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To save 1600 farmed bears in Korea and to transfer them to safe sanctuaries for the remainder of their lives.


– Established moonbears.org web page at www.moonbears.org enabling education and fundraising via website.
– Produced VCDs, brochures and letters about Korean bear farm industries and distributed to all the embassies in Korea as well as the UN.
– Set up signature campaign at go petition.
– Letter of protest to President Lee Myungbak against allowing bear meat to be made legal. A number letters to the Korean environment Minister also.
– Meeting with animal and environmental organisations such as KMPL, Green Korea, WSPA, From Care etc.
– Presentation at KMPL Seoul seminar in 2008 and an international bear conference in San Francisco in 2009 to promote the cause of Korea’s moon bears.
– Visit to Animals Asia Foundation (AAF) centre in Chengdu, China. Also visits to bear breeding farms in Korea.
– Letter to Ambassadors, media groups in Korea regarding the harmful effects of consuming bear bile.
– Supported the publication of a children’s book, “Ura’s World”, to educate the public about moon bears in Korea.
– Radio interview in Seoul to talk about bear farms and a bear called Miracle. Sent protest letters to SBS TV regarding a show about an abused bear cub. Also an interview with radio RTHK in Hong Kong regarding the Korean situation.
– Protest letter to to Korean airllines regarding tourists visiting bear farms in Vietnam and also wrote to Incheon Airport customs regarding tourists bringing in bear products.

December 2011 – We are very excited to announce the release of our first workbook for students. The “Ura’s Dream” workbook is designed to allow children to learn much more about the animals featured in John Walker’s book – Ura’s Dream.

John has collaborated with Shawn Morrissey to produce this fascinating teachers aid. Shawn is a naturalist, originally from Canada, who has profound knowledge on wildlife and who has taught in Korean schools for many years.

Please join us in celebrating the release of the workbook and if you would like to order copies along with Ura’s Dream please email me and we will arrange it.
For teacher’s reference: www.uraworkbook.wordpress.com

Presentation at San Francisco International Bear Conference in 2009

Visit to Animals Asia Foundation Centre in Chengdu, China

Visit to Korean bear breeding farm

At the Peter Singer seminar in Seoul, Korea