2011 Event Reports Africa

Here are a selection of reports and images of some of the World Animal Day Events that took place this year. On behalf of the animals with whom we share this planet, I thank everyone who participated and helped to make animal welfare issues front page news around the globe!
Location: TANZANIA – Dar es Salaam

Events: 3-Day Free Spay/Neuter and Veterinary Treatment Camp

Hosted by: TAWESO (Tanzania Animal Welfare Society)

Tanzania Animal Welfare Society hosted eleven American Volunteers under World Vets who helped suffering animals in Dar es Salaa as part of the World Animal Day celebrations. The team provided three days free veterinary services at outreach clinics which also included capturing stray animals, sterilizing them, giving rabies vaccinations, de-worming and providing any additonal veterinary care that was necessary such as for skin conditions and transmissible venereal tumours. It was a very busy three days during which a total of 173 animals were treated. Click here to read the full report and view images [pdf]. Dr Thomas W Kahema.

Location: TANZANIA – Dar es Salaam

Events: World Animal Celebration / Animal Welfare Act Seminar

Hosted by: TSPCA

World Animal Day (WAD) 2011 for Tanzania Mainland was commemorated at national level in Dar es Salaam on the Mnazi Mmoja Grounds on the 4th October 2011. The 2011 celebrations were special in that they included events that are relevant for the 50 years of Tanzania’s Independence from Britain in 1961.
Image right: Hon. Dr David Mathayo
unveiling the TSPCA
SP with TSPCA Chairman Dr Sinare.In this later regard, the Tanzania Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (TSPCA) that was in existence at Independence was asked to host the event and use that platform to popularize its activities in animal welfare. The event was preceded on the 3rd of October by a Seminar of the Media , Police and the Judiciary people to appraise the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) Cap 154 and its subsidiary legislation with the objectives of promoting its enforcement.World Animal Day was thus very successful in that it managed to attract the Minister responsible for livestock development Hon Dr. David Mathayo MP, Minister for Livestock and Fisheries Development who graced the occasion as the Guest of Honour. The following animal welfare organizations – World Society for Protection of Animals (WSPA), Tanzania Animal Welfare Society (TAWESO) and the Police Force Dogs & Horse Section participated and made the occasion colorful.Besides animal welfare enthusiasts, the event also attracted press media and music celebrities. The Msondo Ngoma Dance Band entertained everyone and a renowned TV Presenter from ITV, Gideon Gondwe, was the Master of Ceremony. Gideon Gondwe was awarded as Newsman of the Year reporting on Animal Welfare Issues for the part he played in airing a very moving story of a human baby that was raised for more than one year by a monkey that was mistakenly killed by the game authorities when trying to rescue the baby from the monkey. This was a sensational TV story that raised the profile of animal welfare in 2010 in Tanzania.In addition, World Animal Day was also blessed to have the following colorful events:• Police Dogs In-action Show in apprehending willing and unwilling offenders, in drug sniffing and other uses including a dogs parade with their Instructors;• Horse ride;• School Children Talk Show and Prose’s;• Women Groups Procession;• Chief Guest Speech.

The TSPCA used the occasion to launch its website and Strategic Plan 2011-2015 and detail its life history during the 50 years since independence.

The WAD Ambassador is very grateful to the Minister Hon. Dr. David Mathayo David (MP) for raising the profile of caring for the animals in the country. Also the TV Media-ITV, TBC, Channel Ten and Star TV gave very good coverage of the event on the day itself and those that followed. I am grateful to them as well and the TSPCA and TAWESO that continued with treatment and vaccination camps during the week 7 -11 October that were well received by the community.

Last but not least, the participation, logistic and financial support of the WSPA Africa Region Office is highly acknowledged. Dr. Mohammed M.Bahari,
WAD Ambassador Tanzania Mainland.

Police dog demonstration Police dog parade
Seminar Police dogs
TSPCA members dancing to Msondo Ngoma Dance Band Police horse demonstration

Location: SOUTH AFRICA – Gauteng, Johannesburg

Events: Fun Run/Walk 4 The Animals

Hosted by: The Society for Animal in Distress

We held a Fun Run/Walk for the third consecutive year celebrating World Animal Day on Sunday 16 October 2011 at our premises, The Paddocks in Midrand.We had over 300 participants with their four-legged companions in all shapes and sizes. It was a hot, sunny day and the dogs took full advantage of the ‘doggy watering hole’ by not only drinking the water but immersing themselves to cool off!The local Run Walk for Life (RWFL) organization helped us with the logistics and a card initiative called ‘MyPlanet’ donated R 10 000.00 towards our charity which will be used for medicines and sterilizations. Beverley Richards,
Corporate and Media.

Location: SUDAN

Events: Lobbying, Workshop, Rabies Vaccination Campaign, Awareness

Hosted by: Sudanese Animal Care

Although animals play an important role in our economy, their welfare is sadly neglected and viewed unimportant by both the government and people of Sudan.This is the reason Sudanese Animal Care was established: to begin tackling the tremendous obstacles that we face to improve the welfare of animals here in Sudan. Celebrating World Animal Day each year is a wonderful way to draw attention to the many animal welfare issues that are of great concern to us.This year we celebrated this special day with the following programme:1. We wrote to Members of Parliament lobbying them for the introduction of animal protection legislation.

2. We requested that the authorities help to prevent animal cruelty.

3. We organised a workshop for teachers and local leaders to enable them to play a vital role in protecting animals.

4. We held a rabies vaccination campaign.

5. We distributed animal welfasre posters and leaflets.

Mustafa Bakrawi, World Animal Day Ambassador.

Location: NIGERIA

Events: Street Walk 4 The Animals and School Educational Days, Talk, Rabies Prevention Awareness, media interviews

Hosted by: Ruvela

We organised the following activities for World Animal Day:Street Walk for the Animals; visits to schools to teach the children to love and care for animals; a talk by a vet about how to handle animals and the prevention of rabies; our Chairman gave media interviews, World Animal Day celebration. Steve Omoarukhe, Ruvela.

Location: SOUTH AFRICA – Cape Town

Events: Awareness Campaign: No fun without your best friend

Hosted by: Cape of Good Hope SPCA

SPCA dog adoptions rocket as more Capetonians agree there’s no fun without your best friend.
The Cape of Good Hope SPCA and Hill’s Pet Nutrition celebrated with a 290% increase in the number of dogs adopted from the SPCA during the month of September, thanks to their “No fun without your best friend” awareness campaign.
Image right: Leseqo Letsholo with son Leneo and SPCA’s Toffee. The awareness campaign, which has been supported by dozens of well-known South Africans, celebrities and media personalities since it was launched at the end of August, aimed to encourage Capetonians to adopt rather than buy a dog.Driven mainly through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the campaign aimed to dispel myths around adoption and highlight the benefits of adopting from the 139 year old animal welfare organisation, which each year admits thousands of stray and surrendered dogs.Image left: Emir Jacobs with Dennis and Ellie.“In the past month we attracted almost 500 new Facebook fans and the number of people following us on Twitter has grown by 250%”, said Sarah Scarth, Communications Manager. “This increased online activity has directly resulted in more animals finding loving new homes and demonstrated the power of social networking in improving the lives of animals”, she said.“What’s so encouraging is that many more people than a month ago have had their eyes opened to how many awesome dogs there are at the SPCA and even if they aren’t ready to adopt now, we are hopeful that if they ever do, they will choose to come to us first”, said Sarah.One of the first people to get on board was Technical Advisor to the Springboks, Rassie Erasmus, who said after his visit to the SPCA in Grassy Park: “You have to get down to the SPCA and see the number of amazing dogs they have available for adoption – it really isn’t a sad place at all and all the dogs are so well socialised and would make great family pets”.Image right: Rassie Erasmus and his daughters Nikki and Carli with SPCA’s Jonty, Daisy and Puddles.Others who gave the campaign their endorsement and helped raise awareness through Twitter and Facebook included Western Cape Premier Helen Zille, Jo-Ann Strauss, Roxy Louw, Roland Schoeman, Jacqui and Jeremy Mansfield, Kurt Schoonraad, Ryan O’Connor and the Kfm Breakfast team, GoodHope fm’s Nigel Pierce and Gareth Cliff and Sias du Plessis from 5fm, to name a few. Image leftt: Goodhope fm’s Nigel Pierce and Sandra Rosenberg with SPCA staff, adopters and their dogs at the Goodhope fm studios.
Image below: Soli Philander with Tia.
So effective has the campaign been that Hill’s Pet Nutrition South Africa’s marketing manager, Carla Bath went a step beyond confirming her company’s support for the campaign by being one of the first to adopt a dog, Daisy, from the CoGH SPCA. “The Hill’s SPCA Adopt a Dog campaign is very close to my heart. When you give a rescued pet a second chance at love, you start off thinking ‘how lucky they are’ and as they charm their way into your heart and family you realise ‘how lucky am I”, she says.

Lamees Martin,
Communication and Resource Development.

Location: MOROCCO – Rabat, Tangier, Khemisset, Khenifra, Midelt, Casablanca, Oulad Had Frej, Chemaia, Marrakech

Events: 9 Educational Events countrywide

Hosted by: SPANA Morocco

As every year, SPANA of Morocco celebrated World Animal Day 2011 by organizing the following activities at its 9 centres throughout the country.Open House and Awareness Activities:During the week of 3 to 7 October 2011, the public and especially school groups and associations for children with special needs visited the centres and participated in various activities that had been organized.Education Program:

For the benefit of the school groups visiting our centres explained the work of SPANA;
distributed a booklet about the five basic needs of animals; encouraged the development of empathy towards animals and explained ways the children can contribute to improving the welfare of animals.
The day also provided an opportunity for children to approach the pets being cared for at our centres: dogs, cats, donkeys, horses, mules, guinea pigs, rabbits … A total of 700 students, teachers and members of the public participated in our Education programmes.

Sterilization of dogs and cats:

This program took place over the week of 3 to 7 October 2011, during which 120 dogs and cats were sterilized. This action was attended by veterinary students (fifth and sixth year) of the Agronomic and Veterinary Institute Hassan II.

Participation in a radio progamme:
Professor Hassan Alyakina (Centre Manager, SPANA, Casablanca) was the guest of the radio show “Sabah Albaida” (The morning Casablanca) broadcast live on radio RTM Casablanca, October 4, 2011 at 9:30 am and led by Ms. Raja Bousetta journalist. This interview was an opportunity to inform the public of the World Animal Day, and the objectives and activities of SPANA.

Location: EGYPT – El Kodaya Village

Events: Donkey Awareness Day / Best Kept Donkey Competition

Hosted by: Donkey Sanctuary & SPWDME

The Donkey Sanctuary’s partner organisation SPWDME (the Society for the Protection and Welfare of Donkeys and Mules in Egypt) organised an awareness day and ‘best donkey’ competition in El Kodaya village, one of the locations the teams visit regularly to treat donkeys and educate owners.The event brought together about 350 donkey owners, local vets and members of the government veterinary department, an education official, high-profile members of the community, guest representatives from The Brooke, and about 150 donkeys.The ‘best donkey’ competition was well-publicised in advance and as a result owners began competing to improve the condition of their animals, weeks before the event. Vets from The Brooke and members of the community helped the Donkey Sanctuary judge the ‘best donkey’ competition, which was assessed not just on the donkey’s health and condition but also on the owner’s knowledge of, and relationship with, his donkey.Donkey Sanctuary vet Shaaban Fayez noted that the competition sparked a lot of interest and enthusiasm among owners. “There was positive peer pressure between the donkey users to win. The donkeys users were chatting to one another about the needs of donkeys, they were talking proudly about what they are doing for their donkeys, sharing their local their existing knowledge,” he said.

“On this day there were donkey users – adults, children, and women – local service providers – farriers, private vets, government vets – and decision makers. All of them were in the same place with just one goal: the donkey, how we can help the donkey and make a positive impact on its life.”

Location: ETHIOPIA – Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar, Tigray, Hawassa

Events: Awareness Days / Colourful Processions / School Events / University Events

Hosted by: Donkey Sanctuary

The Donkey Sanctuary has project bases in four regions of Ethiopia, and all four celebrated World Animal Day with events on the day itself and during the week before.In the capital, Addis Ababa, the Donkey Sanctuary was involved in two days of events. On October 7th the Addis Ababa school of veterinary medicine held a large event at its compound, with donkey owners, veterinary professionals and students, and members of the college community. Animals were fed and watered and donkey owners were interviewed by the local media. The day also included panel discussions, speeches by members of the Debre Zeit team and the veterinary college, and performances by veterinary students.On October 9th, animal welfare club students from the Donkey Health and Welfare Project and SPANA project joined local scouts and a group from SPANA in a colourful procession from the Lion Zoo to the College of Natural Sciences. The marchers represented the colours of the Ethiopian flag, with the scouts in green, the Donkey Sanctuary club members in yellow, and the SPANA group in red. Members of the Ethiopia Circus Club also participated, wearing animal masks. Inside the college, there were several speeches and presentations. The event was covered on television and received good feedback from the community. See image above right.In Bahir Dar, in the Amhara region, the Donkey Sanctuary team organised a procession of cart mules and their owners, plus school children, students and local officials. 500 people and 300 mules made their way through the main street of the city to Meskel Square for speeches and presentations.

After an address by Dr Teshome Worku from The Donkey Sanctuary, there was a moving speech by the owner of a cart mule, who said the animal had served him for 20 years. Anynew Sinte, the owner, told the crowd, “I didn’t have anything before, but now I have a well-furnished house, I sent my children to school, I have a decent life with my family, and this is all because of Hulubanchi”. The name of the mule in Amharic means, “It’s all because of you”. He said Hulubanchi had been able to serve him for such a long time because he looked after her well, and he advised other cart drivers to follow his example. The mule, now enjoying her retirement, was adorned with a garland of flowers and Anynew was given a prize. Three other cart mule owners who also look after their animals in an exemplary way were also given prizes.

The event, including an interview with Dr Teshome, was covered on the national news.

Teshome said, “It was such a successful event. School children preached kindness to animals, university students shouted out on behalf of animals, cart drivers promised to offer better care for their mules and the Donkey Sanctuary’s element in Amhara brought the values of working animals in to attention of all the concerned.

In the Tigray region, the Donkey Sanctuary joined forces with Mekelle University college of veterinary medicine. Activities included a parade through the city, involving 271 donkeys, mules and horses, and two animal treatment and public awareness sessions, carried out in nearby towns by vets from the Donkey Sanctuary and the college of veterinary medicine.

There was also a public event involving a local school, whose pupils performed songs, dramas and poems with an animal welfare theme. The events received a lot of coverage on local radio, including several interviews and live discussions involving the Donkey Sanctuary’s regional project leader Hagos Yhidego.

Image above right: Schoolchildren in Adigudem town, Tigray region, demonstrating their dedication to animal welfare.

In Hawassa, in the SNNPRS region, the Donkey Sanctuary team carried out a ‘Feed the Donkeys’ outdoor event at a working site near the local market. They were joined by a group of VSO volunteers from the UK and members of the local animal welfare committee. About 75 donkeys were given food and water, and their owners were given advice on their care. They also took part in a big march through the city, involving members of local government departments, 300 scouts, animal welfare club members from primary schools, and some donkeys owned by a local man, which had been cured of epizootic lymphangitis by the Donkey Sanctuary’s vets. Hawassa project leader Asmamaw Kassaye said, “The main roads of Hawassa were closed for the march and this took many people by surprise – they asked, ‘Is all this for animals?’”

Location: SOUTH AFRICA- Swellendam

Events: Walk-a-thon

Hosted by: Swellendam SPCA

On Saturday 8 October SPCA Swellendam held their annual Walk-a-Thon. Some people walked without their dogs but most took their canine companions along on the 3km or 6 km walk. Piet Smit did the 6 km route in his wheelchair!We are grateful to Hoek’s Toyota who sponsored the printing of advertisements and Spar for donating bottled water for walkers. Raffles prizes were donated by Rooiklip Nursery (cycad plant) and Indraf (wonderful enormous cake).Dog prizes were sponsored by Montego Dogfood and SSK and dog owners’ prizes by Clay’s Pot, Wimpy, PNA Stationers, Compu Games, Penny Lane Framing, Four Gardens Nursery and Estralitia Weyers.Cathy Alexander and Sue Whybrow organised the tea-garden and we extend grateful thanks to them and those who baked or donated cakes for the event. Johan Kriek and Josef Fielies of the Drostdy Museum were most helpful as were SPCA members Sandra and Chris Perold, Committee members and SPCA Staff. Last but not least thanks to SAPS and the Swellendam Traffic Department.

Jane Walker,
Chairperson SPCA Swellendam DBV

Location: SOUTH AFRICA – Cape Town

Events: Library Educational Program

Hosted by: People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (SA)

The PDSA concentrates on the care and wellbeing of all animals. The PDSA (SA) is a welfare veterinary health care service provider – much like a welfare hospital for people – with the differences being that our clients are animals whose owners cannot afford private veterinary healthcare.We are dependent on our own fundraising activities and do not receive any government funding. To raise sufficient funding to cover all our veterinary costs it is necessary for the PDSA to engage in various fundraising activities.We were invited by the Woodstock Library in Cape Town to participate in an educational programme held at their premises on 4th October 2011. Thirty children from various schools attended ranging from Grade 0 to Grade 7.We put together a “goody bag” for each child, including information on animal care and a bag of treats. We also had our resident, PDSA mascot, Sadie with us. She is good natured and loves children. They could pat her and interact, whilst listening to the teaching.

The entire afternoon was devoted to teaching the children on how to care for their animals, as well as encouraging sterilization. We spent much time on answering questions and this interaction between our presenters, Melanie Daniels (Marketing and Fundraising Manager) and Arthur George (Hospital Supervisor) was extremely positive, leading us to believe, that they had learnt much and were now willing to apply it too. We also find that our education programme has a ripple effect, as the children share this information with their parents, friends and piers, bringing more awareness, more effectively. A great an informative World Animal Day was enjoyed by all. Melanie Daniels.


Events: Official Opening of New Shelter/Free Sterilization & Treatment/Educational Campaign in Schools & Social Centres

Hosted by: Protection of Animal Welfsre Society (PAWS)

This year PAWS celebrated World Animal Day at its new refuge and clinic in Belle-Rive. Our field work team was in the Belle Rive area going door to door carrying out treatment for ticks, fleas and mange and our vets were kept busy sterilising as well as other treatments for dogs and cats. We carried out humane education programmes in schools focusing upon teaching responsible pet ownership. Neha, PAWS education coordinator, also organised a ‘Children’s Education Corner’ at our new centre. On Saturday 8th October we held a very successful Adoption Day at our new centre. More to follow with some images.

Location: EGYPT – Cairo

Events: Conference

Hosted by: Cairo University – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

To celebrate World Animal Day, The Egyptian Society For Animal Management ESAM (Prof. Dr. Rabie Fayed, Chairman), and The Faculty of Veterinary Science (Prof. Dr. Fathy Farouk, Dean), once again organized an Animal Welfare Educational Day to educate the students, especially the new undergraduate students (Level 1),about animal welfare.

Location: KENYA – Nairobi

Events: Walk: Be Kind to Animals – A Humane World, A Better World

Hosted by: Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW)

The Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW), spearheaded the National cerebrations in Nairobi Kenya. The theme for the 2011 celebrations was ‘Be Kind to Animals: A Humane World, A Better World.’ Participants were drawn from our volunteers, Wildlife Clubs of Kenya, Local universities (Kenyatta University, University of Nairobi – Main, Kikuyu, Kabete campuses), Kenya Wildlife Service, Dagoreti Youth Network among others stakeholders.Between 400 and 500 people turned up for a 7-kilometre walk along the main streets of Nairobi, to express their gratitude for the value animals add to their lives and to express their solidarity with the global animal welfare movement that works to shield animals from unnecessary suffering.Those who took part in the procession were owners, activists, environmentalists, artists, students, educators as well as Kenyans of all walks of life. They carried banners and posters and wore T-shirts with messages aimed to sensitize members of the public about the need to adopt a change of attitude in order to lessen the suffering of animals and to appreciate the vital roles that animals play in promoting livelihoods and enriching human existence.


Dark cloud

However, the day was celebrated in Kenya under a ‘dark cloud’ since runaway poaching of elephants and rhinos for trophies, as well as rampant killing of animals for bush meat, have become a national crisis. During the event, ANAW made press releases and announcements that bore horrifying poaching data acquired from the Kenya Wildlife Service a day before the event. The data had the following details:

• Out of about 300 rhinos remaining in Kenya, 21 of them were killed last year.

• As many as 187 elephants were killed in the same period. As an indication of how glaring poaching of elephants had become, KWS had recovered over 2,800 kilos of illegal ivory while Kenya’s President, Mwai Kibaki burnt more than 335 pieces of ivory and 41,000 ivory trinkets that were confiscated from Singapore in July 2011. The torching of the ivory was Kenya’s way of showing disgust over the partial lifting of the international trade in ivory by CITES two years ago.

• As far as poaching for bush meat is concerned, KWS recovered as much as 78,155 kilos of wild game meat in 2010.

Media Coverage

http://www.cncworld.tv/Lifestyles/v_show/18711_5.shtml http://www.cncworld.tv/news/v_show/18833_World_Animal_Day.shtml http://www.dailymotion.com/relevance/search/ruth+baru/1




jpg. newspaper cutting – The People October 10

Samuel Theuri,
Ag. Head of Programs

Flagging off by DVS, Dr. Julius Kariuki. Speech by Mr Joshphat Ngonyo
Speeches at Uhuru Park

Location: NIGERIA

Events: Talk by Vet / Rabies Prevention / Media Interview / Special Celebration

Hosted by: Ruvela

A number of activities were organized by Ruvela including:1. Talk by Vet about how to handle and care for pets.2. Talk about Rabies and how it should be prevented.3. Chairman interviewed by media about animal cruelty in Nigeria.

4. Members of Pet Lovers Club special celebration.

Location: TANZANIA – Dar es Salaam


Hosted by: Tanzania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (TSPCA)

In collaboration with animal advocates at Mnazi Mmoja in Dar es Salaam, we held World Animal Day celebrations. Opening the event, Ministor for Livestock and Fisheries Development, Mr David Mathayo warned people who torture livestock when transporting them. He said that people found guilty would be face fines of 20,000/ t0 100,000/- or be sent to jail for a month. More to follow.

Location: ETHIOPIA – Addis Ababa

Events: ‘Walk for the Animals’

Hosted by: SAW in conjunction with other organisations

WAD 2011 was celebrated by the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), Brooke-Ethiopia, The Donkey Sanctuary, SPANA-Ethiopia, Ethiopian National Veterinary Institute, Addis Ababa University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Addis Ababa University Faculty of Science, Ethiopian Veterinary Association, Born Free, Society of Animal Welfare (SAW), animal kindness clubs/nature clubs, other organizations dealing with animals and animal friends. We were delighted to gain the support and participation of the Ministry of Agriculture this year.We used the occasion to highlight animal health and welfare problems, as well collecting ‘Animals Matter to Me’ petition signatures, humane education, creating public awareness by distributing banners, brochures, posters, other displays, making discussion and transmitting messages on available print and electronic media. 

Highlights of the events at different sites and different days in Ethiopia

1. An organized walk was held in Addis Ababa with the attendance of the above mentioned participants and many others. We met in the morning at Sidist Kilo near the Lion Zoo and then marched about 2km to Arat Kilo displaying different banners, placards and banners about WAD, Animals Matter to Me (Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare), and animal welfare issues. Young children, animal kindness club members and Boy/Girl scouts were singing and chanting. The procession was led by circus children forming animated figures of a giraffe and a human being.

The rendezvous at the lion’s zoo signifies animal welfare concern for domestic, wild, experimental and water borne animals. We used this opportunity to highlight the captive lions at the Lions Zoo. They have been kept for a very long time in this place which makes them different than their wild relatives and hence require special care.

After the walk, there were talks and discussions for more than two hours at the Addis Ababa University Faculty of Science Conference Hall by the WAD Ambassador, event organizers, student representatives from animal kindness clubs, veterinary schools and boy/girl scouts. This discussion was opened by the Director of the Extension Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture, the guest of honour for the occasion. Most speakers emphasised the significance of WAD and the need for improving animal welfare and animal productivity for bringing economic development in Ethiopia.

2. A large number of equines received animal health and welfare services at Debre Zeit, Addis Ababa University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Equine clinics organized by The Donkey Sanctuary and SPANA-Ethiopia. They were treated against internal and external parasites and also supplied with feeds during their stay at the faculty. This treatment was part of the strategic deworming program for relieving internal parasites burden post rainy season.

3. Forty-eight dogs and two cats were vaccinated against rabies at SAW Animal Welfare Clinic in Addis Ababa. SAW is greatly indebted to the Ethiopian National Veterinary Institute for the help rendered by giving free rabies vaccine.

4. WAD was celebrated at other places such as Butajira, Gondar, Bahar Dar, Debre Berhan, Awassa and other project sites of Brooke-Ethiopia, The Donkey Sanctuary and SPANA-Ethiopia.

5. Media coverage: The event in Addis Ababa was reported by Ethiopian Radio and Television Corporation, Fana Broadcasting Corporate and also by some local newspapers. Radio Fana Broadcasting Corporate presented a 15-20 minutes WAD sponsored program about animal welfare on the eve of the celebration in Addis Ababa. Ethiopian Television, on its October 9, 2011 evening news program, reported how WAD was celebrated by walking and displaying banners on the streets of Addis Ababa by a big crowd of people and conducting discussion at the Addis Ababa University Faculty of Science Conference Hall.

World Animal Day 2011 was well celebrated in Ethiopia and shall be remembered as a historical event for years to come. Very many thanks for all participants who made the event successful particularly Brooke-Ethiopia, The Donkey Sanctuary and SPANA-Ethiopia for covering expenses, Ethiopian National Veterinary Institute for giving rabies vaccine free of charge, Addis Ababa University Faculty of Science for providing the Conference Hall free of charge and SAW for being lead organization.
Tekelye Bekele, WAD Voluntary Ambassador, Ethiopia.



Hosted by: CCA

Over 200 pupils from five educational institutions and Teacher coordinators including Civil Society, Local council and other relevant stakeholders feasted on a delicious meat-free meal at CCA-SL National Secretariat. This event was marked to recognize World Animal Day, a worldwide activity geared towards the promotion and protection of animal welfare in the entire world.Alex Nallo Regional Chairman Civil Society Movement and also Principal of UBC Junior Secondary school in his statement admonished the pupils drawn from five different institutions to love their pets (dogs and cats) and animals in general.
The representative of the Mayor Bo District Council, Councilors Mary Coker on behalf of the Bo City Council thanked CCA-SL for organizing such a timely and unique program.
Mohamed S. Bah the Education Officer of Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Society (SLAWS) in his presentation regarded rabies as one of the most killer diseases plaguing the entire world. He reechoed Mahatma Gandhi (one time President of India) by pointing out that care and love for animals serves as key indicator of civilized and progressive Nations. He encouraged all Sierra Leoneans to ask their government to include animal health initiatives in its free health care service and budget for if accordingly as control of diseases spread by animals is crucial for the sustainable development of Sierra Leone. He educated the gathering on rabies, mode of transmission, signs and symptoms and preventive mechanisms. He pleaded with listeners not to kill their pets for fear of rabies but instead to vaccinate and sterilize them. He asked all present to disseminate the information they had acquired about rabies as rabies vaccines are hard to come due to high cost.The founder of CCA-SL Mr. Tom Sandi in an attempt to link between Human Rights, Animal welfare/rights, peace and development in the first told the gathering that animals and humans feel pain. He continued that humans Human Rights include right to life, health, shelter, etc., equally so, animals have freedom from intimidation, fear from torture, right to shelter, health etc. He furthered his argument that animals are very key in the realization of the second generational rights (Socio-economic and cultural rights) commonly called ECOSOC rights of humans. He said cattle farmers for example use the proceeds from the sales of their animals to either construct houses or perhaps their children’s school fees hence realizing their second generation rights. Besides, pets like dogs do play a vital role in scaring away thieves at night or signal when unknown people come onto the property. He further pointed out that cats feed on rats that are believed to spread Lassa fever, another deadly disease.The chairman of the occasion Mr. George Penyekie, the Deputy Provincial Secretary Southern Region (representative of Resident Minister of the Southern Region of Sierra Leone) on behalf of the Government of Sierra Leone thanked He regarded CCA-SL as a valuable NGO. “Their stride to promote animal welfare is a step in the right direction as it is also part of development” he said.On behalf of the Campaign team and its Board of Directors, Gbessay Juldeh, CCA-SL District Coordinator donated educational materials in the form of DVD plates worth about 900USD to the Government of Sierra Leone through the Provincial Administration Southern Regional representative- George Penyikie, the event chairman. SLAWS representative encouraged that the materials be put in good use since it prevents the unnecessary killing of animals during live practical in West African Senior School Certificate Exams and Medical College Exams.The representative of the Resident Minster, George Penyikie South formally launched the campaign and declared that all schools in the southern region would have a meat-free term. That is, the pupils and their teachers should reduce if not abstain from the eating of animal products/food for the entire first term of the academic school year.

Location: CAMEROON

Events: Press Release / Blessing Service / Press Conference / Donkey Day of Rest / Donkey Workshop / Social Event

Hosted by: FAWCAM (Foundation for Animal Welfare Cameroon)

This year, our World Animal Day celebrations started on 1st October with press releases calling on Cameroonians to “Join the International Celebration of Animals – World Animal Day on 4 October”.On 2 October we had a Mass as the Holy Family Catholic Mission Alakuma Mankon which also marked the birthday of St Francis of Assisi, Patron Saint of Animals (image right). The service was held by Monsignor Lucas Sanosi and asked for: repentance for our abuse of, and cruelty to animals; thanksgiving for animal companionship; celebration of God’s creatures; compassion for individual animals.On October 3 we held a press conference about the importance of World Animal Day for Cameroons animals during which it was announced that 4 October had been ‘Declared a day of rest for all working donkeys of the donkey communities of Bui and Donga-Mantung’. On 5 October we held a Workshop with the donkey owners and handlers in Bui Division on basic care of working donkeys. It was a very successful and rewarding day for everyone involved.Our celebrations ended on Friday 7 October with a social event as FAWCAM Head Office attended by everyone involved with organising our World Animal Day program. Ben Wara, CEO FAWCAM.
FAWCAM CEO outside Alakuma Church Press Conference
Donkey Workshop Donkey Day of Rest

Location: KENYA – Nairobi

Events: Walk for the Animals

Hosted by: Africa Network for Animal Welfare & Animal Welfare Action Kenya

The Africa Network for Animal Welfare together with Animal Welfare Action Kenya partners participated in a 7km walk in Nairobi. The walk attracted over 500 participants.PRESS STATEMENT Poaching Crisis as Kenyans Walk in Solidarity with AnimalsAs we in Kenya join the community of nations in celebrating this year’s World Animal Day, I call upon everyone to reflect on the twin problems of poaching of wild animals and cruelty to domestic animals.

As Our World Animal Day welfare awareness and sensitization walk comes to a close, allow me to note that though animals are part and parcel of the global web of life and they contribute immensely to enriching human life, a lot of us have not fully appreciated this.

Consequently, poaching, and particularly that of elephants and the few remaining rhinos for their trophies, has become a crisis. In addition, cruelty to domestic animals still goes on unabated.

That wild animals face imminent threat of extinction was underscored by the fact that in July, His Excellency President Mwai Kibaki burnt a mound of 5 tons of Ivory tusks, which had been confiscated in Singapore.

In addition, reports attributed to the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) show that last year alone, a total of 187 elephants were killed by poachers in both protected and non-protected areas.

In addition, 21 rhinos were killed while 2,894.48 kilos of ivory were recovered leading to the arrest of 332 poachers.

As far as poaching for bush meat is concerned, as much as 78,155 kilos of bush meat were recovered from poachers.

This very worrisome trend has been going on following the partial lifting of the ban on ivory trade by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species almost two years ago (CITES).
It also appears that poaching is fueled by a demand for ivory and rhino horns in the Far East. Indeed, there is evidence that the demand for ivory in China has increased tremendously after the price of a kilo increased by more than 100 % over the last couple of years.
But as all this goes on, we in Kenya are yet to come up with a single piece of legislation that would guarantee the survival of wild animals, as well as their habitats, into perpetuity.

I wish to also bring to your attention the fact that cruelty to domestic animals continues unabated. I call upon people from all walks of life to give a hand in preventing unnecessary suffering to all animals. I have in mind; working, companion, Animals used in research and education, as well as those used in entertainment.

Indeed, the challenges facing animal welfare in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa are enormous. I urge people not to shy away from this grim reality but to take individual responsibility in order to improve the situation. In this regard, we at ANAW together with our AWAKE partners, call upon the government to facilitate the enactment of an animal welfare policy and for the review of the Prevention Against Cruelty to Animals Act (cap 360).

In closing, I wish to ask all Kenyans, and the world at large, to work for a change of attitude so that we can all appreciate the role animals play in enriching human life. Let us use this day to celebrate people of all walks of life who care about animals.

I express my deep gratitude to the Animal Welfare Action Kenya (AWAKE) and all its members among them the Kenya Wildlife Service, the Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals, KENDAT, University of Nairobi, the Kenya Veterinary Association and the Kenya Veterinary Board for partnership.

We are also very grateful to the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya, Kenyatta University Students, Nairobi University’s Chiromo, Kikuyu and Kabete Campuses, scouts from Lang’ata Primary School, community representatives from Kibera and Dagoretti, the Maji Mazuri Group and everyone else who has participated in this Walk physically or virtually.

Lastly, we also appreciate the support given by Uhuru Gardens, the OCPD’s of Nairobi City and Langata areas, the Nairobi City Council, the St John’s Ambulance, the Department of Veterinary Services and the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife



Josphat Ngonyo – Executive Director; Africa Network for Animal Welfare


Events: Educational Event for Underprivileged Children

Hosted by: Four Paws

Excitement and anticipation was tangible in the air this week, as 70 children from the Bohlokong Township arrived at the FOUR PAWS big cat sanctuary LIONSROCK to celebrate World Animal Day. The children, who have been regularly attending the FOUR PAWS Education Programme running in Bohlokong since March this year, came to visit the rescued big cats and see firsthand what goes into the lifelong care of animals previously abused and neglected. The children were taken on a tour of the sanctuary, visiting the lions at feeding time. They all watched in amazement as the lions gnawed at their meal. Their guide provided a wealth of information to the youngsters who have never had the opportunity to see wildlife. “These youngsters are the custodians of our future” said Mrs. Natasha van der Westhuizen, the Education coordinator for FOUR PAWS, “it is vital that they understand that animals are sentient beings and develop love and respect for them.” This group of children has been dedicated to learning about animal welfare for more than six months and each week after school they have faithfully arrived on time to learn new lessons at the local library where the programme is held.After the walk and lessons from the guide, the children were treated to games and a surprise party. Silence filled the air as they entered the party room and then joy erupted. Singing, dancing and laughter ensued. Some of the children performed poetry and prayer dedicated to the animals, for whom they wish to give a voice. “We are very proud of the dedication and willingness by these children to take ownership of the future of our animals, despite their own hardships” said Natasha, “They really want a world without suffering and there is a kinship with the animals”.
Each learner received a certificate of attendance, presented by Mr Beer Peters from the Netherlands, a long standing Board member of FOUR PAWS.Overwhelmed by fun and excitement the day came to an end and the children made their way home. It was a truly memorable day and a real celebration of a day dedicated to the animals.FOUR PAWS wishes to thank the sponsors of this event for making this event possible: Mashinini Enterprise Trust – for sponsoring the safe and timely transport of the children to LIOSNROCK; First National Bank – provided volunteers to assist in the care of the children for the day; Lukas Bukhali – regular FOUR PAWS volunteer who is always dedicated to the children.W: www.four-paws.org.za E: office@four-paws.org.za
Media Contact: fiona.miles@vier-pfoten.orgEducation Coordinator: Natasha.vd. Westhuizen@vier-pfoten.org

Location: EGYPT

Events: Action for Chimps and Elephants in Captivity in Egypt

Hosted by: AWAR Yahoo Group

AWAR, led by Dina Zulfikar, are delighted that following many months of lobbying in cooperation with authorities, JGI, Phoenix Zoo, and also the EFAW, Egyptian Federation of Animal Welfare, a wonderful announcement was made on World Animal Day, “No more solitary confinement for Chimps in Egyptian Zoos and better living conditions for elephants.”When management changed and Dr Osama Selim became the chairperson of the General Organization of Veterinary Services (GOVS) progress was made. Dr Selim understood the plea being made on behalf of the Chimps and help was finally accepted from the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI). Grouping and integration of the Chimps was overseen by Hilda Tresz, JGI and Phoenix Zoo Behaviour Manager. EFAW hosted presentations by Hilda Tresz about Basic Husbandry and Behaviour Enrichment.Full data, details, pictures and video can be found here

Location: GHANA

Event: Broadcast of World Animal Day Message

Hosted by: Society for the Welfare of Animals Ghana (SWAGH)

“Throughout the world, October 4 each year has been set aside by the International Community to mark animals and their contributions to humanity. Today is October 4 and as such the day is being celebrated throughout the whole world. As part of the activities to mark the celebration in Ghana, I on behalf of SWAGH (Society for the Welfare of Animals-Ghana) humbly request that you are kind to all animals that come your way today. I also request that everyone who finds themselves in circumstances where unavoidable suffering to animals exists, please do all in your power to lessen the pain the animals endure.. To those who have always been kind to animals, I say thank you.

Thank you and I wish you a great day.”

Ujakpa Martin Mabeifam, Chief Executive Officer (SWAGH)

Bsc(Computer Science), Dipl. Animal Behaviour, Certificate(Ecology), Certificate(Animal

Research Assistant, DIPRE, Valley View University, Chief Executive Officer(CEO), Society for the Welfare of Animals – Ghana(SWAGH),
Ghana’s Ambassador to World Animal Day (WAD)

Ghana’s Ambassador to ISAP (International Society for Animal Professionals)

Ghana, W/A, TEL: +233 246754889 +233 207631857 +233 274808090.

Location: LIBERIA – Voinjama City, Lofa County

Events: Humane Education Programme in 5 Schools

Hosted by: Liberia Animal Welfare Society

The Liberia Animal Welfare Society is a local community based animal welfare organization registered with the government of Liberia in 2004 with the aim of promoting a peaceful society where both animals and humans can live in as companions.The celebration of the World Animal Day took place in five schools in Voinjama City with the aim of creating children innate love and interest in animal welfare. Over 1,000 children took part in the humane education program focusing on the basic needs of domestic and companion animals, common diseases in domestic and companion animals, body language and facial expressions of dog and cat, and dog bite prevention education.The program was implemented successfully and the children fully participated in all the sessions, along with their teachers.
Educating children about the welfare of animals is an influential step in promoting animal welfare.
The children will serve as agents in spreading the messages on animal welfare in their various communities.We are hoping to receive assistance from other groups to help continue promoting animal welfare among children.
Morris Darbo,

Location: EGYPT – Cairo, El Kedaya village

Events: Best Donkey Competition

Hosted by: Donkey Sanctuary / Brooke Egypt

The Brooke team in Cairo took part in the ‘best donkey’ competition organised by the Donkey Sanctuary and a local veterinary unit in El Kedaya village.Brooke vets Dr Ammr and Dr Madany helped evaluate the health and welfare of 21 donkeys. The donkeys were assessed on their body condition, wounds and lameness as well as the relationship between the owner and the animal. During the assessment Brooke vets along with the Donkey Sanctuary, advised owners on any problems they had identified with their animals. The Brooke also distributed grooming brushes for the 10 winners who also received certificates and awards for being good owners to their animals.Relationship building is a key part of the Brooke’s approach and by working with the Donkey Sanctuary, this was a good opportunity to share skills, knowledge and experience.
Dr Ammr with one of the winners of the best kept donkey competition. The Brooke vets evaluating the contestants in El Kedaya village, Cairo.

Location: EGYPT – Sakkara

Events: Working Lunch

Hosted by: SPARE

Our World Animal images are really pieces of art – they were taken by our friend and animal lover and ESAF member Mr. Colin Ball. His camera captured the spirit of the event and the magical atmosphere of our farm, and second shelter, in Sakkara (35 kilometres to the south of Cairo). Image right: SPARE team with Mr Ahmed El-Sherbeni, Chairman of ESAF, on right.The three biggest animal welfare organizations in Egypt participated in this event:
ESAF (Egyptian Society for Animal Friends) – Chairperson, Mr Ahmed el Sherbiny;
ESMA (Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals) – Chairperson, Mrs Mona Khali; SPARE ( Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt) – Chairperson, Amina Abaza.The event took place SPARE’s second shelter which is our farm. You can see the rescued sheep, the old donkeys, and many dogs who don’t really care about being a celebrity and hid away from the camera. We have 24 dogs at the Sakkara farm and they are half wild. Image left: Hazel, SPARE Volunteer, feeding rescued kitten with Amina Abaza, World Animal Day Ambassador, in background.This day was very special because the three organisations, their wonderful volunteers and the great vets, have all supported each other’s work for more than 10 years, and were all there together celebrating this special day .As in previous years, SPARE bought 20 kilos of carrots for the donkeys and sheep of the farm, 25 kilos of chicken for the 50 dogs and 35 cats of the SPARE shelter – a special treat for a special day! Amina Tharwat Abaza, SPARE Founder and President,
Egyptian Ambassador for World Animal Day.aminaspare@gmail.com –
amina@sparelives.org –