World Animal Day – a special opportunity for everyone who cares about animals



  • To celebrate animal life in all its forms
  • To celebrate humankind’s relationship with the animal kingdom
  • To acknowledge the diverse roles that animals play in our lives – from being our companions, supporting and helping us, to bringing a sense of wonder into our lives
  • To acknowledge and be thankful for the way in which animals enrich our lives


The aim of World Animal Day is to improve animal welfare standards worldwide through the support and involvement of individuals, groups and organisations that care about animals.  Building the celebration of World Animal Day is a wonderful way to unite the animal welfare movement around the world, embracing all animals and the unique concerns of each in every country.  We encourage everybody to use this special day to commemorate their love and respect for animals by doing something special to highlight their importance in the world.  It’s something that everyone can join in with whether they are part of an organisation, group, or an individual.  It’s celebrated in different ways in every country, with no regard to nationality, religion, faith or political ideology.  On this website you will find everything you need to make World Animal Day a reality in your area and there’s no better time than now to start making plans!

Since the official World Animal Day website was launched by Naturewatch Foundation on 4 October 2003, the number of events taking place throughout the world has increased year upon year, and with your help we can ensure this trend continues.  Although the World Animal Day website is sponsored by Naturewatch Foundation in the UK, it’s a day that should benefit animals and the people who strive to improve their welfare standards! World Animal Day belongs to everyone!

If you care about animals, don’t miss this special opportunity to help make animal welfare issues front page news around the globe – a vital catalyst for change!  Through increased awareness and education we can help create a new culture of respect and sensitivity, to make this world a fairer place for all living creatures.

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Spay Panama held a massive campaign for the benefit of communities along the banks of the San Juan de Pequeni river.  Their dogs were sterilized, dewormed, vaccinated, had their ears cleaned and were given vitamin injections.

World Animal Day was started in 1931 at a convention of ecologists in Florence as a way of highlighting the plight of endangered species. October 4 was chosen as World Animal Day as it is the Feast Day of St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.