pledge to promote World Animal Day to every person in my company, to make the 4th October a day to be fun and silly and draw attention to the role animals play in our lives all day long, and to collect as much money from everyone as I can for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Catherine da Silva – South Africa
I pledge to help start up a local supporters group in Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex, for the Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare in Ringmer, East Sussex. Our wonderful dog Ben came to us from Raystede and we intend to give something back by doing our bit when Raystede start up local groups in the near future. Elizabeth, Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex
I pledge to help any animal I see suffering or in harms way. I will also continue loving my best friends my dogs Miss Lulu and Frankie Boy, my cats Big and Lil Kitty and my parrot Poppy.
I will continue to feed the wild animals in my yard and to sew comforters for the NYACC.
Darleen LoBasso, USA
I pledge: to continue my vegetarian ways as I have for the last 33 years and to educate others to change their eating habits; to ensure I only use toiletries which have not been tested on animals; not to wear any clothing that has come from an animal; to promote animal welfare rights by informing people I come into contact with of all animal sufferings and how they can help to end it; to be conscious of how people are treating their animals and to intervene or report to the relevant societies if necessary; to continue to educate myself and keep updated about all animal rights; continue to support animal charities; and to be more aware of my carbon footprint and what I can do to change my ways to aid global warming.
No-one has the right to make a decision to end an animals life (unless of course the poor thing is suffering and it is done humanely). We all scream about Human Rights what about the Rights of animals!
Carole, Tyne & Wear, UK
As the current clerk of Quaker Concern for Animals ( I have put the World Animal Day banner on our site. As a personal pledge, I will try to defend and protect other animals all my life and always be a voice for the voiceless. I shall endeavour to do as little harm as I can, remembering that we are all God’s creatures. Marian Hussenbux, Clerk, Quaker Concern for Animals UK
My pledge is to try and get a sponsor to help set up a horse and donkey rescue so I can make sure that no horse or donkey suffers and they are kept safe. Diana, Portsmouth, England
On World Animal Day, I will be doing what I do every other day of the year: I will be speaking on behalf of animals, and reminding others of the fact that, like the human animal, our animal friends are living, breathing, feeling, loving, soul-filled Children of God, who deserve the same love, respect, kindness, and reverence for their precious lives and souls that the rest of us do. Matthew DeLuca, USA
For World Animal Day, I will encourage our more than 40 Animal Chaplains and 75 Animal Ministries listed on our website,, to celebrate the day. We will send out a press release telling the public about the many ways we are celebrating, and encourage individuals, families and congregations to join us. Nancy J Cronk, Founder, Interfaith Association of Animal Chaplains, USA
My pledge is to remain a vegan for the rest of my life,
and to enlighten all my friends and family to the suffering of animals in the world. I will do all that I can to fight the battle to release animals from misery and suffering ! We are all equal, and therefore deserve equal respect!
Neesan, Mountain Ash, South Wales, UK
I pledge to always love and take care of my cats and to always be veggie and ensure all products I use have not been tested in any way on animals, that is make up and cleaning products.Linda edinburgh Linda, Edinburgh, Scotland
I pledge to continue to take care of all my animals, 6 dogs and a cat, with all my heart and soul. I also pledge to continue to keep fighting to end abuse and cruelty to dairy cows and calves, and all farm animals, continue my plight writing letters to governments to end the seal killings in Canada, the Japanese, to end dolphin and whale slaughter. With all my heart continue to help end the terrible abuse of dogs and cats in Korea, and China. And end the terrible abuse of horses, and bring an end to horse slaughter. I hope god will give me the strength, to continue helping his animals, as this is the most important issue in my life, to help those who cannot voice themselves. God bless all the animals :) Rosemarie Bellamy
We pledge to continue our fight against unlicensed puppy farming, the pet shop trade and those who use and abuse animals for profit also the local authorities who turn a blind eye to such suffering. Moreen Davie, A Dog’s Life, Cardiff, UK
We pledge to do what we can to aid animals in distress or need anywhere in the world. We also pledge not to eat meat or fish. We will not buy household cleaners, toiletries or cosmetics which have been tested on animals. So far as possible, we will not buy products from firms who test some of their products on animals. Julie & Jim Martin-Nichols, Scotland
This pledge is on behalf of all members of Kendriya Vidyalaya, PitamPura, (school in Delhi) who have taken an oath to treat animals humanely, not to use/wear fur, and to campaign against the slaughter of animals. Dr A K Sharma, Principal
I pledge to continue to do all that I can for the animals of the world. To give what I can to animal charities and to make it a better and safer world for all animals. Sylvia & Yvonne, Hampton, UK
For many years I have done what I can to help all animals and to end suffering. I pledge to continue to do so, and to try to persuade others to do likewise. I shall do all I can to make this a better world for the creatures who share it with us and deserve a good and happy life. Pam Thornton, Wales, UK
I pledge to continue writing letters to help all animals and to give what I can to as many animal charities as I can. To continue to be a vegan (started February 18th, 200px0) and to refuse to give to charities that experiment on animals. Jane, Cornwall, UK
All members of ‘International People for Animals’ (IFPA) and ‘People for Animals Haryana’ ( take an oath not to wear / promote leather and fur. All members further undertake to promote the adoption of stray cattle / dogs. Naresh Kadyan, Founder PFA Haryana, India
I pledge to keep campaigning against all forms of animal cruelty and to work to campaign against the barbarity of bloodsports, working for the proper enforcement of the Hunting Act 200px4 by the police and CPS. Also, to campaign against those politicians who have pledged to repeal the ban on hunting with dogs should they achieve power in Britain. Chris Gale, Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK
I pledge to continue highlighting the welfare issues surrounding African land snails sold for human consumption in some London markets. The conditions in which these snails are kept are squalid and inhumane. I Pledge to do everything within my power to make a difference, however small. Every animal deserves respect even a simple snail. If you would like to read a copy of Danielle’s ‘Guide to keeping African Land Snails as Pets’, simply copy and paste the following link into your browser: Danielle Reilly
As my household cleaning products run out, I pledge to replace them with cruelty-free alternatives – but I’m not waiting for 4 October, I’m going to start now. On WAD I will review my efforts and look for further ways to improve. Julie, Yorkshire, UK
I Pledge to be a vegetarian or may be vegan for my entire life! No more meat for me anymore. Just feel human beings are not treating the animals correctly particularly before they are slaughtered…Really disgusting… I have my lovely pug back in my hometown, Malaysia, and I can’t really celebrate with her as I am now in UK. Just hope that I can bring her to UK one day when I have settled down in UK… Just hope… Anyway, I love any kind of animals, including snakes, crocodiles, sharks etc. even though they are dangerous. Basically they only behave that way as to protect themselves! Geok Lay Loh, Loughborough, Leicestershire
I pledge to build the shelter for the homeless cats and dogs in my home city Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine. Tatiana Miasoyed – Rescue Organization
I Pledge to look after my pets – 2 ponies, cat, dog and ferret to the very best of my ability, as usual. Also all the wild animals, ducks and birds that I feed each day. I will attend any call outs as a qualified Marine Mammmal Medic for BDMLR. I will also organise an event on the Saturday nearest to this date to raise funds for BDMLR. I will continue with my adoption of a horse for Bransby Home of Rest for Horses, and I will also adopt a retired Tram Horse at the Isle of Man Rest Home for Old Horses. I will continue my adoption of a Moray Firth bottlenose dolphin “Moonlight” with WDCS. Also my monthly subs to BUAV to help to stop animals being used in experiments in the UK. I will also support Sea Shepherd to prevent the killing of seals and whales. I will continue to support WSPA and IFAW. Margaret, West Cumbria
I pledge to look after every animal that enters my life be it my pets , or any form of wildlife Karen Kirk, Scotland
I pledge to continue with my fight to stop the calculated killings of the seals on my coastline, and to continue helping animals that need my help. My full support will continue for the SSPCA animal centre at Inverkeithing in Scotland, who have helped me with advice and rehab over the years for the seals, hedgehogs, birds and other wild animals that I have rescued. I pledge to continue taking in abandoned ferrets that need homes. Elaine Roft, Scotland
I want to be part of you, and want to attend the animal event Ibidapo Abimbola Ayodeji, Nigeria
WHAT DO I DO IF I LOST MY PET: I will call the shelter in the borough where I live or where the pet was lost. JCI staff person will access our Chameleon computer database to determine if any animals fitting the description have entered the shelter.And If my animal does not turn up immediately, file a ‘lost animal’ report. The next thing i will do is visit the shelter to check my animal. This is imperative because an animal’s description is subjective, and one person’s description of an animal may not necessarily match yours or mine. I will also make sure that I check with the shelter in person every 48 hours or preferably more often. Meanwhile, the shelter staff will check the network and the ‘found animal’ reports as they come in. I should also post flyers within a 1-mile radius of where the pet was last seen and around my neighborhood in as many of the following locations as possible: Pet shops, veterinarian offices,Shelters and Humane Societies, Supermarkets, Police precincts, Newspapers, Bulletin boards, Distribute flyers my area. If someone responds to my flyer, having possibly found my animal, I will check it out even if it seems too far away to possibly be my animal. Animals have been found miles from where they were originally lost. And i will contact as many vets and shelters as possible. Most important, even before my pet is lost, and i will consider the benefit of microchips, and have one implanted immediately. Even with a microchip, every companion animal should wear a collar with ID tags at all times. Please remember to remove all flyers once your pet has been found. Ibidapo Abimbola Ayodeji, Nigeria
I pledge to take care of my guinea pig V Romanski
I pledge to make a difference, by making my fellow South Africans aware of the cruelty that is going on right under our noses. I pledge to give more to animal charities. I pledge to make the world aware of these horrific tests that are going on in these laboratories. Michelle Nell, South Africa
I will contact to The Veterinary pratitioner association of Thailand for have event and celebrate World Animal day in Thailand on 4 oct 200px7. Rachanikorn Sreekhong, Thailand
I pledge to be the 1st Kiwi Kid to help arrange an event for other New Zealanders to become aware of World Animal Day. I think its fabulous what the kids in the UK and the rest of the world are doing for the animals, and what better place to start then in your own school!? Penelope Joyce, Avondale, Auckland, NZ
I’m 12 and so when I’m 15 I am gonna volunteer for the R.S.P.C.A. And when I’m 17 I’m gonnna volunteer for the WSPCA something like that anyway like by paying a donation of $20-$50 a month. When I’m 18 I’m gonna volunteer 4 the doggierescue…………. Anonymous, Australia
The 39th Craiglockhart Brownie Pack (Edinburgh) will be doing their “Friend to the Animals” Badge at their meeting this week. We will be making masks of different animals, making posters about our favourite pets and playing lots of animal games like Rabbit without a burrow and mouse trap. Thanks to the World Animal day website we’ll be having fun and learing about
animals too!
Clare Uytman, Edinburgh, UK (Tawny Owl!)
I have chosen to sponsor a wolf. Good wishes to every person on World Animals Day. Chloe Gaultier, Lausanne
I will take more care of the wildlife in the garden this winter and every winter. Feeding the birds and other animals every day. Andrew, Essen, Germany
I pledge to love and honor and be a rescuer for ever creature that is abused and mistreated by the evils of mankind. Diane M. Kastel, Wheaton, IL, USA
I pledge to have respect and concern for every creature that is unable to save it self from the evils perpetrated by mankind. I pledge to work for the safety and comfort of every abused creature. Diane M. Kastel, Wheaton, IL, USA
I commit to honoring my Beau every day! To have more patience, and realize that he is always there for me in good and difficult times. He is a comfort in my life and I am so very, very blessed to be a part of his world! I will cherish how he has taught me to be a better person; not judge and try to love unconditionally (as all the animals do!) What a beautiful day to celebrate the animals!!! May God and St. Francis bless you always!! I love you, Beau!!! Denise Lettieri, USA
I will endeavor to protect wildlife corridors in Southern California where I reside, support sheleters for rescued domesticated animals, adopt more endangered species and contribute to animal reserves in Africa and Asia. We need to coexist and find a harmonious balance between Homo Sapiens and other life on our shared world. Maurice Kane, USA
I pledge to give more attention to my cats. Eva Raimundez Kuhlmann
I pledge to give my cats Mojo and Banger a really special birthday treat tomorrow as they will be 2 years old. I also pledge to continue supporting Mojo through his recent surgery (leg amputation following an accident) and make his life as comfortable and easy as possible. Debbie, Cheltenham, UK
For the Polar Bears – I pledge to be as energy efficient as possible, and recycle as much as I can, to reduce my footprint on the earth, and help preserve their world. Dawn, Ruardean, Glos, UK
I pledge to improve the life of strays and cruelty against chickens in Bangalore, India. I will support Karuna Animal welfare group in my best possible way. Let God give me strength in my endeavaour. Santosh R. Chikkerur, India
For this year’s World Animal Day, I pledge to support continuously and lend a helping hand to all the associations or organizations, charities and fund raising campaign related to animals. Animals are part of human being like us.They are very adorable and unique living creatures.They need loves, cares, attention,sanctuary and not to get abused….I will SAY NO TO ANIMALS CRUELTY AND NO KILLING!!! For all animals lover around the world, thank you for your kind support,animal rescue and animals welfare formed worldwide…..They are innocence and need us to protect them in nowdays world, merciless world…do contact me at and i will love to share the stories of my cats… Jesyeehan Hanhan
hi i am doing cross-stitching of some cute animals for a couple of ladies who live in Spain and look-after injured and abandoned animals there. If anyone can make cards to sell in the markets in Spain, I’d love to hear from you. If anyone would like to help please e-mail me at thank-you very much. I’m also very keen on rabbits, especially lionhead ones, so if anyone wants to talk to me about them, please email me. Lucy Morgan, UK
i promise to take good care of my pets (2 cats & 3 dogs) even if it is not World Animal Day. i will give time for them… i’ll try to encourage my friends to have pets or at least make them appreciate animals. Ada Patricia T. Lopez, Philippines
I pledge that I will continue to raise awareness of the importance of kind and careful treatment of animals via my website D for Dog ( World Animal Day features on our site every year and will continue to do so. Jenny
I pledge my support to the world animal day. I promice to show my love, devotion and commitment to animals throughout my life in whatever i do also i will protest about animal abuses. Shelly Gandhi, India
On World Animal Day I am giving a talk on wild tigers in India, and the money raised will go to a tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh. J Buxton, Ulverston, UK
All animals need the human voice to speak up for them. I pledge to continue supporting the animal charities Naturewatch, Animal defender, Spana and Cats Protection to help meet this aim. P Edwards, Sussex, UK
I pledge to care for the animales and for the planet. Luisa, Lima, Peru
I’m going to take a parcel of goodies to the local animal shelter. P I Robinson, Cleveland
I’ve bought 10 copies of the Naturewatch Compassionate Shopping Guide to give to friends on 4 October! Ms R Williams, Exeter, UK
I pledge to save used stamps to raise funds for Thornberry Animal Sanctuary, from where I fostered a 15-year-old cat. I will campaogn against animal experiemtns by distributing leaflets, and writing to my MP. Janet Wood, Retford, UK
I will continue to support animal charities and to campaign for the end of animal abuse all over the world from factory farming, fur farms in China, killing of cats and dogs in Korea, the slaughter of the baby seals in Canada, the Japanese whaling boats and all animals who suffer in laboratories. I will remain a vegetarian and encourage others to do so. Anonymous
Yo haré lo posible para divulgar el Día Mundial de los Animales y la importancia que esto implica sobre todo para nuestros queridos animalitos y para sensibilizar a la gente en su trato hacia ellos, en mi ciudad y en mi entorno ya que por estos sitios no es muy conocido este dia. Leyla Prado
I shall, amongst other things, be giving blankets and dog food to the local dog warden services, who look after dogs that have been lost and who are hopefully retrieved by their staff, who try to unite them once more with their owners, or, failing that, to rehome them with other people. If I possibly can, I shall also attend the now annual service at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral, which is held to honour the wonderful world of animals on this significant day. Ms D B Cowper, West Kirby, UK
I pledge to continue donating financially to PETA, BUAV, WWF, Naturewatch & Dogs Trust. I also have raffle tickets from RSPCA Millbrook in Surrey and sell those to my wonderful neighbours to contribute financially & i also give tinned dog food. I have 2 adopted dogs that i adore. I believe strongly that we humans are here to learn and some of us -unfortunately in very powerful positions – are not learning and we are destroying the Planet and living souls namely animals – in the name of vivisection and money gain by selling animals for their parts – (elephants being killed for Ivory tusks; sharks being killed for soup; dolpins getting caught in nets for tuna etc, etc, etc!). I will continue to take part in demonstrations against any form of neglect towards any animal on our planet. Sarah, Surrey, UK
I plege to upgrade humans on better ways of treating and caring for animals world wide and to be a responsible pet owner/shepherd. Stellaomoarukhe Chiomaidowu, Lagos, Nigeria
The Staff at Donaldson Dunstall pledge to sponsor a cat from Celia Hammond Animal Trust that cannot be re-homed. We also pledge to sponsor a Rabbit Enclosure at Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare for a year and to “feed a duck for a month” through the Raystede scheme. Donaldson Dunstall Solicitors, Bexhill on Sea, UK
I plan to wear my Animal Haven (a low kill animal shelter i volunteer at) Volunteer Shirt to school on October 4th, I am going to Animal Haven tommorrow and will pick up Animal Haven Volunteer information, then keep 4-5 of those in my binder then when people ask me about it I can say “Here’s how” and get the form to them! Then me and my friends will have a Treat/Toy sale for Animal Haven, at the dog park, and between 5-7 when joggers are out! Lauren S. and Friends
I pledge to continue my volunteer work with animals until I am a little old lady and can no longer do so. I currently volunteer at The British Wildlife Rescue Centre in Stafford. My friend and I have recently built a brand new website for the centre which contains details of fundraising events that I have organised in Michaela’s Corner. I also pledge to keep raising money for animal rescue centres and to continue to speak up for animals in need. I promise to remain 100% vegetarian. Visit my website Michaela, Stoke on Trent, UK
i pledge to look after the best guinea pigs in the world, snowy and coco. and i will keep handing out leaflets about the disgusting ways animals are treated!!!!! Lotta Butler, age 12
my pledge is that i will help animals when-ever i can no matter what the animal. Cameron, age 12, Fife, Scotland
I pledge to do as many things i can to help educate and tell as many people everyday, about animals that need our help,
through leaflets, letters to members of parliament and boycott products and companies that are not animal friendly and send donations to animal aid, peta, viva, naturewatch, buav, rspca, the blue cross, and ifaw, and as many other organisations as i can afford.
Neil Hamilton, New Barnet, UK
I am 10 years old and i work at the rspca i love walking the dogs and i pledge to look after them. Joanne
i am a 14 yr old girl, i take dogs for a walk for the elderly and work at a dog home. i would like to do more if i could. Anonymous
I pledge to boycott the Body Shop from now on as they have sold out to a company with no ethical policy regarding animal testing. Please will anyone reading this do the same! Anne-Marie Fraser, Dunfermline, Scotland
i pledge that i will continue telling people about NOT using animal tested ingredients, and keep helping my local bunnycamp sanctuary from where i got my 8 adorable rescue bunnies xx jayne woodward, barnoldswick lancs england
I pledge to be the first kiwi kid to help arrange an event for other New Zealanders to become aware of World Animal Day.I think its fabulous what the kids in the UK and the rest of the world are all doing for earths animals, and what better place to start then at school.!!? As a 9 yr old school councillor I shall introduce some of your ideas at my next meeting, keep up the good work. Penelope Joyce, Avondale, Auckland, NZ
I pledge that i will help animals and give them love they are wonderful things Steve Lawry
I pledge to look after animals all my life as i love them so much. I will always care for them where ever they come from. R Golan
I pledge that I will make a donation to BUAV as soon as I have the money. Also, I pledge to try and find out how I can help the animals with regards to animal testing. It should be stopped. Karen Leney
I promise to show my love, devotion and commitment to animals throughout my life in whatever I do. Kerry Bryan, Gillingham, UK
I work to protect the animals every day, but vow to make World Animal Day extra-special every year for the rest of my life. Julianna Monroe, Auckland, NZ
I pledge to do more for animals than I ever thought I could. I pledge this on this day and every day for the rest of my life. My animals are my life. Laurie Adams, CDT Bully Rescue
we pledge to continue to speak out against animal cruelty at every chance i get. Margo and Louise, UK
I will protest about animal abuses. Christine, UK
I will continue to care for and about all animals – and all creatures – locally, nationally and worldwide, supporting many animal and environmental charities, buying goods not tested on animals and wherever possible encouraging others to do the same. And by buying organic foods and being vegetarian. Also by growing wild plants and flowers and native trees. Jo Spratley, Bucks, UK
I pledge to continue caring for the wildlife that comes into our garden in whatever shape or size, mouse or fox and to feed the birds throughout the year as need demands. I also pledge to continue giving wherever and whenever possible of my time and money to any animal charity that needs my help, I already donate to WWF, Blue Cross, RSPCA, Mare and Foal Sanctuary, Bransby Home of Rest for Horses and others. Jayne Matthews, Bromsgrove, UK
I pledge to work and never give up to achieve my dream of someday becoming an Animal Cop, and saving animals from abusive situations. Jill M, UT, USA
I pledge to continue with PETA & HSUS and dedicate my time & effort to helping and protecting animals. I will try to become 100% vegan as I’m already vegetarian and will teach others about this. I want the people I love to eat better, feel better, and stop supporting industries that abuse animals, too. Happy World Animals Day! God bless! Robyn Potter
This week we are working on making our garden totally wildlife-friendly. Matt & Jenni, Rotherham, UK
I pledge to continue to raise awareness to help end Animal experiments and to continue to boycott Animal tested products (for info I will also volunteer and donate at my local animal sanctuary on the weekends, and to donate to other animal charities and do everything that I can to help animals, including putting food out for them in the Winter. I will also try and become 100% Vegan. Happy World Animal Day! Lauren Hollas, UK
I’m an early years teacher and my Y1 class have been learning about Pets this term. For World Animal Day we are sharing what we have learnt with the whole school in assembly. Kati Banciewicz, London, UK
Me and my Mom will buy cool stuff for Tansy, Oliver and Bounce. Antoinetta Helyn Jansen
For World Animal Day I am buying my kitties some special treats. Emily Jansen, New York
I pledge to look after and look out for my own two cats, Sooty and Mojo.I will also try to stop any animal or insect cruelty that I see and to encourage other children to do the same.
I also promise to give Sooty and Mojo a really special tea on 5th October because it’s their first birthday. My mum works for an animal campaigning organisation and I think that they do a great job! Thanks to everyone who helps the animals.
Billy Dawson, aged 10 (nearly!), UK
I pledge to be more considerate towards animals. I will only buy free range eggs and will try to eat less meat. Helen Cavanagh
At school we’re collecting money for animals and tomorrow we’re going to dress up and Year 5 are doing a play about rain forrest animals. Then when I get home I will take my dog out to play. Carys Rhys-Roberts
I’ve bought my daughter’s dog Charlie a squeaky bone for World Animal Day. But I draw the line at gift-wrapping it! Rhodri Rhys-Roberts, Caerdydd, Wales
I pledge to donate to Cats Protection and Dogstrust, and to do all I can to help animals. Rhiannon Rhys-Roberts, Caerdydd, Wales
I pledge my support to World Animal Day. Andrew Scholes, Cardiff, Wales
I pledge to donate to the Humane Society. I will also learn what I can about caring for dogs. Kathie Kretschmer, Glenwood Springs, CO
I pledge to make a donation to the Humane Society. Jim Kretschmer, Glenwood Springs, CO
I have just sent lovely World Animal Day e-cards to all my friends and my family members. Angelina Kim, Singapore
Il faut lutter pour les droits des animaux! Jean-Baptiste NDIAYE, Senegal
I want to help all animals. I love my rabbits rusty and dusty and weve got chickens that give us eggs and my sisters giunea pig squeaky. Kayleigh
I pledge to help all the species in the world animal and human. I want all things to have a chance of life because it is very important to save the world for the coming generations. Phil Clarke
I pledge to help animals who are in danger. roseanna mcerlean
I pledge to groom my dog Homer every week. Maggie Irvine
I pledge to work to help my environment and the animals within it. Mumtaz Shah, Karachi, Pakistan
I pledge to continue to support peaceful campaigns against cruelty to animals. This can be done by visiting the International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW) website and supporting their campaigns electronically for anyone who is interested in doing so. Kim Rooney
I am going to take advantage of World Animal Day to teach my class (they are two year olds) the importance of taking care of our earth because it is our animal friends’ home. Lee Stanish, West Conshohocken, PA
I promise to continue campaigning for animals in distress by email, letter and other non-violent means. I promise to continue my vegetarian lifestyle, to feed local wildlife and to bring animal issues into discussion with my friends and colleagues, urging them to take action too. Margaret Dearman
I pledge to do all that I can on behalf of all creatures. To speak out for animals at every opportunity and to care for rescued dogs that I am privileged to share my home with, for the rest of my life. Sue Cole
I will love my askal. i do promise promote care and love for animals. Romeo Traqueña
I will be playing my accordion in Wareham (rempstone center) near Poole for as long as possible (I’m disabled) on October 4th World Animal Day, to help raise money to stop the barbaric torture of innocent dogs in the Philippines and Korea. Mr J W Whitehead, Swanage, UK
I pledge to respect every living being, no matter how small, and endeavour to show others by example, to do the same. I pledge to give as much as I can to those who help animals in distress across the world. Rosemary Holt
I pledge to always look out for animals and wildlife by giving to animal charities and volunteering my time in conservation projects. Also to follow in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi – The Patron Saint of Animals. Also to remain a vegetarian for the rest of my days. Kim Rooney
I will be an animal lover for the rest of my life Frances Prestwich
I pledge to discourage my cat from killing mice and birds…I cannot promise, however, to be successful in this. I do promise, however, to do my utmost always to promote care and kindness towards all animals, and to endeavour to always take the animal friendly option. Roberta Wallace
I will do what I can to protect our fragile environment. Martin O’Hanlon, Toronto, Canada
I pleadge to feed the wild birds this winter. Mary O’Hanlon, Toronto, Canada
October the fourth all kneel and pray
To celebrate World Animal Day.
For our own loving pets
We give praise to our vets,
Thanks for the shelters
With staff and helpers.Think of the abandoned shut out in the rain
The fearful animal that cries in pain.
When there’s tragedy rescuers from far and near
Are coaxing the animals who are all in fear.And while our pets have fun in the sun,
Just laze around or nose to the ground,
We think of dogs who work for the Police,
Who guide the blind,
and hearing dogs with these in mind –
there are donkeys that bray and roll in the hay,
Let a disabled child ride, in their own special way.Together we’ll stop the cruelty.
From a car boot sale to a coffee or tea,
Raising funds is the hardest part.
There’s a lot of kind people who all have a heart.
Speak out for the animals, have your say.
Let’s make it work on WORLD ANIMAL DAY!
Miss C Possnett, Altrincham, UK
I pledge to love all animals, to get a job later in life that would help animals in one way or another. I want animals to live without the fear of humans. I want animals to be happy and free, and to be loved. I promise to love my hamster Husky for as long as it takes. I want animals to do what they want and not get their territories invaded by poachers, hunters or animal-killers. I wish humans would leave animals alone, so they could thrive in peace. Rachel Kam, Singapore
I think animals shouldnt be tested on and not be in circuses i think its be banned for ever. loreals products should be withdrawn from supermarkets and binned, and i dont eat meat. We think animals shouldnt be tested on, labs should be pulled down and all the animals rescued and given better lives. I dont agree with Circuses or Zoos, also i dont agree with animal Testing. its so unnessary. what have they done to be treated like that i think its cruel and barbaric. there is no need for animals to suffer. i hope it will be stoped. I will every day endeavour to tell people around me to make them more
aware of animals being used in experiements. also i would like to put an end to experiements and would like to work for a better planet and one thats cruelty free.
Eunice, Bryony, Peter and Katie Powell, Helston, Cornwall, UK
I will write letters to local papers and radio stations to raise awareness of World Animal Day and to draw attention to the Jean Cooper, Dunfermline, Scotland
Here at D for Dog ( we always try to raise awareness of good and kind pet care and ethical treatment of animals. We will tell as many people as we can about World Animal Day via the website and our news letter.
For World Animal Day I aim to get past my phobia of spiders!!!! Antje van leyden, Den Haag, Nederlands
I’m going to volunteer at an animal shelter at weekends!! Laura Eldered, age 13, Cambridge, UK
I will write letters to my local papers to raise public awareness of World Animal Day and encourage readers to get involved by visiting the World Animal Day website. Elaine Jacklin, Nottinghamshire, UK
My partner and I aim to go vegetarian for World Animal Day. Meryl Prylinski, Corpus Christi, TX
I pledge to go through the full 24 hours of Blogathon 200px5 on August 6 in which I’m blogging for the International Fund for Animal Welfare. I plan to donate all sales proceeds of our flower essence blend to I also plan to do all I can to help Jill Moss and to prevent MRSA in pets and people. To that end I also plan to go through all my days helping pets be healthier by educating owners in natural care for their pets. Have a tail waggin’ day! Kim Bloomer,
I promise I will love my cat for always. Fanny Rameau-Martinez, 11 ans, Marseille
I pledge that I work to preserve and protect the wild birds in my environment. Ghislain Rameau-Martinez, Marseille, France
For the next five weeks I will donate Saturdays to helping feed and care for the dogs and cats at Guam Animals In Need (Guam’s only humane society). I also will coodinate plans to promote World Animal Day on Guam. Shirley Miller, Guam
My pledge is to devote myself to preserve endangered animals and the environment. Natalie Yip, Singapore
This year I will volunteer at the spca for the day and play with my cats and dogs more. Megan Rowell, New York
I pledge to work even harder to raise funds, which will help many more animals in need around the UK and abroad. Happy World Animal Day! Lucy Warnes,
I will spend more time with my cat, Ozzie, whom I love dearly. I will also try to raise some money through fundraising events for animal protection centres. Ajie Amir, Malaysia
This year I am volunteering to help the Queensland Animal Protection League Marc G. Queensland, Oz
This year I will give my dog a huge hug and lots of treats! Kirsten, Australia
I am a member of the Australia Koala Foundation,I am horrified at the destruction of their natural habitat,so that more houses can be built.My pledge is to target as many government officials as possible to protest about this. Janice Mackenzie, Australia
I pledge to continue to spread the word about and donate to aminals that are suffering worldwide. I will be the animals voice. Anniearth, South-East UK
We will put some bird boxes, and hedgehog hotels outside, plant some meadow seeds for the butterflies and help to make a haven for wildlife Dawn Lewis
Happy World Animal Day, everyone! It’s a beautiful day so I’m taking my dogs out for an extra long walk in the woods. Claire Addison, Ilkley
I will feed my cat vegetarian catfood today, oct 4.
(Back to rabbit, fowl and fish tomorrow……)
Martin, Netherlands
I have been disabled for many years but I will be playing my accordion in the town of Wareham, Dorset, in the pedestrian precinct, as I have done fore many years, to raise money to help stop the terrible animal cruelty and torture all over the world. J.W. Whitehead, Swanage, Dorset, U.K.
We will continue to work hard to monitor, study and protect badgers throughout County Durham. We will welcome new members to our group. (Contact us via Durham Wildlife Trust.) Graham Temby (Chairman: Durham County Badger Group)
I pledge to love and adore all animals forever and my doors will remain open for any creature no matter how big or small they are when they are in need or are just simply lost for the night. Animal welfare has always been my passion and i endeavour to build my future around animal rescue and wildlife conservation Sean Doherty
I pledge to always be there for any animal that needs my help. and to do all i can to make this a better world for all Gods creatures. big and small. Pearl
I will every day endeavour to raise awareness of those around me of the ways in which we can all help reduce animal suffering and work towards a cruelty free world. I pledge also to stick 100% to my vegan diet. name not supplied
I pledge to give a donation to The Donkey Sanctuary, my thoughts will be with all the donkeys of the world. Tom, Fife
I will give my hamster jasper loads of cuddles and kisses and a nice treat and give jess my friends dog an extra cuddle chris lathan
I pledge to only buy products not tested on animals using my Compassionate Shopping Guide. I will spread the word about WAD and carry on my work as a Vet Nurse to help and support animals. Kate Adkins, Cheltenham
i promise froum the bottom of my heart i will pamper my dog bonnie on robyn fox asington england
I will make it a wonderful day for all the animals in my St.Francis of Assisi Sanctuary in Abadiania, Brassilia, Brasil. I will also go and rescue live chickens in crates in the market meant for that days dinners in the village, about 30 chickens put in small crates in intense heat, it will be a good day for them!!!! E mail me, or, look at my
website, on the St. Francis of Assisi page, and see some of the dear sweet animals rescued and now safe for ever in the Sanctuary!
Phyllis Bennett, St. Francis of Assisi Animal Sanctuary
i will give my rabbit two rabbit treats and stroke her for ages!
i love animals so much!!!!!!!
Tom Ram
For World Animal Day I am going to put posters around my town so that more people can get involved. But also I will be pampering my cat the whole day brushing and grooming her. Georgina Ristich, aged 11
I will be nice to my cat Richard, aged 6
I will pledge to give my local shelter money, not food, because that’s what they need most. Not to use brands from companies that test on animals (Info via PETA). To respect the needs of animals, exercise, time, patience and sometimes peace and quiet from humans! Lilly B, UK
We may not be able to change the world, but together we can make a world of difference for animals in rescue centres everywhere. Lesley, Warren Lodge Rabbit Rescue, Essex, UK
We at The Donkey Sanctuary will think and pray for all the 59 million donkeys and mules working throughout the world particularly in developing countries. Alison Stephens,
Me and my sister Daisy are going to help my dad make a pond in the garden so we can have lots of frogs and dragonfly’s next year. Daniel Laird (aged 8), Kirkcaldy, Fife
For the launch of World Animal Day I intend to hold a coffee morning on October 4th and donate the proceeds to Naturewatch. Good luck with the venture. I do hope World Animal Day in the UK becomes an annual event. Mrs Eileen Finchley, Cardigan
My pledge for World Animal Day is to take my niece to the Barn Owl Centre and to explore conservation ideas with her. Thanks to all the people around the world who are supporting this important event. Suzanne Savage, Malvern, Worcestershire
My pledge is to one day go abroad as a volunteer to help in a conservation programme for tortoises or turtles as these are endangered species. Susan Clark, Warwick
I promise to donate some tins of catfood to 5 Valleys cat rescue. Rob Woodside, Stroud, Gloucestershire
I pledge to continue to provide good and varied nightly food for the family of foxes that visit our garden at the same appointed hour each evening. Darren Warburton, Cheshire
I will cook an animal free meal for my meat eating friends to show them how delicious and healthy their lives could be if they went veggie. I will also donate some petfood to my local animal sanctuary. Kerry Bennett, Press Officer for The Vegetarian Society
4 October is our daughter Rhiannon’s eighth birthday, so we’ve decided to have an animal-themed party for her. Kids will have animal masks and a cat shaped cake, and we’ve got someone coming to make animal balloon sculptures. And we’re going to collect for the RSPCA from the mums & dads! Eleri & Mike Thomas, Aberystwyth
Its my birthday and its a Saturday so me and my friends are going to give some of our pocket money to the RSPCA at my party. Rhiannon Thomas, Aberystwyth, 7 years
I run my own website ( on which (website & newsletter) I’ll let all my subscribers know about World Animal Day 200px3 to increase the awareness of animal issues. Similar to this pledge board I have set up a forum for the visitors of my website to post what they are intending to do to make World Animal Day 200px3 a huge success. In addition with every email I send I point out that we are celebrating this special day on the 4th October and invite them to get more info. Thank you to all of you who are supporting World Animal Day 200px3! Marcus Wommer, Dublin, Ireland
I’ve just been reading about WAD in Child Education magazine. I have a new Year 1 class starting soon and our first topic is going to be Pets. Hopefully later in the term we’ll see some of our work up on your website? The children will be thrilled to bits. Kati Banciewicz, London
My pledge for World Animal Day to set up a fund raising event for the local animal shelters in the area t school, and to provide information to students about animal cruelty in both domestic and exotic animals, provide adoption leaflets for many different animals across the globe and an information leaflet on what else they can do to help. Jemma Able, Jersey C.I.
I want to pledge that my friends and I at Warwick University will forego our usual Friday night session of pints, vodka and wild women and, with the money saved, will buy some cat and dog food for our local animal shelter. Matt and friends, Warwick University
I intend to donate extra food to the local cats and dogs shelter in my home town. Sponsor a wild animal through an animal sponsor charity. Continue to write and campaign on animal welfare to prominent political figures in UK and rest of world. Julie Harris-Worthington, Rugby, Warwickshire
I pledge to continue to send emails protesting about animal abuse, and to continue to collect signatures on animal rights petitions, and sell raffle tickets for animal charities. Sanya Preston
I will continue to collect used stamps to sell in support of Thornberry Animal Sanctuary near Sheffield. Since my letter was printed in the Daily Mirror asking for used stamps to be sent to me, I have raised in the region of £2,000 Janet Wood, Retford, Nottinghamshire
Together Endal and I will promote the very special bond that can be created between Human and Animal. Maybe people will appreciate animals as four legged humans and respect them as equals. All animals are capable of loving us unconditionally and if one could bottle this love, it would be a cure all the world’s evils. Together our voices can make a difference, lets be heard!! Allen and Endal
I will be playing my accordion throughout the day at the pedestrian precint in Wareham, Dorset. All contributions will be sent to help stop the horrendous torture of innocent dogs and cats in Korea and the Phillipines. J.W.Whitehead – Swanage, Dorset
Byerley Park School will be celebrating World Animal Day in lots of ways:
Our Book Fair Week takes place during the week starting the 29th Sept. The overall theme through the infants school is wild animals
There will be a fancy dress competition on Friday 3rd October. All infant children are to dress up as wild animals.
Our fund raising charity event will this year raise funds for the RSPCA.
Wall displays throughout the school will depict wild animals and pets.
Byerley Park School, Newton Aycliffe
I will dress up for World Animal Day Braddley Atkinson, aged 6years
For WAD i am going to donate the day to my pet hamster and sign as many petitions/write letters to people telling my views on animal cruelty etc and will definately get involved in more animal charities Danielle Thompson age 13
I pledge to volunteer my services at the zoo and to help out the animal shelter by joining their fund raising activities. On World Animal Day, i would spend the day playing with my dogs and baking them their favorite cookies. Leah Rempillo, Manila, Philippines
We pledge that our class assembly will have the theme of animals. We will try to make people think more about animals and how we should love animals and appreciate them. We can’t do our assembly on World Animal Day it must be on Friday 10th October but before then we pledge to talk about and think about animals at home and with our friends especially on World Animal Day on Saturday 4th October. Year 4 at St Edmunds R.C. Primary School Calne Wilts
For world animal day i am going to do a sponsored horse ride and give all the money raised to the rspca. Jemima Cox
I will make hamster toys. Alice
I promise to be kind to all animals – even spiders! Naomi Rathold
To love and care for all animals and not to eat, drink or wear them! Hazel
I will be nice to animals. Catherine
To look after my cat the best I can. Sophie Ford
Not to use L’Oreal products. Jenny
Make sure my dog gets fed. Naomi Hughes age 11
Clean out my guinea pigs so my mum don’t have to do it. Tara Vye age 10
Give Amanda’s smelly dog a bath! Jim Prout age 30
Take my dog for a long walk (for once). Amanda Kinsey age 21
My pledge is to look after my dog very well and feed the birds. Miss E Wilkinson, Wakefield
My pledge is to look after my cat, rabbit, guinea pig and goldfish. H Nial
My pledge is to become vegan forever. Bob, Mary, Chris and Vick Bonner, Wakefield
My pledge is to look after my dog more. Marcus Craig
I will give up Sunny Delight. Megan Rowell
My pledge is to not take HRT which is made from horses urine. Ann Malwright
My pledge is to introduce children to compassion and kindness to all animals. Also on understanding of animals minds. H Clark, The Reddings, Cheltenham
Complete Freedom for all animals M Weir, GL5 2AW
We will continue to raise much needed funds for NCDL throughout the rest of 200px3 and 200px4. Kevin & Gemma, River Leys, Cheltenham
My pledge is to one day swim with dolphins. Jessica Wilson, Bledington
I pledge to clean my pets out. April Parker age 11
I pledge to shop and buy untested products. Cleo Price age 14
I will spend 1 hour with my friends cat. Rob Sallis age 14
Not to buy products that have been tested on animals and not to eat meat, ever. Katie O’Grady age 15
Not to keep animals in zoos Kerry Spargo age 15
To buy only products that have not involved animal use/testing Helen Sheppard
Take my dog out for longer walks Naomi Hughes age 11
Make some toys for my kittens Tara Vye age 10
Although I am a horse owner, I totally disagree with hunting. I get far more enjoyment out of everday hacking – totally no need for bloodsport. N Gallagher, Preston, Paignton, Devon
I am an animal lover and I used to go horse riding and I totally disagree with hunting it is not needed. S Plumridge, Paignton, Devon
Hit the capitalists in their pocket! Only buy products that have not inflicted cruelty on animals. Ask embarrassing question in shops eg. Has this product been tested on animals? Mary-Lynne Durrell
I am a vegetarian and believe animals have souls like us humans. Caroline Sheeham, Exeter, Devon
I hate people that test products on animals, it’s really cruel. Cania Dante, Torquay, Devon. Age 9.
I pledge to continue to raise the profile of all animal issues to let others know. The rest of my life will be dedicated to this. Animals deserve better than what they get. Nichola Low, Fife, Scotland
Want to make it better for them. I will strive to do this and will continue to rescue animals and look after my feral cats. My family will always stand up for the rights of animals and promote kindness to all the animal kingdom. We believe animals are higher spiritual beings than us. Jane Clark, Fife, Scotland.
I promise to help any animals by donation and any other way possible as we are animal lovers. Mrs Velma Ward, Fife, Scotland
I pledge to take care of our seven rescued cats. The have given us so much unconditional love. Andy Low, Fife, Scotland.
I pledge to keep all animals best I can, and take care of my cat – she is a little ‘sweetie’. Jeanette Keddie, Fife, Scotland
I pledge to help my mother with her campaigns to highlight the plight of whales, dolphins and dogs and cats in Korea. Nichola Reed, Fife, Scotland
I pledge to help my wife with her seven rescued cats and anything else I can do. Andy Low, Fife, Scotland
I went to school dressed as a shark as we had fancy dress, it was class i loved it. raising money for animals was good. it is kind to choose pet from a rescue home rather than a pet shop. Kai waters
My pledge is that i will talk about animals all day. On the 10th October my class will do an Assembly Amy Flynn
On world animal day I will spend time playing with my cats . Give them treets and it is my oldest cats birthday Silvester and youngest cat fluffy. Sian Tamar Morgan Calne