2011 Events Report Asia

Here are a selection of reports and images of some of the World Animal Day Events that took place this year. On behalf of the animals with whom we share this planet, I thank everyone who participated and helped to make animal welfare issues front page news around the globe!

Location: SRI-LANKA
Events: Special Campaign: ‘GIVE’
Hosted by: Embark
In the month of October we conducted a special promotion under the theme “GIVE”. Under this campaign, we identified four local charities whose work related to 4 international days occurring during the month of October, and contributed 5% of the weekend’s sales at Alexandra Place to each charity (throughout a period of 4 weekends).The four international events were selected to commemorate World Animal Day, World Children’s Day, International Day for older persons and World Habitat Day and the respective cheques were handed over to the Local Charitable Organizations today. The following are the Institutions that were in attendance for the presentation of the cheques: Conservation Project funding – Purple face leaf monkey – Related to World Animal Day
 Chitra Lane School – Related to World Children’s Day
 Helpage Sri Lanka – Related to International Day for the Elders
 Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka – Related to World Habitat DayWorld Animal Day Ambassador’s Special MessageToday is World Animal Day, a day dedicated universally to celebrate the magical relationship between humans and animals. Around the world, individuals and organizations use this day to focus attention in particular, on the plight of endangered species and the need for a collective commitment to conservation. Sri Lanka is home to 671 species that are categorized as ‘Endangered’ in the Red List of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). It is an undisputed fact that rapid development, loss of habitats and pollution will make their situation worse and threaten even more species, unless there is greater awareness of the need to achieve a healthy balance between human needs and the imperatives of nature.I am privileged to be Sri Lanka’s World Animal Day Ambassador, and have used my position as a business leader and entrepreneur to support many initiatives that create greater awareness of the importance of protecting animals, both in their natural habitats as well as in the community. As the world celebrates yet another World Animal Day today, I call upon all Sri Lankans to think about what they can do to promote a higher level of consciousness that it is our responsibility to protect precious animal species and their habitats. Let us be part of something special and join animal lovers around the world to acknowledge the diverse roles that animals play in enriching our lives — from being our companions, supporting and helping us, to bringing a sense of wonder into our lives. Animals have a positive impact on the lives of millions of people every day of the year. It is now our turn to show that we care, by doing whatever we can to help raise awareness about the needs of animals. Happy World Animal Day. Otara Gunewardene World Animal Day Ambassador – Sri Lanka

Location: MALAYSIA
Events: Volunteer for Animals
Hosted by: Furry Friends Farm
The theme for this year’s celebration at Furry Friends Farm was ‘Volunteering for Animals’ at Furry Friends Farm. Event Report yet to be received.The event focused on hands-on activities for the volunteers such as food preperation, feeding, bathing, mucking out and painting. In the feline section a Full Moon ceremony was organised for seven kittens that had been rescued. Furry Friends Farm also presented a petition to the Prime Minister calling for a revision of The 1953 Animals Act. The centre organised a cat adoption campaign and an assessment of newly registered dogs for the Dr Dogs programme. Sabrina Yeap

Location: HONG KONG
Events: Participation of 68 schools, ‘Bring your pet day’, school radio progrmme, Photography Competition, School Talk
Hosted by: Hong Kong SPCA
A magnificent total of 68 schools across Hong Kong responded to our World Animal Day Programme circular, asking their pupils to take voluntary pledges, expressing their concern and respect for animals!The pledges included: To be kind to animals and treat them all with respect; To take good care of their pets and companion animals; To always be aware of what they eat and respect where it comes from; To never wear fur; and, To not to eat sharks fin.A fantastic total of 33,548 children from the 68 schools signed these pledges! For those students and teachers who did so they received a SPCA pin to wear on World Animal Day, indicating their respect and concern for animals. Image right: A Principal checks a student’s pledge pin.Encouragingly, many of the schools also put on their own events and activities to mark World Animal Day. Amongst these, the HKTA Yuen Yuen Institute No. 3 Secondary School hosted a “Bring your pet” day, while Mu Kuang English School broadcasted an animal welfare message in their school radio programme; HHCKLA Buddhist Ching Kok Secondary School held a photography competition of people and animals; and HKMA K S Lo College invited the World Animal Day Ambassador, Sandy Macalister, to talk about animal welfare.A stage Road Show was held in a shopping centre in Lok Fu, Kowloon, with various guest speakers on animal welfare and a public induction ceremony for 31 new Cadet Inspectors, part of the SPCA’s Cadet Inspector Programme. The scheme which has over 81 Cadets, teaches young people about a wide range of animal issues and allows them to participate in a range of animal events and activities, including shadowing our Inspectors during actual animal rescue. Image left: A public induction of new SPCA Cadet Inspectors. Image right: Cadet Inspector Ambassador, Sharon Kwok, speaks at the WAD Road Show in a shopping centre..Finally, a World Animal Day Photographic Competition was also launched, culminating in the final judging in November. Over 3,000 animal themed entries were received, all competing for the Digital Nikon Camera First Prize!
Sandy Macalister, Executive Director, Hong Kong SPCA and World Animal Day Ambassador.
Many schools organised their own WAD activities and events. Many received talks – this one included the cruelty behind the pet trade.

Location: MALAYSIA – Kuala Lumpur
Events: Celebrate Your Love for Animals
Hosted by: SPCA Selangor
The SPCA held several activities in conjunction with World Animal Day
Despite raining cats and dogs, animal lovers and their pets gathered at Desa Park City for the “Celebrate Your Love for Animals” event. The event was held in conjunction with pet store PetsMore in celebration of World Animal Day to encourage the public to be conscientious in animal welfare.Pet lovers came with their furry friends and met new ones at the event which offered a range of activities including a dog training class by Dog Gone Good, a charity walk around the park and a “Dancing with the Dogs and Agility” show hosted by Pet and You.The performances were fantastic, especially Sindhu the dancing dog who had everyone in stitches attempting a “Moonwalk” and the Frisbee catching terriers also entertained the crowd – the dogs just couldn’t get enough! There was also an adoption corner and professional pet groomers were on hand to pamper the pooches. Animal welfare champion Thanuja Ananthan was Master of Ceremonies and took one of the shelter dogs for the charity walk.A simple ceremony was also held to mark the ‘Stop Animal Abuse’ campaign which advocated for more stringent animal protection laws against abuse.SPCA Selangor chairman Christine Chin said they believed animals should have their five freedoms which included freedom from hunger and thirst. “Through our many activities, corporate sponsorships and alliances, we are able to organise events to help raise awareness on being a responsible pet owner,” said Chin. Sean Saw from PetsMore said animals had a positive influence on human life. “Animals do create a caring, loving and responsible Malaysia. Owning pets is therapeutic, which balances the state of mind of today’s society,” he said.

Location: PALESTINE – Osh Grab, Beit Sahour
Events: 4 School Educational Events
Hosted by: Palestine Wildlife Society in cooperation with WSPA and Animal People
Palestine Wildlife Society staf and a group of farmers hosted a number of schools from different regions of Bethlehem including: the Catholic School, the Children Village School (SOS), Tabareya School and Shepherd’s field Kindergarten School.The target age was from three to six years and about 400 children participated. Firstly, the children were given a brief talk about World Animal Day. Dr Labib (vet) told the children about the importance of animals in our nature and food and what we need to do in order to protect animals.

For example, he asked them: Do you know where eggs come from? Which animal produces the milk we drink? Where does fur come from? The student were interested and excited and all of them gave the right answers.After the reception and welcome speech Drthe Dr Labib arranged the children into groups to visit each animals and learn some facts about it. One of our staff members talked to the children about each animal including it’s importance to humans, the food it eats, where it lives, how it reproduces.The children met a pig, a duck, a rabbit, a parrot, a turtle, a chicken, a sheep, and finally a horse and donkey. The children were very excited about meeting all the animals.Finally, the children spent some time drawing animal pictures and had their photograph taken with the picture they’d drawn. Each event lasted 5 hours. It was interesting to note that in spite of all the animals living in the local area, some children didn’t recognise some of them as they’d not seen them before!
Imad Atrash, Palestine Wildlife Society.

Location: CHINA – Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Beijing, Dalian, Xi’an, Hong Kong
Events: Ceremony: Sharing Love with Them,
Hosted by: Animals Asia Foundation
Animals Asia Foundation launched World Animal Day celebrations in seven cities of China including Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Beijing, Dalian, Xi’an and Hong Kong. 120 photos showing love between companion animals and their owners were exhibited on a road show across the country.This year is also the 20th anniversary for ‘Dr Dog’, animal-therapy programme of Animals Asia Foundation. We launched our ‘Dr Dog Walking Day’ in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, where our China Bear Rescue Center is located, with 130 dogs and about 200 animal-lovers joining the event.With great support from all volunteers and volunteer dogs, our Chengdu ‘Dr Dog’ programme enters its eighth year. 9 Dr Dogs and 2 volunteers received awards this year for length of service in the city. Games and happy hour came in the afternoon – all the dogs and owners walked around the lake and left their paw-prints in six locations. A special meaning for finishing the whole journey was that the owner and the dog would happily live together for their whole life.
Dr Badi, Shenzhen’s “Veteran Dr Dog”, joined the programme in 2008. Badi’s owner Mr. Zhang said he was proud of his golden retriever (image right). Every time when carrying out his Dr Dog mission, Badi seems to be more happy and confident. The bunny dance by 12 children from Shenzhen Nanshan Kindergarten brought a highlight to the ceremony. Their lovely faces melted everyone’s hearts.Twenty of our gorgeous Dr Dogs attended our World Animal Day ceremony in Guangzhou. Ninety special needs children (all of them are the recipients of our programme) and their parents joined the event (300 in total).
Nine local winners of our “Sharing Love with Them” World Animal Day online photo contest took part in the award ceremony. Ms.Chou and her cat Sisi’s picture attracted a lot of support on the internet. Sisi was a stray cat before she was adopted by Ms.Chou. In the photo, Sisi was closely held by the lady who was pregnant – just 10 days before Ms Chou’s baby arrived in the world. At the ceremony, Chou told the mother-to-be that having pets in the family brings more happiness. Her baby is now living with 9 cats and 1 dog who are his ‘brothers and sisters.’ The 120 photos of love with animals will be exhibited in road shows throughout November.

Location: INDONESIA – Tasikoki, North Sulawesia
Events: Movie Screening and Discussion
Hosted by: Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue & Education Centre
Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue & Education Centre specialises in the native primate species (Sulawesi macaques), the birds from Wallacea and Papua, as well as a variety of other endemic animals such as Babirusa.

On World Animal Day 2011, Tasikoki Education unit held a movie screening and discussion of two documentary movies about Indonesian native species: Babirusa (endemic species of Sulawesi) and Orangutan (endemic species from Sumatra and Kalimantan) and the extinction problem they’re facing now, and an animated movie titled “Meraih Mimpi” or “Reaching your Dream”. The animated movies told the story of Dana, a young girl who lives in a traditional village with her family, trying to protect her village and forest from a ruthless businessman that hatched an evil scheme to demolish the village and forest and turn it into a Vegas-style casino. With the help of her brother and her animal friends, Dana leaped into action and managed to save the village and forest. About 120 people, mostly school students, participated in the event.

Location: INDIA – Beltola
Events: Animal Treatment & Vaccination Camp + Awareness Campaign
Hosted by: JBF (Just be Friendly)
JBF organized events with the title “World Rabies Day to World Animal Day 2011” from 28th September 2011 to 4th October 2011. The whole event was a grand success.The Free Health Check-up and Anti-Rabies vaccination camp was held at JBF Pet Care Unit, Beltola. JBF team had also distributed leaflets among the general public and also displayed banners & posters in different places of Guwahati to create awareness about Rabies, Animal Birth Control & Animal Welfare.
Location: NEPAL – Kathmandu
Events: Children’s Essay Competition, Talk, Rabies immunization programme,
Hosted by: NZFHRC (National Zoonoses and Food Hygiene Research Centre)
The NZFHRC participated in a joint event with the Department of Livestock. Dr Durga Datt Joshi presented a key note speech on animal rights and the five animal freedoms. Among the audience were members of the Dept. of Livestock, Directorate office, selected school children who participated in an animal rights essay competition.We also organized a dog immunization programme. CDr Durga Datt Joshi, Executive Chairman.

Location: JORDAN
Events: School Celebration
Hosted by: SPANA Jordan (Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad)
SPANA held a celebration for World Animal Day on October 4th 2011 at the International Independent School in south Amman.It was patronised by H.R.H Princess Sana’a As’em. After the introductory speech by SPANA Director Dr. Ghazi Mustafa, Mrs. Selwa Mattar, Director of the Private District, gave a welcome speech. Pupils from four schools took part in sketches and songs relevant to animals.Afterwards Princess Sana’a toured the exhibition of animal literature and equipment, live rabbits and guinea pigs, a baby donkey and a search-and-rescue dog from the Civil Defence Department.Dr. Ghazi Mustafa, SPANA- Jordan and World Animal Day Ambassador.

Location: CHINA – Beijing, the capital of China
Events: Online Photography Contest and Award Ceremony, Concert and Poetry Reading, Animal Protection Awards
Hosted by: Animals Asia Foundation, China Animal Protection Media Salon,’Don’t Eat Friends’ Publicity Team
Our colorful World Animal Day celebations took place on 22nd October and were well received by the public. We held three events this year: The Award Ceremony of AAF’s online micro photo contest entitled “Share Love with It”; An animal-themed concert and poetry reading; Ceremony of World Animal Day Animal Protection Contribution Awards.Irene Feng of AAF, and WAD China Ambassador, introduced the online micro photo contest and its prizes winning works, which touched everybody’s hearts deeply and warmly. She then gave out the prize winning certificates together with an animal rights representative (Ms Qin Xiaona, President, Capital Animal Welfare Association), a media representative ( Ms Hong Mei, Cartoon Chanel Director, China Central TV Station ), a scholor representative (Prof. Jiang Jinsong, Tsinghua University), a business representative/sponsor (CreditEase) to the winners from Beijing.Famous animal welfare and vegan band “Don’t Eat Friends” founder Xie Zheng and two other famous Green singers Qu Quancheng and Feng Yan performed the songs they wrote for our animal friends. Representatives from all walks of live joined them reading poems or essays.The third part is the awarding ceremony of three WAD Animal Protection Contribution Awards. This was not pre-announced so it came up with nice surprise. Singer Qu Quancheng, Feng Yan and Green Beagle researcher Liu Huili received the award because of their outstanding work in promoting and publicizing the concept of animal welfare and animal rights. Mr Guozhi Li, WSPA China chief representative, Ms Dan Zhang, founder of China Animal Protection Media Salon and WAD China Ambassador and Mr Zhang Min, Chief economist, Information Center, State Asset Supervision and Administration Committee, gave out the awards.The 2011 WAD Beijing Celebration concluded by singing in chorus of Song of Joy (An die Freude). Everyone can’t wait to come back next year.WSPA China chief rep Guozhi Li expressed strong interest in working with Dan Zhang, founder of China Animal Protection Media Salon and WAD China Ambassador, to explore the ways to strengthen Chinese people’s awareness of animals welfare and WAD throughout the year, not just on Oct.4th. Both of them are working on the plans right now. The basic idea is to do 4 events from now -once every season. The major event will be on next Oct.4th, 2012.

Location: TAIWAN – Taipei, Taichung, Pingtung
Events: Parade / 2 x Promotions / Conference
Hosted by: Help-Save-A-Pet Fund (HSAPF)
HSAPF held four major World Animal Day campaigns this year – two in Taipei (Northern Taiwan), one in Taichung (Central Taiwan) and one in Pingtung (Southern Taiwan) in order to cover the entire country. Below is a summary of the events but you can view the full report here[pdf]Promotional Parade in Taipei(image right) – More than 100 volunteers wore World Animal Day T-shirts and paraded in one of the most crowded areas of the city. This event attracted hundreds of people and very successfully gained the attention of the media.2 x 3-day Promotional Campaigns– Held at the World Trade Centers in Taipei and Taichung where tens of thousands of people took part in the fairs. World Animal Day flags, posters, newsletters, T-shirts were displayed and distributed at the events. We also held Q & A sessions on World Animal Day and prizes were given to participants who gave the right answers.International Conference– The grand finale of this year’s campaign was held in Pingtung City. More than 200 people from Pingtung, Kaohsiung and Tainan registered and participated in our international conference. (images below)The theme was: ‘NGOs and AnimalWelfareIssues’. The purpose of the conference was to train current and future animal welfare NGOworkers. All participants received a certificate for attending this conference which was also recognized by theTaiwanese government as an official course fo civil workers to fulfill their requiredlearning hours. WAD flags, flyers and T-shirts were displayed to further promote World Animal Day at both venues. This conference was a joint event, also a successful model of cooperation between NGOs, the government and the academics.It was sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and organized by Ming Chuan University, Help-Save-A-Pet Fund and the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology. We were very happy to receive a letter for World Animal Day HQ giving us encouragement and blessings for the conference. In addition to speeches, a tour of the Wild Animal Center was arranged followed by a training course about how to communicate with pets. Lily Wang and W Emily Chow, World Animal Day Ambassadors.
Parade in Taipei Awareness Event Taichung
Conference in Pingtung
Conference in Pintgung Awareness Campaign Taichung
Awareness Event Taipei

Location: MALAYSIA
Events: Awareness Event: Human Cancer and Pets
Hosted by: Meem’s Bark-ery (Meem Siah Li Ming)
This year I wanted to break away from tradition and do something entirely different to mark World Animal Day. One thing that will never change is the element of awareness and fundraising. So this year, I bring you ‘Human Cancer & Pets’.Pets whether it be dogs or cats, help human beings in many ways including relieving stress, distracting them from their worries, and even saving them from natural disasters. Pets have also proven they can help their humans through serious medical treatments such as for cancer. Mila, a breast cancer survivor, with 2 poodles (picture provided) has always had her dogs by her side throughout her treatment. It was a tough time but while at the hospital she thought of her dogs and looked forward to returning home to be with them. Next to her husband, her dogs are her life. They understood her and talking to them the minute she came home helped her relax and forget her worries before retiring to bed with her two ‘girls’ beside her.Our event raised funds for the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).I deeply thank the main sponsors of Jarrod & Rawlins, Clinique, Hills & Zoos Advertising for all their help. This would not have taken place without them. Meem Siah Li Ming.

Location: KAZAKHSTAN – Almaty-Astana
Events: Launch of the IMAX 3D documentary ‘Born to Be Wild’, Volunteers Meeting, Media Event
Hosted by: Kazakhstan Animal Rescue and Education (KARE)
In 2011 KARE. the official Ambassador of World Animal Day in Kazakhstan, celebrated this special day with 3 separate events called upon to attract public attention to the importance of animals in our lives and the need for their protection.1. Screening of the IMAX 3D documentary Born to Be Wild
Through the use of new technologies ‘Born to Be Wild’ tells an incredible story of love, dedication and bond between humans and animals. It documents orphaned orangutans and elephants and the people who rescue and raise them, saving endangered species one life at a time. This is a joint project of KARE and the IMAX Kinopark 7 which was launched in the capital of the country, Astana. It premiered on 7 September in the framework of WAD celebrations and will run until December. The first night was opened by a press conference during which the organizers, including KARE representatives, had a chance to talk more about the issues related to World Animal Day – animal protection, etc. The event received extensive coverage in local mass media.Links: Caspionet.kz * Republika.kz2. Press-conference “The Problem of Stray Animals in Kazakhstan: Origins and Solutions”
On October 4, KARE invited media representatives to discuss one of the most crucial topics on the agenda nowadays in urban Kazakhstan – the problem of stray animals (image left). The meeting was organized in the form of a dialogue between the KARE representatives and journalists, with the main objective being to draw media attention to the problem and offer effective solutions which could then be transmitted to the general public. The discussion concerned the following important aspects:• Statistical data on stray animals
• Overview of the existing practises in stray animals population control both in Kazakhstan and abroad.
• Origins of the problem
• Proposed solutions which include the following crucial steps:a. Educational and awareness building activities as a key to a gradual reduction of abandonment of pets and increased understanding of responsiblity towards animals.
b. Establishement of a strong legal basis able to provide for a better regulation of human-animal interactions.The event was followed by a number of newspaper and TV interviews and allowed us to further advance in informing the population about the diverse issues of animal welfare and protection and initiate discussions on these topics.Links: Tengrinews.kz * Time.kz * Caravan.kz3. Volunteers’ Meeting (image right)
KARE is also committed to maintain regular contact with its volunteers. On October 15, we held a closed Q&A session with an idea to openly talk about issues which, judged by the number of requests KARE receives on a daily basis, interests people the most. For example: animals used in fights, private animal shelters and their establishement in Kazakhstan, etc. Risha Fursova www.kare.kz

Location: PHILIPPINES – Malate, Manila
Events: Free Spay / Neuter Clinic
Hosted by: Compassion And Responsibility for Animals (CARA)
We conducted our free Spay/Neuter program on October 18 and 20 at the CARA clinic in honour of World Animal Day.On October 18, a total of 39 cats underwent surgery performed by volunteer vets Drs. Riza and Dan, assisted by Drs. Melay and Baby. On October 20 a total of 43 cats and 11 dogs underwent surgery performed by contract vets Drs. Dan and Riza and assisted by Dr Melay.Overall, a total of 82 cats and 11 dogs benefited from the Free Spay/Neuter program to mark this special day. The Free S/N program is part of CARA’s commitment in helping the plight of animals in the Philippines.

Location: INDIA – Luniyawas, Jaipur
Events: Donkey Veterinary Treatment Camp
Hosted by: Living Ethics and Animal Foundation (LEAF)
Luniyawas fair is one of the biggest donkey fairs in the world. Hundreds of donkeys are purchased and sold during this fair which happens every year at Luniyawas, some 22 kms from Jaipur. It was organized for four days from 3rd to 6th October. We therefore decided we would mark World Animal Day this year by helping the donkeys suffering from pain, injury, wounds, skin diseases and neglect during the fair.Many donkeys are made to walk long distances to arrive at the fair and then they have to walk again to reach new places. Many problems have been encountered in the donkeys as they are exposed to adverse climatic changes leading to stress.The veterinary team composed of volunteer vets treated the donkeys primarily for woundsThe veterinaryteam, composed of volunteer vets, treated the donkeys primarily for wounds and observed that most of the problems in the donkeys arise due to improper handling and feeding. We therefore focused a great deal of our time on educating the donkey owners and handlers about the importance of proper housing, feeding and handling. They were shown how the plastic ropes cut the skin and cause severe wounds in many donkeys assembled in the fair. The ‘Five Freedoms’ advocated for animal welfare were also explained to the donkey handlers.Donkeys continue to be one of the most neglected animals in Asia despite the fact they contribute so much to the rural economy. Although, due to rapid urbanization, their numbers are showing a decline, the degree of damage to their welfare is on the increase. For this reason LEAF is committed to educating the donkey owners about proper management of the donkeys. Dr Shrikant Verma, Program Manager.

Location: INDIA – Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh
Events: Meat Out Campaign
Hosted by: Seruds Coalition
To mark World Animal Day, Seruds Coalition is holding a ‘Meat Out Campaign’ rally.We have successfully conducted the program to different sections of society and created public awareness. Rallies were organized in Malageri, Madigageri, Krishna Nagar, Kothapeta, Chanakya Puri Nagar, Thandrapadu, Kallur, Padidampadu, Laxmipuram with a total of about 1925 participants including women, children, youths, teachers, social activists, farmers.The programme covered: information about vegetarianism, encouraged a meat-free diet, animal cruelty issues in farming, protection of birds and animals, safeguarding the environment, health and hygiene, vegetarian cookery demonstrations, the display of posters promoting vegetarianism, disadvantages of non-vegetarian products, how to ensure a balanced diet, the importance of vegetarian food for good health as it’s easily digested and improves health.A series of talks were given in each area by subject experts including animal advocates, science teachers, dieticians, medical experts, and officials from the Animal Husbandary Department.
v. Ms.Jyothi, Activist against animal cruelity. Also, competitions were arranged. SERUDS Coalition is grateful to the Sabina Fund for their regular support to enable us to carry out the Meat Out Campaign G.Mallikarjuna, Convenor.

Location: THAILAND – Phuket
Events: Water Purification for Bangkok
Hosted by: HeadStart International School
Here are two pictures of some of the children in my class. As you will know, Bangkok has suffered a major tragedy with the flooding and my school, HeadStart International school Phuket took part in making EM balls, (effective micro-organisms balls). The target was to make 20,000 and send them to Bangkok where they will be used to purify the water. Basically, the balls are made of sand, cow dung and a concentrate of effective microbes that will help purify the water with out the use of chemicals. Wonderful for the environment! Luisa Scarpa, HeadStart.

Location: CHINA – Xiamen
Events: Animal Protection Training Program
Hosted by: Xiamen Animal Education Committee
Xiamen Animal Committee of Education officially launched a 3-year, animal protection training program for teachers of primary and secondary school children involving lectures and discussions. The children’s awareness of animal issues will also be increased via summer camps, essay competitions, painting competitions, posters, display boards, talks, and other educational activities. The program will ensure that future generations grow up respecting and caring for animals and the environment and have a thorough understanding of the important role animals play.

Location: KURDISTAN – Dohuk
Events: 5 events including Children’s Activities and Lobbying for Animal Protection Laws
Hosted by: Kurdistan Organization of Animal Rights Protection (KOARP)
In cooperation with the Veterinary Directorate and with the attendance of Duhok Deputy Governor and representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture & Water Resources, we celebrated World Animal Day for the 3rd consecutive year in Iraq.We also used World Animal Day to focus attention on the need to protect our local Kurdish Merez Goat.Our events included:
1. A documentary film about animals threatened with extinction.
2. A seminar, held by Dr Sulaiman Tamar, President of KOARP, about factors affecting animal resources in Iraq, especially in the Kurdistan region, and factors affecting the famous local Kurdish Merez goat. breed.
3. Caricature Show.
4. Exhibition of paintings by the children from the Zewa Center.
5. Duhok Zoo staff gave a talk and brought some of their animals along for the children to see.Dr.Sulaiman T. Saeed, World Animal Day Ambassador, Kurdistan-Iraq

Location: PAKISTAN – Lahore
Events: Special Ceremony and speeches
Hosted by: Lahore Zoo
World Animal Day was celebrated on October 4, 2011 in the premises of Lahore Zoological Garden with the collaboration of Punjab University. The speakers, Lahore Zoo Director, Mr. Shafqat Ali, Deputy Director Dr. Zahid Iqbal Bhatti, Chairperson Department of Zoology, Punjab University Prof. Dr. Mohd. Akhtar and Director Undergraduate Department, Prof. Dr. Amir Ijaz, highlighted the importance of diverse roles that animal play in our lives. They also emphasized that organizations, as well as individuals, should speak out to protect animals, to show love and care towards them, to provide them shelter as they an important part of our environment.Lahore Zoo Director, Mr. Shafqat Ali, appreciated the efforts of The University of Punjab regarding adoption of white tigers, celebration of the event and proposed that research should be carried out with the involvement of educational institutes. He further added that Lahore Zoo is providing the maximum possible facilities to the animals for their habitat and Education and Awareness Department of Lahore Zoo is working in this regard.The Cake Cutting Ceremony was celebrated by the speakers and students in front of Tiger House. Students of Zoology Department, PU also brought gifts for different animals including juices and biscuits for Chimpanzee and fruits for Suzi (Elephant).The World Animal Day celebration is very important as there is a need to educate the public about the significance of animals in our lives, and to raise awareness of the need to protect and conserve the animals in order to keep our ecosytem healthy.

Location: Jordan
Hosted by: SPANA
Report following soon.

Location: CHINA – Dalian
Events: Series of Companion Animal Veterinary Technique Workshops – 10 separate events
Hosted by: Pet World Animal Protection Team
This is the first time an event like this has been held in Dalian. Our ‘Companion Animal Sterilization Techniques Workshops’ were held to develop animal welfare standards in China. The training was carried out by two Australian Vets, Dr Chris Barton and Dr Wang, Vets Beyond Borders. Miss Zhang Yuanyuan, Director of Stray Dog Management for Dalian, warmly welcomed Drs. Barton and Wang.TNR project team members and volunteers participated in the workshops that were also attended by vets from Beijing and Changsha. The workshops included talks about the humane stray dog control methods used in the west, hands-on sterilzation training, proposed urban dog management and veterinary management. Animal protection associations were encouraged to work together to improve the quality of veterinary care for domestic animals and for the Government to promote the development and introduce legislation.The city of Dalian vowed to lead the way in strengthening dog-related rabies control and promote in the introduction of animal welfare legislation. The control of rabies forum was attended by veterinarians, the city’s dog management team, Dalian Municipal Health and Epidemic Prevention Station, Dalian Municipal Center for Disease Contro,l Dalian veterinary and officials of other relevant departments. MSF introduced to the government agencies veterinarian animal birth control (ABC) and explained the execution of effective rabies control.Four veterinarians, Dr Liu, Dr Chan, Dr Yeoh, and Dr Jiang, successfully completed a two-day practical pet sterilzation workshop and these four vets will become the ‘seeds’ and go on to train more vets in China. Their new knowledge will enable them to make a greater contribution to animal welfare in China.

Location: CHINA – Xiamen
Events: Awareness Campaign
Hosted by: Xiamen Municipal Committe of Education & Xiamen Animal Protection Association
Our theme to commemorate World Animal Day this year was to call for an end to animal abuse and the creation of a society in which animals are loved, cared for and treated with respect. We held a large-scale integrated campaign which commenced at the end of September and ended with this large event in downtown Xiamen Plaza, Zhongshan Road.We hosted more than 30 government, business and animal protection organizations and other interested organizations who held information stalls showcasing their work, promoted responsible pet ownership, gave animal health advice, organised an animal quiz, advertised animals seeking new homes, sold items to raise funds etc. Our event attracted the participation of thousands of people from all walks of life. including school children and university students.During this event, several important speeches were made by government officials, the winners of the essay competition were announced, and the winners of the first ‘Xiamen Animal Protection Awards’ were announced. There was also dancing, singing, children’s plays, theatre, magic, comedy, poetry readings and other cultural programs involving the participation of schoolchildren and university students. In addition, there were demonstrations by working dogs such as police dogs, youth soccer, martial arts and other wonderful performances. The event was covered by TV, radio and printed media.
XiaoBing, Chairman, Xiamen, Animal Protection Assoc.

Location: CHINA – Nationwide
Events: Online Photography Competition
Hosted by: Animals Asia Foundation / Tencet Charity Foundation / Tencet Microblog
After nearly one month’s preparation, the large-scale public welfare party ‘Share love with animals’ was a great success thanks to the support of PET100 and AAF.The party started with a song being sung by the famous animal protection singer Xie Zheng. In addition to focusing upon animal protection idea and the achievements of Pet100, the awards ceremony for the AAF ‘Share love with animals’ photography contest also took place.The party proceeded in a warm and cordial atmosphere until a video about abused animals was shown when everyone suddenly became very quiet. Everyone was very sad to see such animal suffering. Animals are our friends and should not be used for profit, entertainment or kept prisoner in cold cages. Many people cried when watching the video about the story behind ‘furs’ and this was followed by a song ‘Don’t dress in fur’ which pushed people’s emotions to a peak. After watching the video, I don’t think anyone who saw it will ever wear fur again – animals give their lives for our vanity – it’s bloody and too cruel.Towards the end of the party, we watched a guide dog demonstration which was wonderful and everyone showed their appreciation for the wonderful work they do. The party ended with the song ‘Build a Heaven’ chorused by Pet100 volunteers. We sincerely that we can all join hands to help animal protection on its way along the long road to a bright future for animals full of sunshine and hope.

Location: MALAYSIA – Kuala Lumpur
Events: ‘Whale of Fortune’ fundraising event for Malaysian Nature Society
Hosted by: World of Wallie
We organized a fundraising event for Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) in conjunction with World Animal Day. The event was held at the ‘One Utama’ shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur where the management gave me a free space from 3 – 7th October.The event was called ‘Whale of Fortune’ because it involved a unicorn whale (endangered species) and participants paid to spin the wheel of fortune. The money collected from the wheel of fortune was donated to MNS. We gave out information and asked the public to sing a petition to save unicorn whales.The event was a great success and we gained the support of many sponsors: Ocean Minded, Crocs, Old Town White Coffee, Celebrity Fitness, Neway Karaoke, Petsmore, Auntie Anne’s, Reef, Volcom, Skin Food, Good Evening Bangkok, Sushi King, ChatterBox HK, O’Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe, Juice Works,Simply Chicken and Michael & Guys. A special thanks to NEC Corporation of Malaysia for their kind donation of RM200 and support during the event.We also received kind support from local universities/colleges like University Tunku Abdul Rahman, Segi College and etc. We look forward to work together again next year for a even greater World Animal Day. Melvin Long, General Manager.

Events: Paws at the Beach
Hosted by: Singapore SPCA
Happy Pawsgiving! Excitement was tangible in the air last week as the world celebrates her kinship with animals.This year, the SPCA World Animal Day event sees more than 2,000 animal lovers and volunteers coming forth to paint the town red with their paw pals in tow. It was indeed an exceedingly delightful sight to see the crowd scurrying around with their Pets Are Wonderful (PAW) Passport, deeply engrossed in their own learning journey about pets.To kick start the celebration, the exclusive parade of Harley-Davidson motorbikes remained a hit with the thrill-seekers while the rest amused themselves with a wide array of activities such as airbrush tattoos, Q&A session with Dr. Brian and various stage games and quizzes.As the crowd soaked up the heat from the scortching sun, young children were seen indulging in ice-cold drinks and adorable biscuits and cookies (in the shape of zoo animals or even heroes and villains from Star Wars no less) at the refreshment booth.The learning tent also brought its hype outdoors with its highly sought after events of the afternoon, the “Perfect Paws” and “Happiest Pet” contests. To which, the “Happiest Pet” witnessed an intense showdown between a beaming Chihuahua and a poodle with a stubby tail. Aren’t we glad there were enough prizes for two!With a crowd that could rival the F1, the SPCA Championship Agility Cup was a huge hit with the masses as the crowd gathered around the field to cheer on their furry pals performing jumps and weaving through the obstacle course.Our resident mascot, Max was also seen prowling through the tents to show his support, shaking hands and giving hugs like a seasoned movie star.As German philosopher, Immanual Kant once said, “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” Let’s all live by this pledge by keeping the love and ending the neglect!

Location: LEBANON – Beirut
Events: Peaceful Protest Walk
Hosted by: BETA
BETA (Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) celebrated World Animal Day on Saturday 8 October with a peaceful walk along the crowded seaside street in Lebanon.Our peaceful protest was held to stop animal abuse and speak up against the neglect and abandonment of animals, as well as the neglect and abuse of animals in pet shops and zoos, irresponsible pet ownership and the illegal ownership of wildlife animals. Animal lovers showed their support by walking shelter dogs and their own pets in Downtown Beirut to the surprise of many citizens who were intrigued by the large number of people and animals on a major city street. Our event raised public awareness of the animal abuse that happens every day in our country.Press and TV stations filmed the walk and BETA took part in numerous TV and radio shows to raise awareness about a number of animal-related issues. Media support is invaluable in helping to spead our message about animal welfare issues.A BIG thank you to all those who attended the walk. The BETA Team

Location: INDONESIA – Yogyakarta
Events: Radio Talk Show / Low cost Spay/Neuter for pets / Free Spay/Neuter for stray cat / Awareness Campaign / Film Show & Discussion x 2
Hosted by: Animal Friends Jogja (AFJ)
Schedule & events:October 4 & October 11. 2011 – Radio Talk Show at RRI Pro2 102.5FM Jogja, YogyakartaOctober 18, 2011 – A one day campaign and fundraising entitled “Living Together In Harmony” was held jointly with Orca Films, Indonesia Dragonfly Society & Sioux-Indonesian Snake Studies at Didaktos Atrium, Duta Wacana Christian University, Yogyakarta.The event was supported by a student group at Duta Wacana Christian University. The aim was to raise awareness amongst the younger generation about various animal welfare issues of concern in Indonesia: dog fighting; masked monkey dance; deforestation to save orangutans & other wild animals; saving lives with sterilization/spay-neuter; adopt don’t shop, and the dog meat trade.A movie screening & discussion of the documentary movie “GREEN” [www.greenthefilm.com] took place at the end of the day.October 20 -21, 2011 – Low cost spay & neuter program for pets and free spaying/neutering for stray cats at the office of Animal Friends Jogja, Macanan, Yogyakarta.October 30 [postponed to November 30, 2011] – Movie screening & discussion of the documentary movie: GREEN [www.greenthefilm.com] at Centre Culturel Francais, Yogyakarta. Warm Regards,

Location: BANGLADESH – Chittagong
Events: Rally, Seminar, Poster Awareness, Essay Competition, Free Treatment Camp
Hosted by: BSPA and One Health Bangladesh
Bangladesh Society for protection of Animal (BSPA) and One Health Bangladesh jointly celebrate the World Animal Day on 4th October, 2011 in Chittagong Veterinary & Animal Sciences University.The program was coordinated by Md. Nurul Islam, World Animal Day Ambassador for Bangladesh. Poster promotion on different important site of CVASU is organized by volunteer of BSPA. A Rally among the participant walk around the campus to raise awareness among the veterinarian on Animal Welfare. A seminar was arranged in CVASU conference room and short documentary presentation was given by Nurul Islam. A crest and certificate was given to Parag Dash, taken first place in essay competition entitled “Role of Veterinarian to promote Animal Welfare in Bangladesh”.Professor Dr. Ahsanul Haque,Phd, Head of the department of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology was present as chief guest in the seminar. Dr. Shahneaz Ali Khan, Dr. Amir Hossain Saikat also gave a short speech on the Animal Welfare. Free treatment camp at Teaching Veterinary Hospital was arranged by the BSPA for encouraging the poor farmer to get their animal treated in disease condition.Light refreshment was served at the end of the program among the participant. Special thanks to Dr. Abdul Mannan, Veterinary Surgeon of SAQTVH for his heartiest collaboration to arrange the treatment camp at SAQTVH.
Rally celebrating World Animal Day Free Animal Treatment Camp
Dr Abdul Mannan prescribing treatment Presentation by Nurul Islam, World Animal Day Ambassador
Seminar Presentation Presentation to winner of essay competition

Location: SRI-LANKA
Events: Exhibition / Spay&Neuter Clinic / School Presentations / School Visit
Hosted by: TAPA (Tsunami Animal-People Alliance)
Sri Lanka’s Tsunami Animal-People Alliance (TAPA) conducted a week long exhibition and field spay-neuter clinic, in cooperation with the Hope Foundation. At the invitation of the Tourist Board, the TAPA field clinic was set up in the carpark of the famous Mt. Lavinia Hotel near Colombo. The clinic was open to the public, with special invited guests each day, and on-going no-charge spay/neuter, vaccination, and treatment.Highlights included visits by the American Ambassador to Sri Lanka Patricia Butenis, by Ms. Otara Gunewardena, Sri Lanka’s World Animal Day Ambassador and founder of Project Embark and by a team from WSPA-Asia. An accompanying photo exhibition described TAPA’s work for visitors.The week long event included education presentations at a nearby school, and visits from a school class. TAPA spays and neuters about 500 dogs per month from our tented field clinic that moves from community to community in the tsunami zone and now the former civil war zone. TAPA has now sterilised over 33,000 animals, about half owned dogs and about half “community dogs” caught in our large butterfly nets and released to the exact spot where caught after recovery.
Visit by American Ambssador, Patricia Butenis School Education Program
School Education Program Visit by Otara Gunawardene, World Animal Day Ambassador

Location: PHILIPPINES – Makati City
Events: Makati City Pet Blessing and Launching of Bantay
Hosted by: Animal Welfare Coalition & Makati City Authorities
The Makati City Government (Philippines) & the Animal Welfare Coalition celebrated both World Animal Day and World Rabies Day in one event.’Bantay’, a mixed-breed dog, was launched as the official mascot of the Makati City Veterinary Service. ‘Bantay’ will be our City Ambassador for encouraging responsible pet ownership through public education at all levels. We are sure that ‘Bantay’ will successfully capture the interest and attention of all age groups.Our ultimate aim is to eradicate rabies through: decreasing animal bit cases, dog and cat vaccination, neutering and other humane means of animal population control. ‘Bantay’ will now visit schools around the city and play an active role in our programmes to reach our goal of a society living harmoniously with animals and nature that is free from (zoonotic) diseases coming from animals.Ramona Consunji, External Affairs. monaconsunji@animalwelfare.com.ph www.animalwelfare.com.ph

Location: PHILIPPINES – Pasig City, Pasay City
Events: Conference, Concert, Mobile spay-neuter, Awareness Event, Pet Blessing Service
Hosted by: Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
More than a dozen animal protection groups gathered for the 1st Philippine Animal Advocates Conference for Transformation or PAACT in order to share resources and become more effective advocates for animals. The conference was held at the Discovery Suites in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.The highlight of PAACT was a resolution made by attendees to work towards the amendment of the
Philippine Animal Welfare Act (Republic Act 8485) so that implementation of the law will be more effective, as well as wider in scope. Already, the bill for amendment of the said law is in Congress and in the Senate which all groups promised to lobby for and support.“It was a great conference! This was badly needed for the work in front of us. More power to PAACT as we move forward…beware those who hinder the work that needs to be done for all the animals in our beautiful country! “ gushed Nena Hernandez, President and Founder of IRO, an animal welfare group based in Cebu.Post-conference activities included joint relief and rescue operations for animals affected by the typhoons that recently struck the country. Food relief was distributed to the farm animals that had no more grazing areas and for the dogs, cats and other companion animals stranded on rooftops with their owners, waiting for the flood waters to recede.A day before the Conference, animal welfare groups set up booths at the Music Hall of the SM Mall of Asia to officially celebrate World Animal Day with the members of the public. While the concert for “Voices for the Voiceless” -was cancelled due to inclement weather, the fun fundraising 10-meter ‘dash’ for small dogs called “The Great Dog Dash” pushed through.The event raised P200,000 for the PAWS Animal Shelter and canine ‘champions’ went home with trophies, medals and lots of coverage from local media.In line with tradition, the blessing of the animals the Sunday before the Feast Day of St Francis of Assisi (October 2) was done in almost all Catholic churches across the country. The biggest Pet Blessing event, however, was at Eastwood Mall in Quezon City where over 1,200 pet owners gathered to attend a Mass especially organized by The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).Pets were blessed individually by Rev. Father Joey Paras and Rev. Father Jess Escala. Dogs and cats in the vicinity were seen wearing “I am blessed!” green bandanas around their necks as they were taken for a walk around the malls and parks with their families on this special day.Anna Cabrera, WAD Philippine Ambassador

Location: TAIWAN – Taipei
Events: Charity Concert
Hosted by: TAIWAN SPCA & Wa Wa PR Company
The Taiwan SPCA held Taiwan’s first large scale charity concert on behalf of the animals on October 1 in celebration of World Animal Day.The 6-hour event took place at one of the busiest locations in Taipei – Warner Village in the Xinyi District. Throughout the day, popular artists and bands performed and educated the public on this year’s theme – “What You Can Do To Help Endangered Species”. Each performer represented an endangered animal and raised awareness about what some of the reasons causing their endangerment are and what the public can do to help.The concert attracted over an estimated 2000 people and was reported by various media outlets throughout Taiwan. Connie Chiang, Co-Founder/Executive Director and World Animal Day Ambassador..

Location: INDONESIA – Jakarta
Events: Peaceful demonstration against Dancing Monkeys
Hosted by: Jakarta Animal Aid
Here are some pictures of our peaceful demonstration in Jakarta calling for an end to the use of monkeys to raise money as ‘tourist entertainment’ on the streets of Jakarta. Next World Animal Day we are hoping to announce our campaign has been successful. Unfortunately, we’ve had to postpone our press conference on this issue. Femke den Haas, World Animal Day Ambassador.

Location: PAKISTAN – Lahore and Bahawalpur
Events: 2 x Veterinary Treatment Camp / Walk for the Animals / Doorstep Service for Farmers
Hosted by: Vets Care Organisation
Joining hands with the international community, Vets Care Organization Pakistan organized a “Free Veterinary Treatment Camp” on October 04 at UVAS Outdoor Hospital, to mark World Animal Day. Vets Care Club Patron and UVAS Dean Faculty of Animal Production and Technology Prof. Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha along with UVAS Director Institute of Continuing Education & Extension Dr Aneela Zameer Durrani inaugurated the “Free Veterinary Treatment Camp”. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Pasha congratulated the Vets Care Club and Vets Care Organization for organizing this camp to mark the celebration of World Animal Day. In his message he said that animals are our companions and humans have the highest responsibility to take care of God’s creatures. He appreciated the camp organizers and assured his support in animal welfare activities.All animals that were brought to the camp on 4 October were examined free of cost and free medicines were also provided to these animals with the cooperation of various pharmaceutical companies. Our patients included sheep, goats, horses, cattle, dogs, cats and birds. The camp received a lot of media attention with various newspapers and TV channels covering the event including Sama News, Apna TV, Sama TV and others. Speaking to the media at the camp, Vice president of Vets Care Club, Muhammad Mubeen, urged the people to love, care and save the animals. About 25 veterinary doctors and students volunteered their services for this noble cause.In addition, a large number of banners, posters, charts and pamphlets were displayed all over the UVAS campus and outside it for creating awareness regarding animal welfare issues, especially among the veterinary students and public in general. Vets Care Organization is thankful to all the pharmaceutical companies for their cooperation and all journalists for highlighting this important event.Furthermore, we also participated in the grand walk on the occasion of World Animal Day at Jinnah Garden, Lahore. Provincial Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Mr. Ali Ahmed Aulakh and Secretary Livestock, Hamid Yaqoob Sheikh, also participated in the walk. People from all walks of life participated including veterinarians, journalists, university students, families and members of the public.In parallel to this, we also marked World Animal Day in Bahawalpur. In this connection, a free Vaccination and Veterinary Treatment Camp was organized in the outskirts of Bahawalpur. 5 villages (Basti Lala Dera, Basti Pahorh, Basti Arain, Basti Kaliar and Basti Salamat of Daira Bakha) were covered in this camp. 40 volunteer vets and veterinary students from the Vets Care Club, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, participated in the camp. The camp started at 9:00 am and continued till 4:00 pm. Animals were vaccinated against Hemorrhagic Septicemia.
A doorstep facility of vaccination was also provided to the farmers in the form of 3 teams of the participants. According to the official records 440 animals (228 cattle and 212 buffalo) were vaccinated. In addition, a large number of sick animals were examined and treated free of cost. The volunteers dedicated the entire day to the animals.Vets Care Organization Pakistan commits to continue such activities in future for the welfare of animals. We are dedicated to promote a humane and caring attitude towards all animals. We commit to make Pakistan, a friendly and cruelty free environment for animals.

Location: PAKISTAN – Multan
Events: Awareness Event & Taking Oath to help animals
Hosted by: Animal Save Movement
Animal Save Movement Pakistan celebrated Animal Day with a fruitful gathering in which many social workers, teachers, lawyers and political workers participated. All participants took an oath to protect the welfare of animals and birds and to continue peaceful compaigns against cruelty to animals and birds. Khalid Mahmood Qurashi, President, Animal Save Movement Pakistan said that animals feel sorrow, anxiety and depression, so the animals should not be caged, killed, hunted or experimented upon. Animals also need medical facilities. ASMP mission is to safeguard the rights of animals and to create sympathy, affection and loving emotions and attitude in the minds of human beings towards animals by giving speeches, writing, procession, seminars, workshops and discussions.

Location: LEBANON
Events: Special Event in the Forest with Animal Blessing
Hosted by: APAF (Animals Pride & Freedom)
Our World Animal Day celebration in the Baabda Forest was a success. Around 200 guests attended with their pets. Founder and Director – Soraya Mouawad, Maria Kotentaky – Co-founder, Tony Moussawer – Head of Volunteers & Event Planning, Jane Reijers – Public Relations, Dalia Ashkouty – Visual Artist & Graphic Designer.

Location: INDIA – Siliguri, West Bengal
Events: Bird Release / Awareness Campaign
Hosted by: People for Animals Siliguri
On 4th October World Animals Day 2011, People For Animals Siliguri (PFA) celebrated this day by releasing many Birds (Budgerigars & Pigeons) and 7 Indian Cobra Snakes at Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary. We also inaugurated an Animal Awareness banner containing a slogan saying: ‘Save Animals -Drive Carefully’ which is displayed beside National Highway 31 towards Sikkim and Darjeeling to raise the awareness of vehicle drivers encouraging them to kill their speed and not kill animals – both wild and domestic! The Chief Forest Wildlife Conservation Officer and District Magistrate were present, and many schoolchildren. Regards, Sujoy Dutta, Secretary.The bird release featured in the Bengal PostSee article in The Statesman

Location: INDIA – Chennai
Events: Paws in Prayer
Hosted by: Blue Cross
World Animal Day ‘Pooja’ held for 4-legged companions! This is the third consecutive year a ‘pooja’ has been held for pets and their owners. Previously, a prayer function has been held at a church and a mosque, and this year at the Ganesha Temple in Chennai. Some questioned whether it could be considered disrespectful for a dog to walk the sacred space but, according to Sathya Radhakrishnan, Blue Cross, “I’ve observed many temples including he Kapeleeshwarar Temple in Mylapore that allow dogs inside.”Click here to view article published in City Express, Chennai.

Location: SYRIA
Events: World Animal Day Extravaganza
Hosted by: SPANA and Ministry of Culture (Directorate of Childrens Culture)
Syria celebrated World Animal Day this year in the Golan Hills, Qunaitera, 60 kilometres south-west of Damascus. The celebration started at 3pm with two outdoor activities. The first activity was to visit the mobile environmental exhibition called “The amazing world of animals”, and the second was to allow children to play and touch farm animals which included a camel, horse, cow, donkey, duck, goose and chicken. Inside the Cultural Centre we launched an exhibition of drawings, mosaics and photographs for everyone to enjoy.The children participated in three workshops: drawing a story about how to be safe around a dog; construction of model animals; and making of animal masks. The famous artist, Logina Alaseel, helped a group of children recycle rubbish to construct the Syrian Animal of the Year 2011 – the Sociable Lapwing. SPANA staff spent the entire day painting animal faces on all the children.At 4pm ‘Ajial’, a childrens dance group, presented a selection of folk dances. This was followed by the announcement of the winners of the 3 competitions who collected their prizes. Awards were also given to a number of animal activists, authority officials and journalists for their help and support in furthering animal welfare standards in Syria.Hundreds of children participated in our events and activities, and all of them enjoyed this special day in the life of the Syrian people, where love and respect encounter animals all over the world. Dr. Darem Tabbaa, Syrian Ambassador of World Animal Day.

Location: THAILAND – Phuket
Events: Awareness Day
Hosted by: HeadStart International School
My name is Luisa Scarpa and I am the Year 5B home room teacher and head of environmental issues at my school in Phuket Thailand.I would like to share with you how we celebrated World Animal day yesterday. Firstly I am a hopeless addict of nature, the ocean and animals and spend time everyday expressing my love for nature and animals in hope of inspiring my students, and it has certainly worked. It’s amazing to see how they too are falling in love with nature and animals. One of my students even freed a fly from our class room and named it Harry. Too cute! My message to them is that we are all connected and all equal. Even flies!I recently visited the Elephant Nature Park in Chaing Mai, Thailand, and experienced one of the most special days of my life with the elephants which I shared yesterday with my students. They loved the videos and photographs from my trip. I purchased a wonderful children’s book from the park which is a true story about the wonderful lady, Khun Lek Chailert, who founded the park and at the end of the book, she invites children to write to her about their animal experiences. So my students are writing to her to share their animals stories.Furthermore, as part of environmental awareness and practices at my school, I have implemented a recycling policy and all the money that we collect from recycling, we will send to the Elephant Nature Foundation, in hopes of fostering some of the elephants at the nature park. This will take some time to raise the money as we only receive small amounts of money from recycling. The point is not to ask for money, but instead to raise money through recycling and in doing so, we are helping the environment as well as the elephants. I want the children to know just how amazing it is to be able to raise money by collecting trash!

Location: CHINA – Xiamen
Events: Series of Awareness Events – number to be confirmed
Hosted by: Xiamen Animal Protection Association
This year, we are holding World Animal Day events at Xiamen University, Huaqiao University, all primary and secondary schools and Egret Island Park, the mountain, at City Library and other major venues, the form will include cultural performances, publicity and consultation, working dogs performance, essay contests, poster, sign, lectures and other reports and awards ceremony. The number of participants far exceeded previous years and, as well as teachers and students, the general public wer also included this year to ensure our awareness campaign reached the maximum number of people. Our main focus was on the importance of improving community care for animals and nurturing a respect for all living creatures.A public awareness event was held in Zhongshan Park with the support of more than then other animal protection associations. Banners were displayed with slogans such as: “Love animals, respect for life – commemorating World Animal Day 2011″. Promotional material was available including CDs, small gifts, as well as questionnaires, and informative literature. Students gave out informative animal welfare leaflets. Many people took the leaflets and could be seen carefully reading them and some were keen to talk and learn more.The organisation also participated in animal protection and awareness events at Jimei University for the benefit of the students. This is the first time such an event has taken place at the University and the students paid great interest asking many questions. One student had adopted a stray dog which he brought along to tell everyone the dog’s story. Many animal welfare topics were discussed with the students. XiaoBing, Chairman. www.xmapa.org

Location: PAKISTAN – Lahore
Events: Walk for the Animals
Hosted by: The Animal Foundation
Everyday is World Animal Day says ‘The Animal Foundation Lahore – Pakistan’. The Animal Foundation arranged a walk on this special day and Province Minister Punjab Ahmad Ali Aolakh accepted our invitation to be guest of honour.Many people joined our walk including representatives of the Dept. of Livestock, SPCA, Civil Society and many others who are concerned about animals. During the walk we distributed brochures about animal welfare issues of concern. Also, Mr. Javed Iqbal Hashmi, Chairman of The Animal Foundation, presented a lecture on World Animal Day.This day was started in 1931 to highlight the plight of endangered species. Since then it has grown to include all animals and their wellbeing. In this regard, Pakistan was supposed to take steps towards conservation of genetic diversity of livestock which is on the way to extermination. Genetic diversity is an asset which can be stored in national germ plasma repositories. This would be an indispensable source for needed diversity in the face of a declining genetic diversity in domestic animals. An agricultural country cannot prosper without taking proper care of its land, crops and animals.Animal lovers throughout Pakistan arranged various kinds of ceremonies and gatherings to express their concern and love of animals.

Location: CHINA
Events: Online Photography Competition: Sharing Love with Them
Hosted by: Animals Asia Foundation, supported by Tencent
To celebrate World Animal Day, Animals Asia Foundation joined hands with Tencent, a portal website in China, and launched an Online Photopgraphy Competition: Sharing Love with Them. Hong Kong super star Karen Mok kindly agreed to be the Ambassador of the event. Over 9,600 citizens who care for animals across the country participated in the event by uploading their photos which showed their happy life with their cats or dogs and/or left messages supporting the activity.Five photographs were eventually selected as the winners from thousands of entries, many of which were first class, eye-catching images.The winner of “We are happy together” (image above right)is from Sichuan province, in western China: People and animals get together warmly and happily. The harmonious coexistence of human being and animals is revealed fully in the emotional exchange.The winner of “Just like a family” (image bottom left) is from Zhejiang province, eastern China: A grandpa holds his little grandchild against him inside his overcoat to keep him warm in the snow, while a cute dog leans against the child. It looks like a photo of three generations sitting together and brings us a sense of warmness in the cold winter.The winner of “Creative photo for anti-cat and dog eating” is from Fujian province (image right). Supporters are walking along a street holding a placard with the slogan “Fighting against eating cat and dog”, to attract the attention of passers-by and raise public awareness of the need to care for animals.The winner of “The most moving reborn of life” (image above left)prize encourages giving stray animals a new life via aid and adoptions. The little dog “Wang Xiaofei” in the photo was adopted by Mr. Wang and is now living a happy life. Wang customizes a little trolley especially for Xiaofei.The winner of “Do not abandon animals after you have kids” shows a cute little dog bending over the belly of a pregnant lady (image right). The little dog’s limpid and curious expression in its eyes is just like expecting a new life.Through the camera, a common language of the world was expressed calling for all people to care for animals; not to hurt animals who are our friends, and encouraged people not to eat cats and dogs!

Also Animals Asia Foundation in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu are holding World Animal Day events this year.

Location: MALAYSIA – Penang
Events: World Animal Day Animal Album / Spay Neuter Campaign
Hosted by: SPCA Penang
We are celebrating World Animal Day with you by showcasing an album of your animals (past or present). Together, we have made this day special to animal lovers. A big `THANK YOU’ to everyone who has contributed towards this photo album.In conjunction with World Animal Day, SPCA Penang is extending its Spaying/Neutering Campaign until 31st October 2011 to all pet owners with the following criteria:1. All cats and dogs (mongrels only)
2. The pet must be vaccinated with proof of a Health Record from their veterinarian
3. The pet must be healthy and free from skin disease etc.
4. All dogs must licensed

Location: IRAN – Karaj
Events: Celebration at VAFA Animal Shelter
Hosted by: VAFA – Center for Animal Lovers
The directors and volunteers of VAFA planned hard and long for many days to make World Animal Day at VAFA happen. Beautiful posters adorned the freshly painted walls. These posters, which had been prepared ahead of time for this special occasion, depicted pictures of animals and words of wisdom to treat them kindly. Chairs and tables were arranged in the courtyard at the entrance of the building, and the parking area had been cleared and expanded to accommodate the volume of cars. Refreshments had been prepared and were waiting to be served.The visitors started flowing in, wave after wave, some with their own cars and some with the bus the shelter had provided. At noon, Mr. Ali Sani, director of the shelter, greeted the guests and explained the importance of World Animal Day and the work VAFA does, not just to help out needy animals, but educate the public to better treat and care for all creatures large and small. Shortly after, the visitors mingled with the visually excited dogs for some play and petting time. This joyful event lasted until 3 PM.By the end of the day as they departed, the guests took with them a wealth of loving memories and great experiences from their time with the dogs at VAFA. You can view video footage of World Animal Day at the VAFA shelter here.Fatemeh Motamedi, World Animal Day Ambassador.

Location: NEPAL – Kathmandu
Events: Stand Up For Animals Peace Rally
Hosted by: Leo Club & Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town
People may say, ‘Nepal is a country where Human Rights are issues yet to be heard, Animals rights are way beyond our sight’. World Animal Day is celebrated worldwide every year, but rarely would people know about the existence of this day in Nepal. To mark this day, we organised a ‘Stand-up For Animals Peace Rally’ on 27th of September at Basantapur. This event aimed to raise awareness of animal issues which have been ignored for far too long.Indeed, a first for Nepal, our rally attracted the participation of 60 youths from various social clubs, organization and colleges. The participants displayed placards with slogans about animal welfare and animal rights. Portraying themselves as animals, the animal lovers gathered together to advocate for the rights of animals through slogans, the wearing of animal masks and the lighting of candles.The major highlight of the program was its obituary section where the organizer and the participants paid condolence to those animals killed in road accidents, sacrificed in the name of god and also the loss of personal pets. This section of the program brought forth the need to acknowledge the presence of animals wihtin every sphere of a human’s life.Hence, portraying themselves as animals, they advocated for the rights of animals through slogans and candle lighting. Our final message was: “We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, we stand because to us Humanity goes beyond human beings.” Darshana Shakya, Samjhana K.C

Location: TAIWAN
Events: World Animal Day Charity Gala Ball
Hosted by: Animals Taiwan
Our first World Animal Day Ball was a resounding success. Over 300 guests attended the event and we were able to raise over USD33,000 in one evening (NTD1,100,000.00) towards a new rescue center. Mayumi

Location: LEBANON – Hamra, Beirut
Events: Adoption Drive, Awareness Event
Hosted by: Animals Lebanon
On Saturday, 8 October, volunteers gathered at the Animals Lebanon Center in Hamra to celebrate World Animal Day with Lebanon’s own Ambassador to WAD and president of Animals Lebanon, Lana El-Khalil.”I am proud to see so many organizations and individuals taking action to celebrate World Animal Day,” said El-Khalil. “It is important that we recognize that all of these different activities are all aimed at achieving the same goal – to increase public awareness about animals and improve animal welfare. Last year Animals Lebanon planted 1,000 trees in the Chouf Cedars nature Reserve to highlight the need to protect animal habitats, and this year we campaigned to promote adoption and understanding of stray cats and dogs.On Saturday, volunteers took to the streets of Beirut to interact with the public and explain the benefits of adopting a rescued cat or dog. After a day of passing out flyers and promoting rescued animals for adoption – volunteers gathered at the center for a warm party in celebration of this fabulous day. There are tens of thousands of stray animals in Lebanon and no formal means of population control or care for these animals. Stray cats and dogs are regularly shot or poisoned, and there are complaints of people being scared of or attacked by stray dogs and cats.”Other countries with similar conditions have addressed this problem, both humanely reducing the numbers of animals and improving the health of those still living on the streets,” continued El-Khalil. “It is not easy, but with a combination of changes – both to prevent new animals being dumped on the street and in the way the current population is dealt with – we can see the same successes other countries have achieved.”Thank you to all the volunteers who participated with us – and once again, Happy World Animal Day 2011!

Location: KOREA – Seoul
Events: Charity Concert: A World Without Pain / Protest Whale Meat Processing Plant / Launch of School Work Book
Hosted by: Moonbears.org
A charity concert by a team of talented entertainers was held on Oct 4 2011, at Rolling Hall Hong Dae, Seoul, Korea to celebrate World Animal Day.The special day was celebrated through hard work in all kind of unexpected ways- including a meeting with a group from Hong Kong saving Buffalo in the New Territory. In addition there was a message sent to officials in the port city of Ulsan strongly opposing their announced plans to begin whale meat processing. This is the richest city in Korea so it makes no sense.This special day was celebrated in song and entertainment with a concert to raise both funds and awareness. The concert promoted vegan campaigns along with a strong message to the public about the importance of the animals around us.The CEO band played some powerful numbers to show the support of leading members of the business community in Korea. There were also folk musicians, B Boy dancers and children’s choirs. There was special focus on the inhumane slaughter of pigs during recent foot and mouth outbreaks and a highlighting of the plight of framed moon bears in Korea.We also announced a special Junior School Work Book to help study Korea animals in junior schools which will be published in December this year.A feature again this year was the broad cross section of the community participating in activities which means our message is becoming more mainstream.Image above: Gina Moon, World Animal Day Ambassador, making a speech at the concert

Location: PAKISTAN – Lahore, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Multan, Karachi, Sukkur, Peshawar
Events: Education – a powerful tool in Pakistan
Hosted by: Brooke Pakistan
Brooke Pakistan marked World Animal Day with a series of events and educational sessions in Lahore, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Multan, Karachi, Sukkur, and Peshawar .These included education sessions for animal owners and their children, speeches from students and Government livestock officials.The celebrations were organised to encourage good health and welfare practices for working animals and recognising the valuable services working horses, donkeys and mules provide. A large number of students, livestock workers and animal owners participated in the celebrations.Speakers highlighted the need for better welfare and stressed the vital role these animals play for the economy across the country. Animal owners agreed they would work hard to ensure the best health and welfare for their animal.
Students listen to an education session held by a Brooke vet in Lahore. A horse feeds while animal owners listen to key speakers during the education session.