In order to maximise the speed at which the World Animal Day initiative grows, we are seeking to appoint ‘World Animal Day Ambassadors’ throughout the world. All our Ambassadors are highly motivated, passionate about animals and their welfare, and committed to encouraging support for the World Animal Day initiative.

Our Ambassadors help connect millions of animal advocates around the globe and successfully unites the animal welfare movement throughout the world in celebration of this special day.  World Animal Day embraces all animal animals and the unique concerns of each, in every country, and makes animals front page news.

You can help us reach our goal:  Increased awareness of animal issues cannot fail to eventually lead the way to improved standards of welfare throughout the globe. ……………. And what an achievement that will be!

We continually receive wonderfully inspiring comments from our Ambassadors and other animal advocates around the world. Here is the latest one: “What World Animal Day is doing for animals is truly influencing all of us in amazing ways.”

We currently have a team of 79 Ambassadors representing 70 countries around the globe.


World Animal Day Ambassadors by Country