2011 Events Report Central & South America

Here are a selection of reports and images of some of the World Animal Day Events that took place this year. On behalf of the animals with whom we share this planet, I thank everyone who participated and helped to make animal welfare issues front page news around the globe!
Location: BRAZIL – São Paulo
Events: Dog Walk, Dog Cocktail Reception, Vegan Lunch & Dinner, Pet Adoption Fair, Animal-themed Cinema
Hosted by: Natureza em Forma
Full report following shortly – We organised a whole host of events in partnership with Matilha Cultural in celebration of World Animal Day: A Dog Walk around our historic city; Cocktail Reception for dogs – food and water freely available in a space reserved especially for them; Vegan Lunch and Dinner with music therapy; Adoption Fair; Animal-themed cinema sessions children and adults.
Angélica Perez

Location: COLOMBIA
Events: Spay/Neuter Campaign / March for the Animals / Demo Against Bullfighting
Hosted by: Foundation Vivatma
As a World Animal Day Ambassador in Colombia, I decided to invite many national groups and foundations to celebrate World Animal Day with us this year. The response wasn’t as good as I’d hoped for but there’s always next year!We held a traditional celebration and organized a local spay/neuter clinic. Congrats to all those wonderful groups who held such impressive events. Have an inspiring year! Gudrun Olaya.

Location: COSTA RICA – San Jose
Events: World Animal Day Pet Adotpion and Animal Health Fair
Hosted by: Asociaciòn para el Bienestar y Amparo de los Animales
Our World Animal Day Pet Adoption and Animal Health Fair was held in Moravia Park attended by families with their pets. There were craft stalls; PIPASA, manufacturers of pet food, gave out samples; the National Insurance Institute offered dog insurance; pet health checks including free worming and vaccination, grooming service and pets available for adoption.We also had entertainment including dancing displays, clowns and facepainting for children. It was a very enjoyable day for families and their pets. The statistics of services provided were as follows: Visitors 807 – Animals treated 269 – Checked and wormed 221 free – 102 vaccinated – 11 Groomed –
adoptions 19. Juan Carlos Peralta Viquez, President A.B.A.A.

Location: MEXICO – Comitan, Chiapas
Events: Adoption Event / Children’s Film Screening / Anti-Bullgighting Event / Lake Clean-Up
Hosted by: PRODEFA
TRISTE VIDA DE TOROS, video conferencia que realizará el Médico Veterinario Cuervo López.
PROYECCIÓN DE VIDEOS ANIMALISTAS con alumnos de Primaria y Secundaria,
Señorita Naturaleza, Pasarela con niñas que utilizaron vestidos con material de deshecho.
Elaboración de lonas y publicidad con el contenido y proyecto del rescate de las lagunas de montebello.
Adopción de perros callejeros por algunas escuelas.
Fomentando la conciencia animal, actividades diversas con alumnos de escuelas secundarias.Compartimos con Uds. la esperanza de un mundo mejor.In English
We held a video conference about the ‘Sad Life of Bulls’ attended by Lopez Cuervo, veterinarian.
We held an animal video presentation for primary and secondary students.
We organized an environmentally friendly fashion show ‘Miss Nature’. The Gateway to girls wearingrecycled materials.
Manufacture of tarpaulins and advertising content and rescue project montebello gaps.
We held dog adoption events at a number of schools..
We held animal welfare awareness events with students of secondary schools.We share with you the hope of a better world. José Hugo Campos Guillén

Location: COLOMBIA
Events: 4 x Conservation and Animal Welfare Awareness Programme
Hosted by: La Reserva Biopark
We celebrated World Animal Day on 1, 2, 8, and 9 October 2011. Our attention was focused on teaching visitors about the full importance of conservation, sustainable use of the natural resources and animal welfare.To ensure our programme held the attention of people of all ages, we devised games and different activities to help make the programme interesting and help get the message across about the importance of conservation.

1. Conservation: we organised a workshop “animal adaptations”, where visitors built models of creatures and their environment using recycled materials.

2. Sustainable use of the natural resources: we talked about “the importance of oxygen” and after the talk our visitors planted seeds, plants or a tree in the Biopark.

3. Animal welfare: Our visitors learned about environmental enrichment techniques and then used our workshop to put what they had learned into practice for the benefit of mice, rats and a harpy eagle.

Location: CHILE
Events: Awareness Event: “I want a circus without animals.”
Hosted by: AnimaNaturalis
As many of us know, circus animals are mistreated just to “entertain” people. Behind the scenes is where the bad treatment, confinement and psychological abuse occurs. That’s why on World Animal Day we organized an event to highlight the cruelty to animals for entertainment purposes.It was very successful and widely covered by the media, thereby reaching people throughout the country. In the performance, we had 2 girls disguised as tigers who, with the help of a poster, expressed the message: “I want a circus without animals”.

Next year, our goal is to reach more people and more cities, by organizing a greater number of public events to attract even more media attention, thus ensuring we increase public awareness even further about animal welfare issues and the important role animals play in our lives because we depend upon them as much as they depend upon us. Best regards, Cristóbal Valenzuela Inostroza, Coordinador en Chile. AnimaNaturalis.

Location: MEXICO – Puebla
Events: 1st International Animal Welfare for a Peaceful Culture Forum
Hosted by: Fundacion Dejando Huella
In 2011, like every year since October 2009, Fundacion Dejando Huella promoted a series of conferences, workshops, information stands, painting and photography exhibitions to commemorate animals. This year we hosted a 2-day Forum (October 3 & 4) along with the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and Puebla’s state government, called the ‘1st International Animal Welfare for a Peaceful Culture Forum’.We had the participation of Mexican and International NGOs, as well as Puebla’s authorities from different Ministries presenting conferences related to animals and their impact in our every day lives. They all tried to prove how the animal’s welfare can also contribute to improve society, the environment, economy, and to form a Peace Culture, and how their welfare also means human welfare, if we are guardians, consumers, tourists, or if we are related to therapy (helping children, women, elderly, and vulnerable social groups), etc.Fundacion Dejando Huella, The Health Ministry and the State’s DIF signed an agreement to promote animal welfare education in all state kindergartens called CAICS, as well as free vaccination and spay/neuter programs for their cats and dogs in order to reduce cat and dog overpopulation and increase the whole families welfare.

We also had informative stands from most of Puebla’s animal protection organizations, as well as painting and photography exhibitions encouraging the protection of animals from university students and environmental NGOs. Norma Contreras.

Location: COSTA RICA – San Jose
Events: 3rd March Against Animal Abuse
Organised by: Yadira Pintor, Animal Activist
It was wonderful – over 9,000 people attended the 3rd March Against Animal Abuse which took place on 9th October!Now many animal welfare groups are working very hard in trying to strengthen Animal Protection Legislation in Costa Rica. Like in many countries, the penalties for animal abuse aren’t severe enough to serve as a real deterrent. The situation in my country is very sad because there are many associations that care about animal but they do not want to join us in this fight.We are doing our very best for the animals: we have been collecting petition signatures for 3 years to support changing the law and we now have the signatures of 130,000 Costa Ricans across the country. Yadira Pintor

Links: Youtube1* Youtube2

Location: BAHAMAS
Events: Strut your Mutt
Hosted by: BAARK
On Saturday October 1st 2011, 60 participants strutted their mutt’s in honour of World Animal Day. The new Baark! spay and neuter van was on display. We had eats and treats on site.Between corporate sponsors, donations, merchandise sales and pledge money we raised $10,000 towards our spay and neuter iniatives in Nassau.
Laura Kimble.

Location: COLOMBIA – Cartago, Valle
Events: March for the Animals, Concert, Series of Educational Talks, Pet Sterilization
Hosted by: Asociación Defensora de Animales Cartago (ADA)
To mark World Animal Day this year, ADA organised various activities including a March attended by a number of schools. Two schools, Sor María Juliana and Inscop, were accompanied by their school bands and the children of La Presentación School brought their pets and billboards with animal welfare messages. This event included theatrical performances that gave very strong messages about preventing animal abuse. We also held a number of artistic and cultural events that focused upon animal protection.We gave school talks and held a free sterilization clinic for pets of low-income owners. We were lucky enough to have a television program that promoted our events and publicity was also achieved via the internet, newspapers and radio.

Location: MEXICO – Chapala Lakeside
Events: Public Fair Celebrating Animals
Hosted by: Humane Education Alliance
Our WAD event in Chapala Lakeside, México, was a big succes. We had five animal organizations represented there, each one with their informative brochures and pamphlets on their activities. Our event was publisized on the regional radio and covered by two newpapers. Around 400 hundred people attended and enjoyed our animal table games, animal puppet making, having their faces painted as animals, cakes, beverages, music, and they read the huge banners covering all the walls with animal essential messages about the animal law, animal rights, humane education, respect for the environment, etc. were read. Last but not least, education local authorities attended and offered their support for joint actions in Humane Education for local children.The general atmosphere was filled with joy and companionship. The six members of the Humane Education Alliance -three Mexicans and three foreigners- consider the event a big succes that will make a mark on the Lakeside. Cinthia De Gortari, Member of the Alliance for Humane Education.

Location: COLOMBIA – San Carlos, near Medellin, Antioquia
Events: Spay/Neuter/Vaccinate
Hosted by: Corporación RAYA
Our special event was a day of spaying and neutering and vaccinating animals in San Carlos, a small town 4 hours away from Medellín. The state of Antioquia is not paying attention to the needs of animals. Colombia is a developing country and animals are a long way down the priority list!We neutered stray animals and also the pets of people who don’t have the money these procedures. We also educated the community in responsible pet ownership. As well as this event in San Carlos to mark World Animal Day, we have also helped 3 other towns in the same way. We raise the funds by asking people to pay for one procedure and we give them a certificate for each donation. Each surgery costs $30.000 Colombian currency (about 15USD). Juliana Barberi.

Location: MEXICO – Benito Juarez, Cancun
Events: Wildlife Photography Competition
Hosted by: Department of Ecology
Our World Animal Day Photography Exhibition was held in City Hall in the presence of many VIPs including Mr Jaime Perez Lara PROFEPA Sub Officer Legal Officer representing the Pineapple Guy Herrera and the Director General of Ecology M. in C. Graciela Saldaña Fraire who congratulated the participants and highlighted the work done by each of them.Prior to the award ceremony, the photo exhibition opened with the traditional ribbon cutting and was open until Sunday October 16. With 40 participants and over 90 photographs, the judges made their decision prior to the opening of the exhibiton. The winners were: in third place, Alma Campos Briceno, in second place, Daniel de la Cruz Hernandez the overall competition winner was Carlos Castillo Zapata. The prize were a 3 TB hard drive, digital camera and a computer respectively.

Among the participants were professional and amateur photographers as well as students. The competition was promoted via the internet and through various media and was open until October 10. Each participant was invited to enter up to three photographs that had not been entered into a competition previously or been exhibited in any way.

The public response was very favorable with the Director General of Ecology inviting all those present to continue participating in activities like this as, in addition to promoting the art, it sends positive messages about caring for our natural resources.

Location: COLOMBIA – Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Cartagena
Events: March Against Animal Abuse – several throughout the country
Hosted by: AnimaNaturalis
During October in Colombia, thousands of people went to several events to defend animal rights.Organizations such as Alto Plataforma Animalista, AnimaNaturalis, Defensa Animal Cali, and others, invited members of the public to speak up for animals by joining huge marches in Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Cartagena.We also distributed information about which councillors to vote for in the next municipal elections who will help to defend the rights of animals.

Media reports:

Media 1 Media 2 Media 3 Media 4 Media 5 Media 6 Media 7

Paulina Pulgarin, World Animal Day Ambassador

Location: BOLIVIA
Events: Peaceful March in Defence of Animals, their Rights and and their Habitat
Hosted by: ADDA-Bolivia
This year has been very difficult for the animals in Bolivia. We are trying to stop the construction of a road which would divide protected rainforest. Approximately 8,800 trees and hundreds of animal species would die, species not yet known in Bolivia and in the world, and it would be devastating for our animals and the environment.We therefore called for a Peaceful March, in honour of World Animal Day, to express our rejection of the project: In Defence of Animals, their rights and their habitat. The March was massive with everyone, including children, holding banners and placards of suitable slogans demanding that animals be allowed to Live and NOT Die and also the WAD and ADDA logos. The March was followed by a number of emotional speeches made on behalf of Bolivia’s animals. It was heart warming to see so many people standing up for the rights of Bolivia’s animals and the environment and our event was very successful in creating public awareness. Liliana Tellez Flor, World Animal Day Ambassador and Founder of ADDA-Bolivia.

Location: COSTA RICA
Events: Major Celebration in San Jose
Hosted by: El Arca de Noe / Foundation Natz de la India
The Central Park of Curridabat, a San José suburb, got filled up by colours, music, singing, dogs barking and cats meowing this past 9th of october when the country was called to celebrate this years World Animal Day with them.The event was inaugurated by the Mayor of Curridabat, a representative of the Nacional Service of Animal Health (SENASA which belongs to the Agriculture Ministry in Costa Rica) and by the regional director of the WSPA. All of them brought across very strong messages about animal welfare during their speeches. The event was possible due to strong sponsorship by the WSPA and other co-sponsors. Animal welfare associations where also present to distribute presents and educational material to the general public.

The local priest offered a blessing of the animals and lots of volunteers from the Foundation Natz de la India and the association El Arca de Noe collected more than 1540 signatures for the DUBA (Universal Declaration of Animal Welfare, promoted by the WSPA). 17 castrated dogs and one cat found new and good homes at the adoption booth.

The main attraction was the presentation of the theater play “La Fiesta de Margarita®” (“Margaret’s Party”) by Cesar Melendez, one of Costa Rica’s most popular and successful actors, and his whole team. The subject of this work of art is to fight animal cruelty, recover human values and approach the global climate change. During the presentation a new song was launched by Cesar and his wife Cristina as a surprise to the WSPA; the “DUBA, DUBA, DUBA” song was sang by all the visitors, adults and children.

The event was fully covered by the national media, before, during and after the event and the 9th of october was declared as a national day without eating meat, in order to give production animals a break for one day.

More than 3000 people participated in the event, organized by the two Ambassadors of World Animal Day in Costa Rica. Thank you, WAD, for inspiring this kind of great events all over the world! Patricia Artimana and Christine Bork.


Location: PANAMA – La Chorrera
Events: Massive Sterilzation Marathon
Hosted by: Spay Panama / SPCA International /Los Angeles de los Animales
SPCA International, Spay Panama and Los Angeles de los Animales announce their 50-hour effort to spay and neuter 1000 animals to mark World Animal Day was a huge success. Thanks to countless hours donated by over 50 volunteers and veterinarians and funded by the SPCA International’s grant award of $22,000, the Health Ministry, Civil Defense and many supporters, the massive effort to spay and neuter more than 1000 pets succeeded. Spay Panama developed a mobile sterilization team and MASH-type operation that moved to four different parts of La Chorrera in order to reach multiple pet owners who have no means of travel.Once set up in a local community center, Spay Panama’s team was able to prep, operate and bring each animal to a post-op mat where the pets were cleaned, de-wormed and given vitamin or rabies shots – all in a few minutes each.

SPCA International’s team working in Panama during this spay/neuter campaign expressed amazement and admiration from witnessing the efficiency and determination of Spay Panama’s team. They worked long hours and then moved the operation team to the next day’s location. Local people brought their pets in cardboard boxes, wheelbarrows, milk crates or the backs of trucks and all were serviced, no matter how late the hour was.
Image below right: 1000th animal sterilized!

The plight of female dogs in Panama is a life of trying to survive bearing litter after litter. Often malnourished, these female animals lose most of their puppies and kittens due to the dangers of the streets such as little or no food, and passing cars and trucks. According to animal experts with Spay Panama, male dogs that are not neutered often run wild in the streets trying to mate and too often get hit by cars. Un-altered male and female cats also become regular victims of violence due to their loud and bothersome “cat calls” during heat that can last for days at a time.

All of these issues stem from a lack of sterilization and the cycle is only perpetuated because the overpopulation of animals causes citizens to harbor ill-will against the helpless dogs and cats. This leads to more animal abuse, more senseless death, and little interest in the one true and lasting solution – to spay and neuter. Patricia Chan, Spay Panama and World Animal Day Ambassaador.

Location: Mexico – Mexico City
Events: Information Stand / Filmshow / Debate
Hosted by: AMEDEA
AMEDEA celebrated WAD 2011 at the CINETECA NACIONAL in Mexico City on Monday October 3rd. We had a stand with information about animal rights and we showed 2 films:1. The Japanese version of HACHI, the story of the unconditional and eternal love of a dog to his human companion.
2. The Documentary called BRAVO that shows the brutality of the “Huamantladas”, a form of Pamplonada where they let bulls run in the streets and people bother them until they are exhausted.Interviewed in this documentary are members of AMEDEA-MANT whose expertise are in Philosophy, Psychology, and Law to the service of animals.At the end of the two films we initiated a debate with the expert in Films and Ethics, Dr. Alejandro Herrera. The event was also shown live via Internet where activists in Jalisco were able to participate with us. It was a great experience to be a part of this worldwide celebration!
Ara Ferris, Delegada de WAD en México.

Location: BAHAMAS
Events: 2 Church Animal Blessing Services, Blessing at Animal Shelter, Photography Competition, Strut your Mutt Walk-a-thon
Hosted by: Bahamas Humane Society
World Animal Day was celebrate on three Islands in The Bahamas. The events held were blessing services for the animals held at local Churches and the BHS Animal Shelter, a Photo competition and a Strut your Mutt walk-a-thon.
Image right: Winners of Photography CompetitionThese events highlighted World Animal Day and encouraged many to get involved with their furry friends to show their kindness and gratitude for the undivided attention and love they receive from their Pets on a daily basis.The Bahamas Humane Society is ever so committed to education about animal welfare because this is the key to reducing the stray and unwanted population and it encourages responsible animal ownership.We encourage everyone around the Globe to show some gesture of kindness towards animals when you come into contact with them. Stephen Turnquest, World Animal Day Ambassador.
Animal Blessing Service

Location: PERU
Events: Traditional Animal Blessing Service
Hosted by: Grupo Caridad
Report following soon.

Location: COLOMBIA – Vallecaucana, Cali
Events: March Against Animal Abuse
Hosted by: Defensa Animal Cali (Animal Protection Foundation Cali)
This is the third consecutive year that we have organized a March for the Animals in Cali in celebration of World Animal Day. Children and adults took to the streets of Vallecaucana tocommemorate this special day for those who love and defend animals who do not have a voice. Some people brought their pets, other carried posters and placards rejecting the atrocities committed against animals.The march seeks to create awareness among the inhabitants of the capital of Valle of the importance of respect for all living creatures. Our goal being to draw to the attention of our city leaders the importance of animal protection legislation.At the end of the walk animal welfare organizations showcased their work to help animals, information leaflets about caring for animals and the benefits of pet sterilization were given out. Rabies vaccinations and worming treatment was available as well as general health consultations.

We thank everyone who joined us on this special day in defence of animals.
Ricardo Caicedo, Animal Defense Founder Cali.

Location: BRAZIL – São Paulo
Events: Special Westie Gathering
Hosted by: Clube Paulista do Westie
On October 2nd, we celebrated World Animal Day by organising a Special Westie Gathering where 53 Westies attended, bringing donations to help shelter dogs.All dogs received a prayer with a blessed St. Francis of Assisi medal and a vet spoke about Leishmaniasis prevention.

Vivian Mauro.

Location: MEXICO – Monterrey
Events: Animal Ride
Hosted by: AnimaNaturalis
This year we celebrated WAD with a special Animal Ride – we carried out a silent demonstration on the subway! Members of AnimaNaturalis wore animals masks and held banners with pro-animal messages. We focused on issues where animals suffer mistreatment such as bullfights, circus, experiments, stray dogs and cats and intensive farming.We sat as ordinary passengers on the subway to gain the attention of people sitting around us. Our main objective was to let people know that animals suffer because of the way they are treated by humans and we wanted them to think about it.

We were asked for more information about helping animals and we gave out leaflets. After the subway ride we marched through the Plaza Morelos singing to celebrate WAD 2011.

Location: MEXICO – Mexico City
Events: Animal Batacuda
Hosted by: Naturaleza Animal AC (Animal Nature AC)
The day began with a March starting at the Angel of Independence and ended at the Monument to the Revolution, where more than 30 organizations and animal protection groups held information stalls. There was music, dance and entertainment and we gathered signatures on a petition calling for an end to the use of animals in entertainment and for stricter animal protection laws. About 2,500 people attended our event. Ms Lourdes Susana Aguiler Cruz. DMA Mexico. Animal Nature AC.

Location: MEXICO – Cancun
Events: Photography Exhibition and Competition
Hosted by: Juarez City Council & Municipal Dept. of Ecology
To mark World Animal Day Juarez City Council and Municipal Dept. of Ecology held a Photography Exhibition and Competition entitled: ‘Our Wildlife’.The competition was open to everyone with entries being submitted prior to 30 September. The exhibition of entries was held at the Town Hall and the awards ceremony took place on 12th October.


Location: MEXICO
Events: Free Sterilization Campaign / Puppet Show / Animal Workshop / Conference / Photography Competition.
Hosted by: Animal Welfare Alliance
We celebrated World Animal Day with a free sterilization campaign, which had a great response, near 50 dogs and cats were spayed and neutered. While the owners were waiting for their pets to recover from the surgery, a puppet show about the importance of sterilization, was performed by our youth volunteer team; kids really seemed to enjoy it, and so did their parents.When the show was over, the children participated in an animal workshop to reinforce what they learned on the puppet show. Then, parents were invited to attend a conference about the link between animal abuse and humane violence, in which they were very interested and participated with many questions.Finally, attendants voted to help us choose the photography contests winners. We were really happy to have such a good response. Hopefully next year we’ll get even more people.

Regards, Claudia Gasca.